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28-Mar-10 9:24 PM RE: What have we learned in the last 2000 years about government?
28-Mar-10 9:15 PM RE: My husband and I are trying to get pregnant...
28-Mar-10 9:12 PM RE: i wanted to meet her for a drink on a saturday evening
28-Mar-10 9:06 PM RE: Can a guy help me with this one?...
28-Mar-10 5:39 PM RE: Are you buying this line??
28-Mar-10 5:37 PM RE: is it ok to talk to my boyfriend about getting picked up at the bar?
28-Mar-10 5:27 PM RE: If I gave you a container full of dihydrogen oxide in liquid form, would you drink it?
28-Mar-10 5:23 PM RE: Read up on the Iron Law of Oligarchy.
28-Mar-10 2:09 PM RE: Answerology is middle America
28-Mar-10 1:56 PM RE: set it and forget it. Buy it now
28-Mar-10 1:51 PM RE: ever wake up still drunk on a Sunday morning?
28-Mar-10 1:49 PM RE: I'm divorced but have trouble meeting guys to date and my male friend says I have to be forward
28-Mar-10 1:44 PM RE: Sign of the apocalypse...
28-Mar-10 1:41 PM RE: I just tried to answer a question only to find out I am blocked
28-Mar-10 1:37 PM RE: I tend to use a lot of apparently obscure terms and phrases. Do you ever have to explain your vocab?
27-Mar-10 8:46 PM RE: Time to Clarify after some hateful PM's::::
27-Mar-10 4:06 PM RE: As a woman, I'd rather chase than be chased...
26-Mar-10 8:05 PM RE: why are the legal penalities for divorce so high?
26-Mar-10 8:03 PM RE: You will feel guilty if you tell someone exactly what you think when you think it.
26-Mar-10 7:28 PM RE: why do they rub it in your face??

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