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25-Nov-14 10:24 PM RE: Is honesty always the best policy
25-Nov-14 4:02 PM RE: If you were a parent with two fantastic children and you were making out your will...
25-Nov-14 2:07 PM RE: Have you ever been diagnosed
24-Nov-14 12:03 PM RE: Hey Friends, 11/23 is Joybird's birthday so let's party it on up and get this party started, woohoo
23-Nov-14 9:39 PM RE: Why do people always think they are right, no matter what?
22-Nov-14 3:18 PM RE: If she farts and fans the covers does that mean she loves you?
22-Nov-14 3:17 PM RE: Sexual behavior when drinking, should the more sober person not take advantage of the other person?
22-Nov-14 3:14 PM RE: Whatever happened to -
22-Nov-14 3:03 PM RE: Why do the guys like this mean girl???!
22-Nov-14 3:00 PM RE: I have a lot of anxiety around seeing my family - I rarely see them
22-Nov-14 2:38 PM RE: My daughter is staying with a friend of mine to go to the school close to her university. The thing
20-Nov-14 12:04 PM RE: How did you choose your Answerology name?
20-Nov-14 11:59 AM RE: Liberal broadcast not showing Obama's immigration speech.
20-Nov-14 11:44 AM RE: Why can some people only learn the hard way?
19-Nov-14 11:15 PM RE: Go through wedding while in couples therapy?
18-Nov-14 10:23 AM RE: how to react when your bf constantly takes 8-12 hrs to reply to your text?
17-Nov-14 1:18 PM RE: If men are cocky, what are women ?
14-Nov-14 7:09 PM RE: many of you are for granting amnesty to millions of illegals here already, plus the wave...
14-Nov-14 1:09 AM RE: Why is it a good idea to let my daughter visit her mom in jail?
14-Nov-14 1:01 AM RE: What would happen if I trade my car in?

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