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21-Apr-09 4:39 PM RE: Do you turn guys on?
21-Apr-09 4:20 PM RE: I just had a baby. My husband is spending 6hrs a day with his ex wife. She is dressed to the nines
21-Apr-09 4:16 PM RE: If you could pick the perfet temperature to have everyday...
21-Apr-09 3:52 PM RE: can a flirt fall in love?
21-Apr-09 3:51 PM RE: Why do women dye their hair so ultra-blonde that it is practically white?
21-Apr-09 3:48 PM RE: What would you do if *you* ran the office...
21-Apr-09 3:34 PM RE: So how did it come to be...
21-Apr-09 3:28 PM RE: Dating a guy & havent seen him in 3 weeks, says he wants to but doesnt follow through whats the deal
21-Apr-09 3:27 PM RE: 43F here in northern Illinois.
21-Apr-09 3:26 PM RE: Hey yall, can you give me a good explanation please
21-Apr-09 3:25 PM RE: Where are you most ticklish?
21-Apr-09 3:24 PM RE: Just so you ladies know, we aren't interested in just sex from you.
21-Apr-09 3:13 PM RE: Ladies, do you have this to or is there something wrong with me?
21-Apr-09 2:58 PM RE: Caught my guy wanking after sex?
21-Apr-09 2:54 PM RE: I think I peed on my husband?
21-Apr-09 2:51 PM RE: The consumption of alcohol...
21-Apr-09 2:50 PM RE: smiles...............
21-Apr-09 2:49 PM RE: What's with the ratings here? How do they work?
21-Apr-09 2:48 PM RE: Have you ever had anonymous sex?
21-Apr-09 2:47 PM RE: 93°F here in southern california

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