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15-Sep-14 3:41 PM RE: The Science and Religion Quiz!
11-Sep-14 12:13 PM RE: I just caught bit of The Presidents speech where he says that ISL is not Islamic... ummmm....what.
10-Sep-14 9:37 AM RE: How do we have civil society....
10-Sep-14 9:29 AM RE: What percentage of fulltime Wal Mart (The Biggest Private Employeer) employees...
10-Sep-14 8:26 AM RE: Would you date someone
09-Sep-14 3:03 PM RE: Does it matter if your s/o makes less money than you? And if they do, would/do you make them feel
07-Sep-14 7:02 PM RE: So this one is for men...
26-Aug-14 10:52 AM RE: What do you think of a man crying?
25-Aug-14 12:07 PM RE: Since wife got a New Job Title she doesn't have time to think about sex. What should I do????
25-Aug-14 8:45 AM RE: Since wife got a New Job Title she doesn't have time to think about sex. What should I do????
20-Aug-14 1:20 PM RE: Quiz: In regard to a corporation, who is of higher rank? The president or the board chairman?
05-Aug-14 1:13 PM RE: Do you believe in astrology?
24-Jul-14 6:34 PM RE: Why do people see it cruel to tell someone about their cheating spouse or partner?
11-Jul-14 8:27 AM RE: Men who think women are inferior to men..
05-Jul-14 10:29 PM RE: "Fat" girls are beneath "Skinny" girls?
03-Jul-14 1:15 PM RE: I have a real peeve with the misuse/ misunderstanding of a word:
03-Jul-14 1:06 PM RE: do you think a 19 year old girl could have a relationship with a 28 year old man?
03-Jul-14 11:08 AM RE: Does a doctor's religion trump your prescription?
03-Jul-14 10:04 AM RE: Undocumented immigrants-what can be done?
03-Jul-14 8:53 AM RE: Any tips out there in removing Bile stain from dog getting sick?

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