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Date Title
29-Aug-14 11:51 PM RE: Here is your horoscope: How accurate is it?
22-Aug-14 1:13 AM RE: what makes you feel sexy?
20-Aug-14 12:51 AM RE: We've picked a few random sex scenarios for you to choose from.
20-Aug-14 12:48 AM RE: Sex Questions......1-53 what's your number?
20-Aug-14 12:23 AM RE: Is it too soon for my widowed dad to be trying to date?
20-Aug-14 12:21 AM RE: So how do you think you look
19-Aug-14 1:54 AM RE: What makes you feel good all over?
19-Aug-14 1:53 AM RE: Roll call! How is everyone?
19-Aug-14 1:50 AM RE: For all of the sexually unfulfilled wives out there-- what do you do to cope?
18-Aug-14 12:34 AM RE: I would like to thank everyone who gave me courage to face my daughter's death.
18-Aug-14 12:27 AM RE: Duck, Duck, Goose? hmmmmmmmm
18-Aug-14 12:26 AM RE: Which is the smartphone app..
18-Aug-14 12:24 AM RE: just dropping by to say hi, and to see if any old buddies are stll still floating on the boards. lol
16-Aug-14 12:18 AM RE: What are your thoughts on
16-Aug-14 12:14 AM RE: What steps do u take to not feel sad and/or lonely?
16-Aug-14 12:12 AM RE: Who has got the hottest body??
16-Aug-14 12:09 AM RE: sex and age
15-Aug-14 11:59 PM RE: My cat died yesterday 19 days shy of her 18th birthday.
15-Aug-14 11:58 PM RE: What activity or hobby are you very passionate about?
15-Aug-14 11:57 PM RE: What will your halloween costume be this year?

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