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05-Mar-15 11:06 PM RE: If you had $5 to spend on a partner how would you spend it?
05-Mar-15 10:58 PM RE: Japan- Something to think about.
05-Mar-15 6:28 PM RE: Damn it's one of those days...
05-Mar-15 6:23 PM RE: Ok, I have to ask this very important question
05-Mar-15 6:21 PM RE: Name your favorite winter drink (spirits or other).
23-Feb-15 10:29 AM RE: What are some good steps to stop comfort eating?
23-Feb-15 10:21 AM RE: Men. Would you think your female friend had feelings for you if she kissed your bicep?
23-Feb-15 10:14 AM RE: What was your favorite highlight at the Oscars show, if you saw it ? Also, have see any of the eight
22-Feb-15 4:28 PM RE: Most Hilarious Signs
21-Feb-15 4:55 PM RE: A week ago my boyfriend of 3 years said that we're not boyfriend-girlfriend anymore
20-Feb-15 10:48 AM RE: I am retiring shortly and company is planning a retirement party
17-Feb-15 12:48 PM RE: Do you & your S/O have interests that you do separately?
15-Feb-15 4:05 PM RE: Unromantic men-- why are you so unromantic??
15-Feb-15 3:42 PM RE: Have a bank issue not sure what's gonna happen or what to do............
15-Feb-15 3:33 PM RE: are you going to watch Saturday Night Live tonight?
15-Feb-15 3:26 PM RE: How to ignore a jealous girls insults?
15-Feb-15 3:21 PM RE: Terrible situation with a girl
10-Feb-15 7:44 PM RE: My boyfriend moved out in his own place. Before that we lived together for 3.5 years
09-Feb-15 3:54 PM RE: Is he cheating or am i just being paranoid?
09-Feb-15 3:46 PM RE: Do you need a (((HUG))) today? :) Sometimes a little hug goes a long way LOL!

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