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Date Title
03-Nov-14 12:00 AM RE: No question but a brief statement .....
01-Nov-14 11:22 PM RE: For those who have been here a long time...
01-Nov-14 11:17 PM RE: Do you ever just want to add to someone's delusional material on here?
01-Nov-14 11:15 PM RE: Have any of you quit TV Cable? I have an I could never be more happier!
01-Nov-14 10:30 PM RE: Starting a side business in Photography
31-Oct-14 9:23 PM RE: ultimatums, do they ever work?
31-Oct-14 9:21 PM RE: Chelsea Handler Has Triumphantly Knockermocked Putin Right Off His High Horse of Panderganda.
31-Oct-14 1:00 AM RE: Grrrr. It is mid-night...I have to get the kids up for school at 6:30am, I'm off. My husband is out
31-Oct-14 12:48 AM RE: Honest opinions..and yes--you have to pick one of these locations.....
30-Oct-14 10:54 PM RE: What is your favorite bottled water?
30-Oct-14 8:52 PM RE: Pornographic illusion or is it the real thing.
30-Oct-14 4:13 PM RE: have you ever ... dot dot dot
30-Oct-14 3:06 PM RE: I only meet women who tell me stories about their wild younger years...
30-Oct-14 1:01 PM RE: Would this be a deal breaker for you, or would you date someone in this situation.
30-Oct-14 12:17 PM RE: How does it all fit in,was God around during the pre-historic erra.
30-Oct-14 12:11 PM RE: Which is more important to you:
30-Oct-14 12:06 PM RE: What is your favorite dessert?
30-Oct-14 12:05 PM RE: DISAPPOINTED that haters didn't assault a post?!
30-Oct-14 11:55 AM RE: Did your parents treat you and your siblings equally?
30-Oct-14 11:47 AM RE: Girls, how many cat calls to you get in a single day?

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