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19-Feb-15 1:55 PM RE: Forgive the anon post. I am retiring within the week.
19-Feb-15 1:41 PM RE: Should I stay, should I go?
19-Feb-15 1:28 PM RE: Is it ok for a woman to ask a man out on a date?
16-Feb-15 2:24 PM RE: Should I wait until marriage to have sex?
16-Feb-15 11:52 AM RE: Was your Valentine's day as good as you expected?
16-Feb-15 11:45 AM RE: What do you like to do with yourself when the weather is cold and winter like outside.
16-Feb-15 11:03 AM RE: Where were you born?
16-Feb-15 11:02 AM RE: Where were you born?
16-Feb-15 11:01 AM RE: Have you ever purchased Valentine's candy the day after when its all 50 percent off?
16-Feb-15 10:45 AM RE: Meaning when a man simutaneously pats & rubs her back while he hugs her? A bad thing?
21-Jan-15 9:50 PM RE: This is bothering me (although it shouldn't) just trying to make sense out of this.
27-Dec-14 5:22 PM RE: My girlfriend finds my foreskin distasteful to look at.
27-Dec-14 5:21 PM RE: Holy Freaking Guacamole
27-Dec-14 5:20 PM RE: Holy Freaking Guacamole
27-Dec-14 5:19 PM RE: Holy Freaking Guacamole
25-Jun-14 10:33 AM RE: I need some help for a friend....
25-Jun-14 10:31 AM RE: I need some help for a friend....
20-May-14 10:52 AM RE: Do you wish you never met someone?
20-May-14 10:48 AM RE: Guys, what type of man he is? URGENT...
20-May-14 10:42 AM RE: Suddenly scared of sex
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