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18-Apr-14 7:49 PM RE: Fridays are usually dead around here. I always wonder what everyone is doing....
18-Apr-14 5:51 PM RE: I sometimes catch my husband sitting down on the toilet to pee.
18-Apr-14 5:41 PM RE: I am writing directions to staff that make HOME visits to mental patients
18-Apr-14 1:51 PM RE: Should I reach out to this guy?
18-Apr-14 1:50 PM RE: What is your cross today?
18-Apr-14 1:48 PM RE: remember the smell of your elementary school cafeteria?
18-Apr-14 12:41 PM RE: Life the way it should be...
18-Apr-14 12:38 PM RE: What will you do Easter Sunday?
18-Apr-14 12:37 PM RE: has anyone used books on cds for entertainment?
18-Apr-14 12:36 PM RE: How do you like your oatmeal?
18-Apr-14 12:28 PM RE: Do you express your thoughts with management at your company?
16-Apr-14 6:55 PM RE: So, I have some single friends.
14-Apr-14 6:44 PM RE: __one, two, or maybe three__
14-Apr-14 1:33 PM RE: Does anyone have the
14-Apr-14 12:41 PM RE: I am trying to understand the definitions of "meetup" and "hookup". My definition is going with a
14-Apr-14 12:38 PM RE: How to deal with ditzy wife of a friend?
14-Apr-14 12:35 PM RE: Ladies who work full time: How much time do you spend on housework?
10-Apr-14 11:32 PM RE: Do you know anyone who likes to think they look like somebody else ?
10-Apr-14 9:45 PM RE: Does Btooom! contain a lot of profanity?
09-Apr-14 7:34 PM RE: If you bought a puppy or kitten today, what would you name it?

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