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03-Jul-15 9:51 PM RE: I saw a guy on a moped, with a woman on the back. He was texting with phone in his right hand while
02-Jul-15 7:31 PM RE: With the current increased support of LGBT
29-Jun-15 6:53 AM RE: Why do I keep drawing in abusive guys?
28-Jun-15 9:15 PM RE: Allowing gay marriage will create a lot of revenue.
28-Jun-15 9:08 PM RE: Does being against gay marriage make one a hater?
27-Jun-15 10:47 PM RE: When was the last time you cried?
27-Jun-15 10:08 PM RE: Why are middle age women seen as unattractive?
26-Jun-15 7:39 PM RE: Men: Boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or nut huggers? What's your fancy? And ladies, what do you like?
26-Jun-15 5:47 AM RE: The Supreme Court upheld Obamacare. How does that make you feel ?
25-Jun-15 8:47 PM RE: What are the chances of this?
25-Jun-15 8:45 PM RE: I heard this great joke:
25-Jun-15 8:44 PM RE: Do you feel that marijuana should be legal in all states?
24-Jun-15 9:05 PM RE: Have you taken the Myers Briggs test?
24-Jun-15 9:00 PM RE: Do you get angry when someone on here bans you ?
24-Jun-15 8:59 PM RE: My 22 year old just got sentenced to 60 days in jail!
19-Jun-15 6:03 PM RE: Let's everyone vote for Hillary it would be a nice change a women for presendent!!!!!
19-Jun-15 6:02 PM RE: what do you think about michelle obama, after giving all those patriotic graduation speaches..
19-Jun-15 3:55 AM RE: Women with strap-ons.... Is that just a "Warm-up" to you wanting your man to take the real thing?
17-Jun-15 9:27 PM RE: What is something you can do to another person without actually physically touching them?
17-Jun-15 9:21 AM RE: Should abortion laws ever be decided by men?

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