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28-Jul-15 10:09 AM RE: Are rreverse mortgages really that good?
28-Jul-15 12:57 AM RE: Marriage or not!! Puts his love of the game before his love for me.
23-Jul-15 1:11 AM RE: Do you think it's rude for friends to stop by unannounced without calling first?
18-Jul-15 6:22 PM RE: In order to have a successful relationship
18-Jul-15 6:09 PM RE: Normal 5 year old behavior or concerning or both?
17-Jul-15 11:34 PM RE: Why do people not understand the terms Fear and Respect?
17-Jul-15 4:36 PM RE: Why do people think Christians fear God?
15-Jul-15 3:32 PM RE: Do you have common cents?
14-Jul-15 5:58 AM RE: Who are you told you resemble?
13-Jul-15 5:10 PM RE: Definition of "Short"
10-Jul-15 1:56 AM RE: A Black Reporter Summarizes Barack: Agree or disagree?
09-Jul-15 2:38 PM RE: If random women at the grocery store or gym smile at you
08-Jul-15 11:06 AM RE: "I don't have time for a relationship" is there any one who does nowadays ?
08-Jul-15 11:04 AM RE: Am I being selfish or is my boyfriend making an acceptable request?
08-Jul-15 10:59 AM RE: Who do you speak with when you are very upset?
03-Jul-15 11:21 PM RE: ESP ? My family doctor on May 1st,closed his office location,
03-Jul-15 11:17 PM RE: Honestly, would you have been offended by this?
02-Jul-15 10:06 PM RE: Y a-t-il des Réponsologistes qui parlent français correctement?
29-Jun-15 7:52 PM RE: Do you treat people equally?
29-Jun-15 7:20 PM RE: ex girlfriend said she won't give me a bj cuz we're not dating. Next day she gIves stranger a bj.

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