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29-Sep-14 12:07 AM RE: So I ate at this Indian restaurant yest..
29-Sep-14 12:05 AM RE: In a nutshell.......
29-Sep-14 12:02 AM RE: when you were a teen,were you allowed to go on dates???
27-Sep-14 11:35 PM RE: What is better a 5 minute hug or a 2 minute kiss?
27-Sep-14 11:34 PM RE: Answer quickly: All men are...
27-Sep-14 11:31 PM RE: I am the way I am because...
27-Sep-14 11:30 PM RE: Are ya usually a happy person???? Hahaha
27-Sep-14 12:51 AM RE: Do you do any of your shopping online?
27-Sep-14 12:50 AM RE: Going out to lunch with the girls today...
27-Sep-14 12:48 AM RE: Flu or food poisoning?
27-Sep-14 12:40 AM RE: How do you like to ...
27-Sep-14 12:35 AM RE: What are some fun things to do in san Francisco
26-Sep-14 12:55 AM RE: another one.....they are comming to me now.....
26-Sep-14 12:54 AM RE: FINALLY the MSW is working in my favor.....
26-Sep-14 12:52 AM RE: Which is the online portal that you spend more time daily?
26-Sep-14 12:51 AM RE: When are you going to get fed up with all the crap coming here from China ?
26-Sep-14 12:46 AM RE: Who you gonna call??
26-Sep-14 12:32 AM RE: What is your wish upon a star tonight? Good health would seem to top most lists, yes? Other wishes?
24-Sep-14 1:30 AM RE: How much do you generally spend for gifts?
24-Sep-14 1:29 AM RE: What's going on these days?

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