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16-Jun-14 2:13 PM RE: Are you against Universal Health Care,
16-Jun-14 1:16 PM RE: 13 more days........
16-Jun-14 1:08 PM RE: What do u think is the reason of my daughter's behaviour in school?
16-Jun-14 1:03 PM RE: I Am just curious. How many of you men require sex often?
16-Jun-14 12:58 PM RE: Is gluten-free a gimmick?
16-Jun-14 12:54 PM RE: Romantic men. I know they exist. I just don't know how to find them. I'm so done with going to bars.
16-Jun-14 12:35 PM RE: Is a temperature of 95 degrees normal for a person?
16-Jun-14 12:33 PM RE: I notice this guy always looking at my mouth (or lips, or teeth?) as I speak during our conversation
16-Jun-14 12:32 PM RE: How do you kill a hang over?
15-Jun-14 8:17 PM RE: I'm 32. He is 45. He is a single dad. He is on here now and then and totally hot. Mind and body.
15-Jun-14 8:15 PM RE: I am approaching mid 40s in age, as I have gotten older...
15-Jun-14 8:13 PM RE: Do we domesticate horses like in westerns.
15-Jun-14 8:12 PM RE: Ok. We were talking about it being a fat country...
15-Jun-14 1:02 PM RE: How long is it going to be before Republicans blame Obama for starting the Iraq war & the meltdown?
15-Jun-14 12:39 PM RE: Do men (and some women) really enjoy watching sports?
15-Jun-14 11:38 AM RE: Why am I so tired abnormally tired?
14-Jun-14 6:46 PM RE: My stomach been funny the past week.
14-Jun-14 5:35 PM RE: Has anyone else ever become a serious
14-Jun-14 4:03 PM RE: Arabs freaking out at the site of electric cars ?
13-Jun-14 6:12 PM RE: What are community service awards? I Some how got 5.

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