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06-Jul-14 1:44 PM RE: Guys how soon do you kiss a new woman/date?
06-Jul-14 1:40 PM RE: Is my sister turning GAY?
06-Jul-14 1:36 PM RE: What is the very first thing you would do...
05-Jul-14 7:13 PM RE: Have you gone out on blind dates
05-Jul-14 6:42 PM RE: Who should be the one to cook dinner daily in a marriage?
05-Jul-14 3:53 PM RE: Looking for a good movie to watch on netflix...
05-Jul-14 11:15 AM RE: Has anyone seen movies: Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Hanks?
04-Jul-14 6:21 PM RE: Favorite kind of wings?
04-Jul-14 4:40 PM RE: Guys - what would make you 'cut' a woman down on a first date?
04-Jul-14 2:44 PM RE: Are we having fun? Doing the BBQ thing?
04-Jul-14 2:40 PM RE: What can someone say or do that pushes your buttons?
04-Jul-14 2:39 PM RE: How many questions do you ask a month.
04-Jul-14 11:46 AM RE: what is blue ray? solid state
04-Jul-14 11:43 AM RE: This is to all my fellow East Coasters
04-Jul-14 11:41 AM RE: Are you on a real computer right now
04-Jul-14 11:26 AM RE: how do I get the name of the graphics card in my laptop?
03-Jul-14 5:47 PM RE: I've been meaning to ask this but I go to the gym and read my Galaxy Tablet. I have down loaded
03-Jul-14 8:47 AM RE: Are you Married? Single? divorced? Widow?
02-Jul-14 12:23 PM RE: Do you have a role model?
02-Jul-14 12:17 PM RE: Why are you still married?

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