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02-Oct-14 3:36 AM RE: Menopause is kicking my ass. Any suggestions aside from taking hormone replacements? And I don't
02-Oct-14 3:31 AM RE: It's 12 midnight. do you know where your pets are?
02-Oct-14 3:31 AM RE: Do you have a favorite extended family member (aunt, uncle, cousin etc)?
02-Oct-14 3:28 AM RE: Who is enjoying nice weather? Its in the mid 80's here everyday.
02-Oct-14 3:26 AM RE: Do you get a lot of kids for Halloween coming to your house?
01-Oct-14 1:28 AM RE: I'm just in a pickle I really have nothing to live for
01-Oct-14 12:27 AM RE: If could have just one part of your body massaged , what part would it be?
01-Oct-14 12:23 AM RE: what has changed for the better?
01-Oct-14 12:18 AM RE: I miss the old Answerology
01-Oct-14 12:13 AM RE: A woman stopped by, unannounced, at her son's house.
01-Oct-14 12:10 AM RE: When a husband stops making time for his wife..
01-Oct-14 12:08 AM RE: What can you do tomorrow to make this world a better place..
30-Sep-14 1:00 AM RE: When is the last time you sent out a greeting card?
30-Sep-14 12:58 AM RE: What are some unhealthy foods that you eat but refuse to stop eating?
30-Sep-14 12:56 AM RE: What is your passion?
30-Sep-14 12:52 AM RE: Does anyone know who loves Goldens is?
30-Sep-14 12:50 AM RE: Do you think it's a good idea to ....
29-Sep-14 1:07 AM RE: Combo's of food NEVER to eat!!
29-Sep-14 12:25 AM RE: What does your morning routine look like?
29-Sep-14 12:11 AM RE: Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

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