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23-Mar-14 11:20 AM RE: What is your race? What is your ethnicity? What is your nationality?
23-Mar-14 11:19 AM RE: How can you truly know that your dreams and nightmares ...
23-Mar-14 11:17 AM RE: does a relationship between an older woman and a younger guy work?
23-Mar-14 11:14 AM RE: Do you think if I flapped my arms really fast while jumping off a tall building I could fly?
23-Mar-14 11:13 AM RE: Why do people try to kick me when I'm down? And how can I stop this from happening?
23-Mar-14 11:08 AM RE: ex loves a immature slutty woman?
23-Mar-14 11:06 AM RE: Sh#t!!! Sh#t!!! Sh#t!!!
23-Mar-14 11:05 AM RE: What freaky personal stories
23-Mar-14 11:05 AM RE: Is this feeling about love or having a child?
30-Jan-14 11:02 PM RE: How do you feel about sitting on public toilet seats?
27-Jan-14 5:20 PM RE: Never knew you weren't supposed to fill the nyquil cup all the way up
27-Jan-14 5:19 PM RE: Ibuprofen should have kicked in by now ...
27-Jan-14 5:17 PM RE: Do you miss the old LP vinyl
27-Jan-14 5:15 PM RE: Apparently 100,000+ people have petitioned the White House to have Justin Bieber deported.
27-Jan-14 5:13 PM RE: Why do women like fantasy books ?
27-Jan-14 5:13 PM RE: How much snow did you wide up with if, your on the East Coast of the US?
27-Jan-14 5:11 PM RE: Is it becoming popular for women to want their men to try bi things?
27-Jan-14 5:10 PM RE: What do you pay for your monthly
27-Jan-14 5:08 PM RE: Have you ever smoked a cigar?
27-Jan-14 5:08 PM RE: I am so tired of freezing my ba((s off - how cold is it where you live right now?

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