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19-Nov-14 8:03 PM RE: Ever just look at a guy's body and
19-Nov-14 8:01 PM RE: You know something remarkable happened to me a couple of weeks ago...
19-Nov-14 8:00 PM RE: Do you think it's normal for a married couple to sleep in separate rooms?
19-Nov-14 7:58 PM RE: If you had unlimited money and time, what would you do and why?
19-Nov-14 7:52 PM RE: Have you ever been so stressed...
19-Nov-14 7:50 PM RE: What song makes you ...
19-Nov-14 7:39 PM RE: Chemistry, connection and maybe even love but....
19-Nov-14 7:38 PM RE: This question is for ladies with kids who had a baby shower!
19-Nov-14 7:35 PM RE: Anyone agree with this saying?
19-Nov-14 7:32 PM RE: Al Sharpton owes millions of dollars in back taxes.
19-Nov-14 7:26 PM RE: So ... Are you ready for winter?
19-Nov-14 7:22 PM RE: Do you ask others if your clothes are age appropriate ?
18-Nov-14 9:39 PM RE: My best friend's boyfriend rubbed me and told me he likes me. I like him too? We all live together?!
18-Nov-14 9:35 PM RE: Let's do a poll here... what is the most famous Christmas song?
18-Nov-14 9:34 PM RE: How do I get more male friends?
18-Nov-14 9:27 PM RE: How many of you.........
18-Nov-14 9:08 PM RE: What do you think of this quote from a former police officer?
18-Nov-14 6:29 PM RE: Do you think smart phones and social networking are the work of the Devil?
18-Nov-14 5:53 PM RE: How do I break up with someone I'm not really dating?
18-Nov-14 5:51 PM RE: What would you do in this financial dilemma in college?

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