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Date Title
21-Nov-13 7:29 PM RE: Ankles swollen and itching viciously again.
21-Nov-13 5:43 PM RE: In your opinion, which LIVING actor/actress holds THE MOST prestige?
21-Nov-13 10:27 AM RE: What do you wear to work?
21-Nov-13 10:02 AM RE: Next step I should I take in removing this information from credit report?
19-Nov-13 9:48 PM RE: Seven Months Shy of Fifty Years. Last Night Did I First, Something Avoided by Tears.
18-Nov-13 7:53 PM RE: Whats your plans for Thanksgiving?
15-Nov-13 11:24 PM RE: If you were held as a captive/prisoner of war for 14 years....
15-Nov-13 4:21 PM RE: Your favorite food for
15-Nov-13 4:09 PM RE: Have you started Christmas shopping yet?
15-Nov-13 4:08 PM RE: What weird asssssss things in your employee manual are you not allowed to do at work?
15-Nov-13 1:35 PM RE: Why do people see the person that got cheated on as bitter?
15-Nov-13 10:51 AM RE: Thoughts on interview getting too personal?
14-Nov-13 7:42 PM RE: Is this job? How does anyone live as a single parent?
14-Nov-13 1:27 PM RE: How do you know that you're transgender?
14-Nov-13 1:20 PM RE: Is this job? How does anyone live as a single parent?
13-Nov-13 7:02 PM RE: Letting go of a hurtful family member.
11-Nov-13 7:19 PM RE: anyone who takes prescribed drugs knows that the doctors do NOT know it all as to side effects
08-Nov-13 10:21 PM RE: How did you come up with your childs/childrens name(s)? Did you consider nicknames?
08-Nov-13 4:17 PM RE: I'm mentoring a child in my neighborhood and I need a little help.
30-Oct-13 6:49 PM RE: If the price of cows milk doubles...will you switch to soy/almond.... ??

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