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17-May-10 3:46 AM RE: My question refers to a long distance relationship in which I'm involved.
05-May-10 2:07 AM RE: Please keep West and Middle Tennessee in your prayers. Lots of flood devastation.
09-Apr-10 4:43 PM RE: is it wrong that I want to dump my boyfriend for being himself?
01-Apr-10 1:47 PM RE: An AO member shared this a couple of years ago here. Ladies, to what line do you relate?
01-Apr-10 1:44 PM RE: An AO member shared this a couple of years ago here. Ladies, to what line do you relate?
29-Mar-10 5:13 PM RE: My grandmother would make our Easter dresses. The design would be the same for my sister and me,
20-Mar-10 3:00 PM RE: I'm back in the dating scene. I don't keep up with names of cars, but I do appreciate when
01-Mar-10 12:40 PM RE: How do you de-escalate family disputes and other heated arguments without sweeping real issues
01-Mar-10 11:56 AM RE: Is silence a communication tool? Do you use it as a communication tool? If so, it helpful?
13-Feb-10 4:48 PM RE: We all desire someone who is "hot",and I think it's important to chemistry, but "hot" is not enough.
13-Feb-10 4:00 PM RE: Are you avoiding making a hard decision? Why do we put off making decisions?
14-Dec-09 4:34 PM RE: Do some ornaments or decorations make you sad to see 'em?
24-Oct-09 5:09 PM RE: Why is it so many abused children will grow up to be adults who leave their abusive parents only to
22-Oct-09 8:47 PM RE: Have you ever followed a dream? If so, tell us about it.
20-Oct-09 3:24 PM RE: Does thinking about others keep you from paying attention to yourself?
20-Oct-09 3:17 PM RE: How many times have you pretended to like something when you really didn't or pretended that you
09-Oct-09 10:29 PM RE: Flexible or Focused? Is one better than the other?
21-Sep-09 8:00 PM RE: Have you ever given a heartelt disclosure that fell on deaf ears...
08-Sep-09 3:42 AM RE: Men...society says, "a man will lose respect for you if you have sex too early in the relationship".
17-Aug-09 3:30 AM RE: Do you have a talent or expertise that you are not developing because of some sort of fear? What are

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