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31-Jul-14 10:36 PM RE: What do you know
06-Jul-14 12:42 PM RE: What is the very first thing you would do...
04-Jul-14 8:03 PM RE: What dessert is better
04-Jul-14 9:21 AM RE: When is the last time you dined out alone?
02-Jul-14 2:37 AM RE: What is one of your dreams
02-Jul-14 2:36 AM RE: Who was the last person you forgave?
02-Jul-14 2:19 AM RE: What do you miss the most?
26-Jun-14 11:26 AM RE: Do you believe in Angels?
26-Jun-14 11:25 AM RE: Just Curious...On an average,
26-Jun-14 6:52 AM RE: So, where have all
25-May-14 4:14 PM RE: My bf cheated on me twice and gave oral to someone clsiming they was drunk should i forgive him
25-May-14 4:13 PM RE: How to tell someone they have bad breath?
25-May-14 4:13 PM RE: Why would a guy behave like this?
25-May-14 4:11 PM RE: I am 30 married for 3 yrs and I am
25-May-14 4:03 PM RE: What was the message in Church this morning?
23-Mar-14 11:20 AM RE: What is your race? What is your ethnicity? What is your nationality?
23-Mar-14 11:19 AM RE: How can you truly know that your dreams and nightmares ...
23-Mar-14 11:17 AM RE: does a relationship between an older woman and a younger guy work?
23-Mar-14 11:14 AM RE: Do you think if I flapped my arms really fast while jumping off a tall building I could fly?
23-Mar-14 11:13 AM RE: Why do people try to kick me when I'm down? And how can I stop this from happening?

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