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hulagirl55's Responses

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Date Title
06-Aug-15 3:34 AM RE: Do you have any fears? Like flying? Heights? Etc...
06-Aug-15 3:33 AM RE: no plans for anniversary
06-Aug-15 3:27 AM RE: How do you handle calls from solicitors on your cell phone?
06-Aug-15 3:27 AM RE: Have you ever been to Hawaii?
06-Aug-15 3:25 AM RE: What your favorite dessert or candy?
06-Aug-15 3:24 AM RE: Am I preggo????????????????????????
05-Aug-15 1:31 AM RE: Overnight,we had rain and lots of thunder. Currently, rain. What is it doing where you are at this
05-Aug-15 1:30 AM RE: What's the one thing you can't live without?
05-Aug-15 1:30 AM RE: When's the last time you had Flowers given to you?
05-Aug-15 1:29 AM RE: How often do you eat out? Restaurants, fast food, bars?
05-Aug-15 1:28 AM RE: Is music a big part of your life? If so, what kind of music do you listen to?
05-Aug-15 1:25 AM RE: Why are you on this site? What makes you stay here?
05-Aug-15 1:24 AM RE: Do you leave you Mobil phone on at all times? Is there a time that you turn it off?
05-Aug-15 1:23 AM RE: I think people treat you nicer when you're pretty. Thoughts?
05-Aug-15 1:20 AM RE: Just took a nice long hot shower...
05-Aug-15 1:20 AM RE: What summer movies have you seen if any, that are worth watching?
05-Aug-15 1:18 AM RE: just want to say Hello to you all just not being feeling myself and not good to.
03-Aug-15 12:42 AM RE: Does excess stress in your life cause you to eat more or eat less ?
03-Aug-15 12:41 AM RE: How much TV on average do you watch a week? Hours?
03-Aug-15 12:41 AM RE: When is the last time you took a vacation? Where did you go? Or Staycation?

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