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Date Title
26-Oct-14 12:28 AM RE: Was a tip a mistake?
22-Oct-14 11:38 PM RE: Do you prefer to wear slippers or socks around your home? Or do you barefoot it? LOL
22-Oct-14 10:54 PM RE: Has anyone ever told you
22-Oct-14 9:44 AM RE: My live-in bf of almost 3 yrs have dependent children (13 and 17 yrs) from previous relationship
21-Oct-14 10:36 PM RE: Does anyone have a C-Star AND a Jerk award
15-Oct-14 11:52 AM RE: Is the US prepared for Ebola?
14-Oct-14 9:44 AM RE: What is the best and worst
11-Oct-14 1:18 PM RE: Why would someone seek out a certain type when he clearly wants something different?
22-Sep-14 10:59 AM RE: An apology would be nice.
10-Sep-14 12:23 PM RE: Brilliant Answerologist what kind of computer are you
05-Sep-14 3:47 PM RE: When you assume something..
05-Sep-14 3:42 PM RE: What was the most difficult course you took in High School?
05-Sep-14 3:35 PM RE: What was the easiest course you took in High School?
05-Sep-14 3:31 PM RE: What was the easiest course
05-Sep-14 3:21 PM RE: What was the most difficult course
05-Sep-14 2:07 AM RE: The History of the Middle Finger.
04-Sep-14 1:01 PM RE: Should minimum wage be raised and if so to how much?
31-Aug-14 7:54 PM RE: Should I have a problem with my lifestyle?
31-Aug-14 7:03 PM RE: What is the worst advice you ever received?
29-Aug-14 9:58 AM RE: What conveys happiness, lights up when you smile, and simply radiate when you're feeling great?

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