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25-Jan-15 6:51 PM RE: When you met your HUSBAND or your WIFE
14-Jan-15 8:18 PM RE: [PARENTING QUESTION] So you catch your child engaging in
11-Jan-15 6:26 PM RE: The 1st time you saw tv when you were a kid, did you think the people inside that box, were real?
11-Jan-15 6:24 PM RE: We want nothing to do with my sister but everything to do with her kids is she being immature. HELP
11-Jan-15 6:06 PM RE: Condom broke, on birth control
11-Jan-15 6:04 PM RE: How do you sign up for Medicare?
07-Jan-15 3:57 PM RE: What are your feelings about the Keystone Pipeline?
06-Jan-15 10:38 PM RE: What would u do if u found POF
06-Jan-15 7:50 PM RE: Ladies, how much do you like traditional manners in a man?
06-Jan-15 7:39 PM RE: Does he really loves me as he says?
04-Jan-15 6:37 PM RE: If a guy introduces you to his parents does this meAn the relationship is progressing to the next
04-Jan-15 6:34 PM RE: What would you do if a guy asked you if you want to be his girlfriend for a night?
04-Jan-15 6:31 PM RE: If someone walked up to you and said,
04-Jan-15 9:30 AM RE: My fiance was drunk, under the influence of drugs, cheated on me twice. Am I stupid for staying?
03-Jan-15 11:42 PM RE: Have you ever been crop dusted?
03-Jan-15 11:41 PM RE: Yesterday, after I got into a ling discussion with this guy about how I felt about him...
03-Jan-15 12:17 AM RE: How much is a couple hundred or a few hundred
03-Jan-15 12:06 AM RE: I am in love with a close friend, who also happens to be my teacher that is twice my age.
01-Jan-15 1:08 AM RE: i really like him but ..
01-Jan-15 1:01 AM RE: What is your opinion on "Moms Demand Action" attacking the NRA, but not ATF?

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