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06-Jun-14 1:23 AM RE: Has anyone ever been obsessed with you? For better or for worse?
06-Jun-14 1:22 AM RE: Anyone who matters here to me
06-Jun-14 1:21 AM RE: Sex and A Good English Lesson (LOL!!!) Original posting, by family girl.
06-Jun-14 1:20 AM RE: What are particularly good at?
06-Jun-14 1:19 AM RE: How was your day today?
06-Jun-14 1:18 AM RE: What are you looking forward to today, this week and this month?
06-Jun-14 1:17 AM RE: If you could go back in time to your teenage self, what two words would you say?
06-Jun-14 1:16 AM RE: What is your greatest fear?
06-Jun-14 1:14 AM RE: What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
06-Jun-14 1:13 AM RE: How hot does your fire still burn? Or has it slowly been snuffed out as life tossed it's blows?
04-Jun-14 8:27 AM RE: As you have probably figured out, we all shall go out saying that "We tried" in this life time.
02-Jun-14 1:27 AM RE: The last time you were tempted to linger over photographs & reminisce about the good old days was ?
01-Jun-14 1:54 AM RE: Does your dog or cat
01-Jun-14 1:46 AM RE: I wanna bake you something really special
01-Jun-14 1:44 AM RE: What do you think about the law passing in Colorado for Marijuana???
29-May-14 11:57 PM RE: Stay at home Mom's......
29-May-14 11:52 PM RE: Would you allow your 25 year old spend the night in your home with their SO?
29-May-14 11:44 PM RE: Expecting a grand return?
29-May-14 11:28 PM RE: Stress management advice anyone?
29-May-14 10:17 PM RE:!

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