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Date Title
21-Sep-15 1:12 AM RE: Have you ever had sex with someone
21-Sep-15 1:10 AM RE: One of these days I'm going to_______________?
21-Sep-15 1:10 AM RE: In three words, how would you sum up this year so far?
21-Sep-15 1:09 AM RE: How would you say thank you without using words?
21-Sep-15 1:06 AM RE: What helps you hold onto hope and determination when times get tough?
21-Sep-15 1:05 AM RE: What are some things we never get too old to enjoy?
21-Sep-15 1:05 AM RE: When a guy says he wants to take things slowly
21-Sep-15 1:03 AM RE: I am told "Life is what we make of it." Does anyone agree or disagree?
21-Sep-15 1:00 AM RE: This week I found out my husband is having an affair with a man and per his words he's always been
20-Sep-15 1:30 AM RE: When is the last time
20-Sep-15 1:28 AM RE: What's your pride and joy? Could be anything or anyone
20-Sep-15 1:27 AM RE: Who's your favorite singer?
20-Sep-15 1:25 AM RE: Is there a comedy movie that you would recommend seeing?
19-Sep-15 2:57 AM RE: Okay, what is everyone planning on for this weekend?
19-Sep-15 2:55 AM RE: Are you very tech savy?
19-Sep-15 2:53 AM RE: What is a good way to spend time with my crush without it being so pressured.
19-Sep-15 2:51 AM RE: Thinking about a guy...
18-Sep-15 2:19 AM RE: How do you keep away from negative people that pop up in your life? How about in your workplace?
18-Sep-15 2:18 AM RE: Who are you closest to or were closest to in your family? How do you maintain that bond or can you?
18-Sep-15 2:17 AM RE: when you go on A/O, where do you go first to start reading?

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