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Date Title
21-May-15 1:29 AM RE: What is the longest distance you can swim
21-May-15 1:25 AM RE: Did any of you watch The night show with David Letterman?
20-May-15 8:46 PM RE: should she stay or call it quits?
20-May-15 11:07 AM RE: I just lost my dog Mika.
20-May-15 1:35 AM RE: A question to all men: If you Ex wife has been unfaithful to you and had multiple affairs and...
17-May-15 11:28 PM RE: What do you say when someone asks about your week, and you don't want to talk about it?
16-May-15 8:22 PM RE: I work for a poor school district...
12-May-15 12:50 PM RE: Is there anyone who still believes in getting married first then conceiving to have children?
10-May-15 9:13 PM RE: Does anyone or has anyone ever felt like their parents have no idea on who they are as a person?
05-May-15 10:42 PM RE: Is he trying to pursue a relationship with me?
05-May-15 10:34 PM RE: Do your pets do anything that is just plain dumb?
03-May-15 8:56 PM RE: Some car is blocking 1/4 of my driveway
02-May-15 7:34 PM RE: Is my girlfriend jealous or have trust issues? Or is it my fault? Please help.
30-Apr-15 6:31 PM RE: I shared my body with him, told him I loved him, and then he broke up with the same day.
30-Apr-15 12:47 AM RE: Would this be appreciated or appropriate?
19-Apr-15 2:27 PM RE: Who else on here has used sex to pay a bill or pay rent ? Care to share ?
19-Apr-15 2:18 PM RE: If you learn to adapt to the adjusting of changing circumstances
16-Apr-15 9:18 PM RE: Hmmm... What's his deal??
16-Apr-15 12:00 PM RE: For those of you with grown kids
13-Apr-15 11:42 PM RE: Why would someone key my car?

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