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15-Jul-14 10:14 AM RE: So what do you eat more of? Carbs Proteins or fats?
15-Jul-14 10:13 AM RE: What is your daily routine?
15-Jul-14 10:11 AM RE: What kind of car do you drive?
15-Jul-14 10:05 AM RE: A corpse falls out of a hearse. Will you help to put it back?
14-Jul-14 6:45 PM RE: Going to hospital wouldn't solve the root cause of my depression.
14-Jul-14 3:28 PM RE: Any way to get a refund on a no-refund policy?
14-Jul-14 2:03 PM RE: Ladies, your honest feelings please
13-Jul-14 6:11 PM RE: Do you play any musical instruments?
13-Jul-14 5:16 PM RE: Have you ever had to go to the Laundromat/wash house?
13-Jul-14 5:03 PM RE: Are any of you sexually experienced ladies
13-Jul-14 2:24 PM RE: I am so excited I get to see my adorable Grandson today!
13-Jul-14 2:13 PM RE: Would your doctor *truly* be interested in *knowing* that you started taking a new multi-vitamin or
13-Jul-14 12:45 PM RE: What new tv show are you looking forward to?
13-Jul-14 11:21 AM RE: What would a woman look for to determine if a man has a crush on her?
13-Jul-14 10:38 AM RE: When you block someone on this site what is/are the reason/s
12-Jul-14 11:41 AM RE: How old is your underwear?
12-Jul-14 11:39 AM RE: Is there any way to block those constant ads from popping in?
11-Jul-14 3:19 PM RE: Dying website you think might give me the best results what do you think?
11-Jul-14 3:14 PM RE: Why do narcissistic men prefer to have boys than girls?
11-Jul-14 2:59 PM RE: Have you ever known a woman who was in an

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