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02-Aug-14 11:16 AM RE: What's the weirdest thing in which you've ever found aspartame?
02-Aug-14 10:07 AM RE: Whatever happened to ushers with their flash lights in movie theaters who used to guide you to
02-Aug-14 9:14 AM RE: What makes Answerology
01-Aug-14 6:38 PM RE: Windows users, what browser do you use? Google Chrome?
01-Aug-14 3:02 PM RE: In your attempt to regain motivation and inner strength, would you also experience peace of mind?
01-Aug-14 2:55 PM RE: what "rut" are you stuck in?
01-Aug-14 2:52 PM RE: Next time a telemarketer calls you hand the phone to one of you children
01-Aug-14 2:05 PM RE: Happy Happy Friday!
01-Aug-14 10:15 AM RE: When you have a party, how will the food be served? Buffet or sit down?
31-Jul-14 6:04 PM RE: At what number did you lose count of your sex partners?
30-Jul-14 5:51 PM RE: So, when was the last time you smiled
30-Jul-14 4:12 PM RE: GfxUI does not work comes up in a window on my desktop
30-Jul-14 3:01 PM RE: An add just posted "Ten Woman for every Male"
30-Jul-14 2:39 PM RE: Let's say you get lost
30-Jul-14 10:06 AM RE: If I came to your city what...
30-Jul-14 10:03 AM RE: Should the president be impeaches?
29-Jul-14 12:14 PM RE: Do you take a daily Vitamin supplement?
29-Jul-14 12:12 PM RE: What's your favorite movie soundtrack?
29-Jul-14 12:11 PM RE: Do you have the tendency to *sidestep* difficult issues without voicing your needs or frustration?
29-Jul-14 12:10 PM RE: P B AND J TIME...Peanut butter and Jelly time!

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