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21-Oct-10 2:38 PM RE: why did he get mad when i asked him if he was sleeping with other girls???
21-Oct-10 2:36 PM RE: I have been dating a guy for a year now but he has never kissed me only hugs me Never been intimate.
21-Oct-10 2:34 PM RE: What do you think of a lady drinking by herself at a bar?
21-Oct-10 2:34 PM RE: Does she want me to be her lover?
21-Oct-10 2:33 PM RE: Why do guys get over break ups easier?
21-Oct-10 2:31 PM RE: My little brother's girlfriend has just trapped him with a pregnancy.
16-Oct-10 5:33 PM RE: What do you think of this situation? What would you do?
10-Oct-10 3:51 PM RE: What quality or qualities (both physical and non-psychical) in an individual ...
10-Oct-10 3:50 PM RE: In what ways are you selfish?
10-Oct-10 3:49 PM RE: I cook, I clean, I;m GREAT in bed, I am Faithful, Beautiful! So why did he cheat????
10-Oct-10 3:46 PM RE: Please tell me where to go.
10-Oct-10 3:44 PM RE: my brothers wife left him...
10-Oct-10 3:43 PM RE: Learn to have fun. Never learned how...
10-Oct-10 3:40 PM RE: How much to gift my friend for finding me a job...
09-Oct-10 5:56 PM RE: how can I change how people think of me from first sight?
09-Oct-10 5:50 PM RE: Ladies is it true that if a guy ignores you and says you aren't good looking you will chase them
09-Oct-10 5:47 PM RE: Would it be too awkward to ask this quesiton?
07-Oct-10 5:54 PM RE: Why can't I have a successful relationship with a woman?
07-Oct-10 5:48 PM RE: Cooooommmmmeeee and get it.....
06-Oct-10 5:14 PM RE: Why shouldn't you cheat on your wife?

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