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26-Jul-14 2:41 PM RE: I am a healthy man in his mid 40s. I have an educated with a good job, but I to burp (loud) and fart
26-Jul-14 2:20 PM RE: What features can you find attractive in a person?
26-Jul-14 1:38 PM RE: Do you hide behind ...the cloak of co-dependent invisibility?
26-Jul-14 1:33 PM RE: Have you ever been
26-Jul-14 1:32 PM RE: You've caught your significant other or spouse cheating
26-Jul-14 11:40 AM RE: Cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons,
26-Jul-14 9:08 AM RE: What is your go to snack when you are bored?
25-Jul-14 7:44 PM RE: Have you seen the Movie Sex tape? Lots of Laughs watching this funny movie...
25-Jul-14 6:16 PM RE: What would completely relax you right now.
25-Jul-14 5:40 PM RE: An AO online party tonight at 11:00PM would be great fun...
25-Jul-14 4:22 PM RE: What's your favourite uniform for members of your preferred gender to wear?
25-Jul-14 3:41 PM RE: i hung out with a guy for the 1st time and he said he wanted to see me again but hasn't texted me?
25-Jul-14 2:21 PM RE: I'm giving away money
25-Jul-14 12:35 PM RE: Escapism is common on Fridays ...
25-Jul-14 12:32 PM RE: Do you believe in God?
25-Jul-14 12:30 PM RE: I can't believe I used to get my children happy meals! Do you still eat at Mickey D's?
25-Jul-14 12:26 PM RE: Do you ever just give up?
24-Jul-14 5:59 PM RE: Electrical question for you handymen or women
24-Jul-14 2:50 PM RE: is it wrong for a 23 year old girl to go out with a 19 year old boy
23-Jul-14 7:47 PM RE: Who makes the best Lover?

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