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Date Title
14-May-15 11:05 PM RE: Men why are so pervy...
13-May-15 2:36 PM RE: God IS NOT dead vs God IS dead?
13-May-15 6:55 AM RE: Signs Husband is on the DownLow
13-May-15 6:54 AM RE: my bf has no job since 2 yrs and it's spoiling our relationship,what do I do?I have been supportive
12-May-15 9:21 PM RE: Guys and Gals would you date someone...
12-May-15 1:00 PM RE: Is there anyone who still believes in getting married first then conceiving to have children?
11-May-15 8:19 PM RE: Paid family leave in the US...
10-May-15 8:02 AM RE: Does salt water not boil?? Hear me out.
08-May-15 11:28 PM RE: Boyfriend texting his daughter's friends sister (Minor). I found this to be inappropriate. He didn't
08-May-15 11:13 PM RE: Why do guys find this a turn on
06-May-15 10:34 AM RE: I saw a documentary about the near collapse
06-May-15 12:07 AM RE: If I run for president as a libertarian....
04-May-15 7:11 PM RE: The Dunning-Kruger effect? I think it about sums it up on here. What do you think?
04-May-15 9:04 AM RE: What do you think of people who fat shame others?
03-May-15 9:10 PM RE: Honestly what is your first thought
03-May-15 9:09 PM RE: Would you break up with someone if they work 2 jobs and go to grad school?
02-May-15 8:58 PM RE: Does this make me a lesbian?
02-May-15 8:43 PM RE: Is my girlfriend jealous or have trust issues? Or is it my fault? Please help.
02-May-15 8:18 PM RE: Does age really matter in the dating world today?
21-Apr-15 9:19 PM RE: Everything happens for a reason?

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