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21-Dec-14 10:38 AM RE: I hope all you anti-cop people are happy now...
20-Dec-14 9:36 AM RE: Do you know people who are nice even if they don't have to be nice?
15-Dec-14 1:37 PM RE: Have a leak on my ceiling and landlord very sick to fix it! What to do?
15-Dec-14 1:23 PM RE: I have kept my car too long. Have to buy another.
15-Dec-14 1:21 PM RE: All of a sudden Ipad is beeping
11-Dec-14 3:15 PM RE: What was your last purchase that you consider a splurge?
09-Dec-14 3:23 AM RE: Would you take a job working in a bakery that paid $10 hourly?
08-Dec-14 1:11 PM RE: "A woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke."
07-Dec-14 5:51 PM RE: Is it true that men are more attracted to a woman if she's very good at mathematics ?
05-Dec-14 12:18 PM RE: Why on earth would he say this ?
02-Dec-14 3:14 PM RE: Relationship crisis...when it's likely to appear?
01-Dec-14 11:28 PM RE: Problems with lactose intolerance?
01-Dec-14 8:44 AM RE: Girlfriend posts pictures of her in bra how do i talk to her about it
30-Nov-14 5:18 PM RE: hey, what do you out-of-work obama voters think about him,
29-Nov-14 8:44 PM RE: hey, what do you out-of-work obama voters think about him,
25-Nov-14 10:24 PM RE: Is honesty always the best policy
25-Nov-14 4:02 PM RE: If you were a parent with two fantastic children and you were making out your will...
25-Nov-14 2:07 PM RE: Have you ever been diagnosed
24-Nov-14 12:03 PM RE: Hey Friends, 11/23 is Joybird's birthday so let's party it on up and get this party started, woohoo
23-Nov-14 9:39 PM RE: Why do people always think they are right, no matter what?

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