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06-May-14 10:00 PM RE: Helllo this is your flight attendant from AO ohhhh airlines please buckle up and enjoy the ride. BTW
04-May-14 10:31 PM RE: What do you designate as family time in your home?
04-May-14 10:30 PM RE: AO has been up for 2 days!!!
03-May-14 12:25 AM RE: I keep getting a "Service not available" notice
01-May-14 8:36 PM RE: I've just noticed I'm up to "level 8"!!!
01-May-14 8:35 PM RE: Since I can answer any questions....
28-Apr-14 12:29 AM RE: What do you stress about the most?
28-Apr-14 12:27 AM RE: Is there a secret to changing your picture on
28-Apr-14 12:25 AM RE: Do you manage to get the daily recommended amount of pleasure?
28-Apr-14 12:24 AM RE: Is he coming onto me?
28-Apr-14 12:21 AM RE: Why do I have Responses Left
28-Apr-14 12:20 AM RE: My best and I, what should I do?
27-Apr-14 1:41 AM RE: do you work out by yourself?
26-Apr-14 1:22 AM RE: I've Never Allowed A Guy To Make Me Feel This Way
26-Apr-14 1:18 AM RE: What is YOUR favorite day of the week???
26-Apr-14 12:58 AM RE: Drinks on me...what is your choice??? Hahaha!!!
26-Apr-14 12:55 AM RE: When is a good time to start a family? Is 24 too young? Please give me your honest opinions!
26-Apr-14 12:51 AM RE: Have you heard about how *Beezin* was born? You Won't Believe This New Trend -
25-Apr-14 1:09 AM RE: Do you have a habit you wish you could break?
25-Apr-14 1:05 AM RE: So guess what? Okay, I'll give the news away!!!

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