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Date Title
23-Jun-14 4:50 PM RE: Soul Patches - Sexy or no?
23-Jun-14 4:00 PM RE: my husband lied to me about spending $350. I don't know why or how to respond. I hate lying.
23-Jun-14 3:37 PM RE: What can she do about her insomnia?
23-Jun-14 2:09 PM RE: Just invited to 60's theme party
23-Jun-14 12:59 PM RE: Guys who say "thank you" after sex... What's up with that?
23-Jun-14 10:21 AM RE: Aloha Friends, we just had a birthday yesterday and thirty lashes as it was Ilom's birthday June 21
23-Jun-14 8:26 AM RE: I'm getting a cystoscopy in 4 days and I'm terrified?
22-Jun-14 10:10 AM RE: Do you think Oscar Pastorius will be found guilty?
22-Jun-14 10:08 AM RE: Another article where someone claims to have found a Sasquatch.
22-Jun-14 10:05 AM RE: Do men really want the chase?
22-Jun-14 10:02 AM RE: Guys, how would you like to be supported if you suddenly became unemployed?
22-Jun-14 10:00 AM RE: What's the worst date you've been on?
22-Jun-14 9:50 AM RE: How many on this site?
21-Jun-14 5:19 PM RE: Guys what do you like a woman to wear to bed?
21-Jun-14 5:18 PM RE: What happens when you're on an antibiotic but are taking a probiotic pill daily?
21-Jun-14 1:36 PM RE: i dont want to go, i do have a sinus infection but ..... i just get sleepy
21-Jun-14 1:26 PM RE: Superman vs Batman, is there a logic.
21-Jun-14 1:24 PM RE: Guys, I want to know what you prefer to see on women
21-Jun-14 10:47 AM RE: Am I too old for her?
21-Jun-14 9:16 AM RE: What movie to you just screams 80s?

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