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21-Jan-15 7:18 PM RE: So, what would make a woman....
21-Jan-15 12:18 PM RE: Nothing more controversial than period sex.
21-Jan-15 10:15 AM RE: When the President addresses Congress with a State of the Union address .....
05-Jan-15 8:04 PM RE: Is excercise the only way to get a flat stomach?
04-Jan-15 3:16 AM RE: What actions that a man does mislead a woman?
04-Jan-15 3:12 AM RE: How many Red Flags does it take for a guy to be ejected?
04-Jan-15 3:09 AM RE: I have a boyfriend of 5 years, but I fell in love with my long time best friend.
04-Jan-15 2:44 AM RE: need the courage to talk to this boy..
04-Jan-15 2:30 AM RE: Poll: Is it ever okay to comment on someone's weight?
24-Dec-14 9:27 PM RE: What would happen during a permanent EBT shutdown?
24-Dec-14 9:25 PM RE: I want to date interracially. I have dated interracially in the past.
08-Dec-14 7:15 AM RE: Long distance. How to prevent her from losing interest?
06-Dec-14 10:39 PM RE: my ex husband keeps calling me a whore
06-Dec-14 7:48 PM RE: Will people stop abuse ?
06-Dec-14 2:38 PM RE: the father is doing his wife an injustice.
06-Dec-14 2:36 PM RE: Opinions on the Bill Cosby situation.
06-Dec-14 2:33 PM RE: Girlfriend told me how many guys she slept with.....
06-Dec-14 2:19 PM RE: Should I take or reject this promotion?
06-Dec-14 2:14 PM RE: If your girlfriend with whom you're hopelessly in love with dumped you viciously for another man....
26-Nov-14 8:34 PM RE: My boyfriend refuses to ever get married and I definitely want to eventually

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