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Date Title
14-Jan-15 9:25 PM RE: For all you parents, what exactly DID you think
14-Jan-15 8:57 PM RE: What didn't you sign up for?
14-Jan-15 8:16 PM RE: How to pack a suitcase efficiently
14-Jan-15 8:15 PM RE: Whatta you do with a wife....?
14-Jan-15 7:58 PM RE: Have you heard of all the benefits of drinking bone broth (broth - but must include simmering bones)
14-Jan-15 7:03 PM RE: [PARENTING QUESTION] So you catch your child engaging in
14-Jan-15 6:20 PM RE: I just bought some shirts the other day and am wondering ladies what does XL/TG/XG mean? Thanks!
14-Jan-15 3:12 PM RE: Could I possibly be pregnant? I doubt it. Please read
14-Jan-15 2:42 PM RE: Question re health benefits after retirement
14-Jan-15 1:34 PM RE: Have you ever been afraid of someone who knows where you live?
14-Jan-15 12:41 PM RE: Ladies, do you have a gender preference
14-Jan-15 11:15 AM RE: Sooo... After all those f's & c's...
14-Jan-15 1:36 AM RE: Fuck all of you ignorant cunts!
13-Jan-15 10:09 PM RE: What's for dessert???? Hahaha!!!
13-Jan-15 7:55 PM RE: If I earn a degree in veterinary medicine in the USA
13-Jan-15 7:30 PM RE: What do you think of Bill Gates plan for depopulation?
13-Jan-15 7:25 PM RE: Do you feel it's okay to hang with people from work on your own time, if it's frowned upon AT work?
13-Jan-15 7:23 PM RE: She tod me she had a drim nt once, dat she was nt present durin our wedin day,not intrested again
13-Jan-15 7:21 PM RE: What's all the hype of owning a home?
13-Jan-15 3:43 PM RE: considering moving and transferring job. Idaho or Colorado. Want warmer winter and less snow

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