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20-Apr-14 5:43 PM RE: I am Jewish and someone I know
19-Apr-14 2:56 PM RE: If Jesus returned tomorrow how do think he would feel about
17-Apr-14 9:19 PM RE: Harry Reid is falsely accusing Americans
15-Apr-14 2:20 PM RE: See you later to that trip now. First to Bangor, Maine or anywhere near there...
12-Apr-14 9:24 PM RE: Guys. Married or Not. Would you have a Dream Woman for Any Sexual Thing(s) You Wanted If....
12-Apr-14 9:01 PM RE: Should I be seeing a man who is much older than me?
12-Apr-14 8:49 PM RE: Place today's TV quote .... ....
12-Apr-14 8:42 PM RE: When you place a phone call to customer service or
12-Apr-14 8:42 PM RE: What qualities do you admire most in others?
03-Apr-14 1:51 PM RE: Question for you married folk....
03-Apr-14 1:40 PM RE: Are you going to the Pittsburgh AO meetup this weekend?
29-Mar-14 5:04 PM RE: Man in the woman's room
29-Mar-14 5:00 PM RE: Man in the woman's room
29-Mar-14 12:09 AM RE: I committed the ultimate sin.
27-Mar-14 7:38 PM RE: Age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?
26-Mar-14 6:23 PM RE: Can you name the artist...
25-Mar-14 2:20 AM RE: How often do you see your dentist?
17-Mar-14 11:48 PM RE: Can you sing And you know it
17-Mar-14 12:16 AM RE: Can anything be done when someone
15-Mar-14 5:51 PM RE: How do you install new RAM on a computer? Computer geniuses here? :)

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