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Date Title
08-Jul-14 2:06 PM RE: what is something that you would like in your
08-Jul-14 1:59 PM RE: Your favorite on-line news site?
08-Jul-14 12:38 PM RE: Which would you prefer for a stocking stuffer?
08-Jul-14 12:28 PM RE: What ring tone do you have on your Cell?
08-Jul-14 11:55 AM RE: Any vacation plans
08-Jul-14 11:51 AM RE: On my way to the Grocery store..what do you need?
08-Jul-14 11:48 AM RE: Where were you born?
08-Jul-14 11:38 AM RE: I just saw a movie called "HER" where a guy is having a relationship with his opererating system...
08-Jul-14 11:29 AM RE: What recipe of your's ...
08-Jul-14 11:17 AM RE: ???????????????????????? ??????
08-Jul-14 11:16 AM RE: Cleaning out my Fridge! When was the last time you cleaned out yours?
08-Jul-14 11:10 AM RE: Where were you born?
08-Jul-14 11:05 AM RE: Do you own a landline, cell phone or both.
08-Jul-14 11:02 AM RE: Housemate decides to rent a house with little privacy
06-Jul-14 7:39 PM RE: Are there any good websites
05-Jul-14 10:33 PM RE: Let's have a little psychic fun. What color am I thinking of?
05-Jul-14 7:38 PM RE: Have you gone out on blind dates
05-Jul-14 7:34 PM RE: Do you have any craft you enjoy?
05-Jul-14 5:27 PM RE: Classic break up tale: he broke up with me, I didn't want the relationship to be over. Now what?
05-Jul-14 5:25 PM RE: Who should be the one to cook dinner daily in a marriage?

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