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Date Title
05-Mar-15 9:52 PM RE: Former employer said she would mail my last check two tuesdays ago, and nothing.
04-Mar-15 1:13 PM RE: Is confessing you like / love someone over text less sincere than in person?
03-Mar-15 2:29 PM RE: What do you do to save money?
03-Mar-15 12:28 AM RE: Do you believe dating a woman with children makes the kid/s your responsibility at all?
02-Mar-15 12:47 PM RE: If some one gave you $30,000 to buy a car what would you buy?
02-Mar-15 12:05 AM RE: Have you ever had your heart broken?
01-Mar-15 11:58 PM RE: Who the hell gave me jerks I done nothing wrong I bet I know who?
01-Mar-15 9:46 PM RE: Is drug addiction a choice or a disease?
01-Mar-15 9:43 PM RE: Do you think to many people abuse welfare?
28-Feb-15 11:32 PM RE: Your favorite type of apple?
27-Feb-15 1:09 AM RE: what can I buy a lady friend of mine for her sixthy Birthday this year?
27-Feb-15 12:51 AM RE: Did you know your epiglottis exist?
27-Feb-15 12:16 AM RE: How do you handle siblings that talk about you behind your back and be a Hypocrite?
26-Feb-15 11:37 PM RE: When are you old enough to have sex
26-Feb-15 11:34 PM RE: Please help decide the pointless debate my sister and I had
26-Feb-15 7:31 PM RE: Roommate wants a pet
26-Feb-15 6:27 PM RE: How to get a girl alone from her friends
26-Feb-15 4:27 PM RE: Help! I keep getting annoying pop ups!
26-Feb-15 2:24 PM RE: what have you done that was
26-Feb-15 1:46 PM RE: How often would you guys hangout?

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