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RE: What eating habits do you find annoying? / 21-Mar-10 2:33 PM

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Personally, I hate when people put ketchup on everything.
My cousin and a guy I once dated, put ketchup on everything including Mac & Cheese! Ewwwwww!

Update: March 21, 2010.
Hey guys thanks for responding. I love cooking and I think I'm a very good cook. If I take time to cook you a delicious meal and you pour ketchup all over it, I wont cook for you again.... Also...dont eat with your mouth open around me ;)

---------- nicoles04261 wrote ----------
eatting with your mouth open. I can't handle it.

Poor u... I bet when u went out to eat if there was not ketchup on the table u thought uh oh! What are we going to do? lol

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