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13-Dec-09 6:27 PM RE: My friend's cat is really sick...NEED ADVICE PLEASE!
13-Dec-09 6:16 PM RE: It's raining out. I have no real food in the joint.
13-Dec-09 6:15 PM RE: Wow, I can't think when the last time was I came here!
13-Dec-09 5:57 PM RE: What is the oldest a women can start a family ?
13-Dec-09 5:55 PM RE: Ok I know it was wrong, what should I do now I've sobered up?
13-Dec-09 5:52 PM RE: ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13-Dec-09 5:49 PM RE: My parents never showed me loved, so I don't know what a healthy relationship is. Help please.
13-Dec-09 5:45 PM RE: I need help! What should i do?
06-Apr-09 2:07 PM RE: Curious as to how many of us would qualify:
06-Apr-09 2:05 PM RE: How long does it take to get a question posted?
02-Apr-09 11:57 PM RE: Interesting Observation | © Steve67
28-Feb-09 5:25 PM RE: Would you put your money where THEIR mouth is?
28-Feb-09 5:20 PM RE: Why does sex suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable?
16-Feb-09 4:37 PM RE: My fifteen year old son is flunking three classes.
16-Feb-09 4:31 PM RE: Just because we ask questions about inexperience doesn't make us liars who are really underage.
16-Feb-09 4:30 PM RE: I don't know what to do and my wife isn't giving me any information.
16-Feb-09 4:21 PM RE: Guys which would you prefer;
16-Feb-09 4:19 PM RE: Would you become suspicious of a guy who could flick your bean as well as you can?
15-Feb-09 12:07 AM RE: How do I get these stupid thoughts out of my head?
14-Feb-09 11:56 PM RE: What gives you the right??

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