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28-Feb-15 9:37 PM RE: Do you think infidelity is grounds for divorce?
28-Feb-15 1:25 PM RE: Want to try again? See it all on TV . . .
28-Feb-15 12:28 PM RE: North Carolina legalizes
28-Feb-15 11:04 AM RE: How do you control your feelings? How can someone stop themselves from falling in love?
28-Feb-15 10:54 AM RE: Do you still believe that men more often than women have sex with no emotional attachment?
28-Feb-15 10:28 AM RE: Should I choose my son or my dog when given an ultimatum by my girlfriend?
22-Feb-15 6:09 PM RE: Is there something seeing a wedding ring does to women?
19-Feb-15 10:47 AM RE: My new girlfriend won't return my text. It's been two weeks and nothing (no text)!?
19-Feb-15 10:47 AM RE: Why we should sleep with girl the same day that we kissed her?
19-Feb-15 10:43 AM RE: Guys did you have to shower together in high school like after gym and practices?
19-Feb-15 10:36 AM RE: When two dogs are playing is it ok to let them outside when its cold?
19-Feb-15 10:24 AM RE: Men. Is a woman who flirts with you a lot a turn off?
19-Feb-15 10:21 AM RE: Obama in denial about Muslim?
03-Feb-15 6:17 PM RE: what do i text this girl to make her want me.
03-Feb-15 6:14 PM RE: Can a man masturbate standing under the shower? Does he use one or both hands?
03-Feb-15 6:11 PM RE: What are you getting yourself for Valentine's Day?
03-Feb-15 6:09 PM RE: Has anyone ever seen Marco Rubio's or Ted Cruz's Birth Certificates?
03-Feb-15 6:08 PM RE: My boyfriend said that I look great, but he is not as attracted to me as before
03-Feb-15 6:08 PM RE: Do you know what I like about Latina women?
03-Feb-15 6:06 PM RE: What does it say about a man who doesn't care about....

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