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21-Apr-15 9:19 PM RE: Everything happens for a reason?
16-Apr-15 8:29 PM RE: Men, do you notice if your date/gf gets looks from other men?
14-Apr-15 4:00 PM RE: If you were given an unlimited credit card for a shopping spree, and no cost to you, what store
14-Apr-15 2:37 PM RE: FEMALE? NOWN - not now, not next, not NEVER.
12-Apr-15 7:34 PM RE: Husband keep sneaking to watch porn sometimes even when im in his face. What to do. Disussed, wtd?
12-Apr-15 6:14 PM RE: Do your furry children always have their way with you?
12-Apr-15 1:24 PM RE: Guys: How do I know if I'm too wet?
12-Apr-15 10:12 AM RE: To the libertarians on A/O - why are you libertarian?
12-Apr-15 10:00 AM RE: To the libertarians on A/O - why are you libertarian?
12-Apr-15 8:53 AM RE: Finished watching the t.v. series, "The Sons of Anarchy".
12-Apr-15 8:52 AM RE: Can a skinny person weigh more than an obese person with almost the same body proportion?
12-Apr-15 6:04 AM RE: I found graphic pictures of my wife and her ex husband, i told her, she was sorry and destroyed them
09-Apr-15 5:31 PM RE: If a random guy you've never met adds you on facebook..
09-Apr-15 5:25 PM RE: Workout wear. What to wear if you have heavy legs?
09-Apr-15 5:13 PM RE: Why do guys hate fat or plus sized women so much?
27-Mar-15 3:16 PM RE: Would you hire someone with a lot of visible tattoos?
25-Mar-15 11:39 PM RE: If someone loves you then wouldn't they want to marry you?
22-Mar-15 4:57 PM RE: What do people use to record their computer screens when they're doing computer tutorials?
14-Mar-15 12:11 PM RE: I'm beginning to think all those "things" we heard about frats are true...sheesh...
14-Mar-15 12:06 PM RE: I caught my GF of 2yrs texting herfriend that she would cheat on me with this one guy. End it?

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