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Date Title
31-Mar-15 11:21 AM RE: My bf & I have been together for 3y & 3m. Not sure how to tell if it's going anywhere. Advise please
31-Mar-15 11:15 AM RE: Nothing is working out, I am scared
31-Mar-15 11:11 AM RE: How would you go about dealing with a bully on A/O?
30-Mar-15 8:56 PM RE: "Sex after Sixty"??
30-Mar-15 8:54 PM RE: Question abut car payments
29-Mar-15 7:22 PM RE: So much for being active
25-Mar-15 9:33 PM RE: Indiana Senate bill 101.........
23-Mar-15 10:48 PM RE: If your family keep asking you what you want for your birthday ...
23-Mar-15 4:46 PM RE: Attorney At Law '!!!!!!!
22-Mar-15 9:42 PM RE: Who are what makes you grouchy
22-Mar-15 4:57 PM RE: Where on Earth is
22-Mar-15 4:55 PM RE: For the older folk, have you heard any of these songs lately?
22-Mar-15 4:24 PM RE: Who here eats as a family?
22-Mar-15 10:16 AM RE: My hairstylist cancelled my appointment a few hours beforehand:something about a doctor's appoint-
22-Mar-15 10:15 AM RE: Do you give others the benefit of the doubt or are you quick to judge them harshly for what is just
20-Mar-15 9:55 PM RE: Dane Cook used to say F*** shoes. I say F*** proof reading.
19-Mar-15 4:07 PM RE: Wow, what do you think about this?
18-Mar-15 1:39 PM RE: Should people be able to build?
18-Mar-15 12:27 AM RE: What could your spouse or significant other do for you?
17-Mar-15 4:24 PM RE: Do I try to clear the air?

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