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Date Title
23-Dec-14 2:55 PM RE: I really want 2share this with every1 &I hope uwill comment on this because I am so proud of myself
23-Dec-14 2:53 PM RE: What might be the reason for this age limit??
23-Dec-14 2:47 PM RE: What is on your Christmas eve, and Christmas Day menu?
21-Dec-14 10:35 PM RE: Question for women: On your first date with a man
21-Dec-14 10:34 PM RE: What is the least
21-Dec-14 9:56 PM RE: Has anybody heard of a Les Johnson?
21-Dec-14 7:15 PM RE: What is your favorite holiday dessert? I just made some rice pudding, the way my mom made it.
20-Dec-14 12:31 AM RE: Ansswerology I love you but for pete's sake could you all at least admit to being human?
19-Dec-14 11:24 PM RE: Is this how you would like
19-Dec-14 10:30 PM RE: What do I do? What do I do?
19-Dec-14 10:26 PM RE: Do you have any unusual habits or rituals during the holidays?
19-Dec-14 10:22 PM RE: I love with it.
19-Dec-14 10:17 PM RE: Got a New Year's Resolution or two you can share?
19-Dec-14 10:13 PM RE: If people thought you were weird,
18-Dec-14 10:29 PM RE: How about a pair of pink sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants?
17-Dec-14 8:02 PM RE: Why do people try to walk up on my person, and stare?
17-Dec-14 6:35 PM RE: do you think social security will be done away with in your lifetime or will legislature find a way
17-Dec-14 6:27 PM RE: Using only one word what do you need right now?
17-Dec-14 3:32 PM RE: I'm baking potatoes in the oven. I am doing the following:
17-Dec-14 1:49 PM RE: One of my classmates (who is also on the Dean's list) said she was gonna skip an assignment

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