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12-Jan-11 12:04 PM RE: Can my Boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend just be friends or should I be worried?
11-Jan-11 8:51 AM RE: WOW guys are weirdos!
10-Jan-11 11:45 PM RE: Why don't girls talk on a date?
10-Jan-11 11:36 PM RE: Where would your ego like to go to on a trip ?
10-Jan-11 11:32 PM RE: Hey Friends, what's for dinner tonight? Or what did you have for dinner?
10-Jan-11 11:30 PM RE: Do you think America has started to lose it's diversity and free spirit. After the high of the
10-Jan-11 11:16 PM RE: Is obama passing a law stating that if foreigners help invest in real estate they can get a visa?
10-Jan-11 11:12 PM RE: Why do I get the feeling that God is doing shots of tequila at this very moment?
10-Jan-11 11:10 PM RE: anyone snacking tonight?
10-Jan-11 11:07 PM RE: How could I go about doing something... meaningful and amazing? Go abroad for a year, help someone..
10-Jan-11 11:02 PM RE: breakfast in the morning!
10-Jan-11 10:55 PM RE: I know I haven't annnounced that I am going to leave the site unless it is clearly a gag, so...
10-Jan-11 9:29 PM RE: where can i get a listing of every apartment in manhatten ny?
10-Jan-11 8:20 PM RE: So, what qualifies YOU to be a poster child for a new company called "Sarcasm, inc."?
10-Jan-11 3:19 PM RE: What color of curtains should I buy for an eggplant quilt?
10-Jan-11 3:01 PM RE: my ex husband left a long crazy message on my machine about not paying daughters tuition anymore
10-Jan-11 2:49 PM RE: Okay, we're not having a kid yet but already disagree on a name. :P
10-Jan-11 2:41 PM RE: Friend staying at my house...
05-Apr-09 3:02 PM RE: Michelle Obama fashion
30-Mar-09 5:44 PM RE: Go ahead...relive it...

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