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Date Title
30-Aug-15 11:34 PM RE: ___________ is the best friend a penis will ever have?
28-Aug-15 1:49 PM RE: has anyone ever benefitted from having obama care?
21-Aug-15 10:29 PM RE: One of my best girlfriends who's in the corporate world
21-Aug-15 10:19 PM RE: Have you ever thought of what you would like to do some day if you retire?
21-Aug-15 10:11 PM RE: So what's the angriest you've ever been in your life?
21-Aug-15 11:09 AM RE: What's the one ache you wish would go away?
21-Aug-15 10:56 AM RE: Doing anything fun this weekend?
21-Aug-15 10:51 AM RE: How many pray? How many have prayed in the past but not anymore?
20-Aug-15 11:32 PM RE: Where do you buy your prescriptions?
20-Aug-15 11:25 PM RE: I like to do a comparison on gas prices in your area.
18-Aug-15 12:47 PM RE: If women who are very curvy are called BBW
18-Aug-15 12:42 PM RE: What's the best pick up line
18-Aug-15 12:40 PM RE: I was in the grocery store the other day and this elderly man was walking by...
18-Aug-15 12:38 PM RE: How often do you barbecue? Are you good at it?
18-Aug-15 12:35 PM RE: Have you ever ran out of gas in your car? Did you ever help somebody who ran out of gas in the car?
18-Aug-15 12:27 PM RE: Participation trophies.
17-Aug-15 4:48 PM RE: What do you prefer to be called
17-Aug-15 11:14 AM RE: Are you a flirt or a tease?
17-Aug-15 11:11 AM RE: Do you go to a gym?
17-Aug-15 11:03 AM RE: When dating men do you like a woman to flirt or approach you?

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