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03-Jul-15 11:21 PM RE: ESP ? My family doctor on May 1st,closed his office location,
03-Jul-15 11:17 PM RE: Honestly, would you have been offended by this?
02-Jul-15 10:06 PM RE: Y a-t-il des Réponsologistes qui parlent français correctement?
29-Jun-15 7:52 PM RE: Do you treat people equally?
29-Jun-15 7:20 PM RE: ex girlfriend said she won't give me a bj cuz we're not dating. Next day she gIves stranger a bj.
26-Jun-15 3:47 PM RE: How often do you receive the wrong order in drive thru?
25-Jun-15 9:50 PM RE: I just need help! What's theis new thing?
25-Jun-15 9:48 PM RE: I'm ugly so depressed I want to die
22-Jun-15 9:36 PM RE: Looking for some healthy tips.
22-Jun-15 6:50 PM RE: Women and men. If you were blindfolded and asked to pick out your lover
22-Jun-15 6:48 PM RE: What do you think is the most humane way to carry out a death sentence?
22-Jun-15 6:48 PM RE: ...I just read a non-partisan list of the biggest liars in American political history...
22-Jun-15 8:56 AM RE: ...I just read a non-partisan list of the biggest liars in American political history...
15-Jun-15 2:24 PM RE: Traveling to Denver CO- Input Please
15-Jun-15 1:30 AM RE: What does it mean when someone says: "If I haven't received your reply before June 19..."
11-Jun-15 1:08 AM RE: What was your highest GPA? Lowest?
11-Jun-15 12:57 AM RE: is a long distance relationship going to last through college
11-Jun-15 12:37 AM RE: I just lost $800 at the casino, I'm so bummed please cheer me up !
09-Jun-15 12:31 AM RE: Why should European/American English
04-Jun-15 9:26 PM RE: What on earth is/was this test?

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