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02-Jul-15 6:27 PM RE: Remembering my pet Sam on this one year anniversary of his death..
02-Jul-15 6:22 PM RE: I was driving normal on a side street, and I saw a baby squirrel
02-Jul-15 6:18 PM RE: What is a bad habit
02-Jul-15 6:17 PM RE: What's your favorite band of all time?
02-Jul-15 2:14 PM RE: I am just going to put this out there. Why would a guy tease in this manner?
02-Jul-15 12:24 PM RE: Same sex marriage....
02-Jul-15 12:23 PM RE: I Would like to know how do I get my boyfriend to be more adventurous in bed with me?
02-Jul-15 12:21 PM RE: How would you feel if a guy you've went out with a couple times mowed your lawn as a surprise?
01-Jul-15 8:42 PM RE: If you could change one thing about the way you look, what would you change?
01-Jul-15 1:40 PM RE: What's the one T.V. show that you never get tired of?
01-Jul-15 1:39 PM RE: Paris Hilton is telling business associates she will sue the people responsible for putting her on
01-Jul-15 1:34 PM RE: Thus far, how many times
01-Jul-15 1:31 PM RE: Do you wish you could take a magic
01-Jul-15 1:29 PM RE: You could go out on a date
01-Jul-15 1:24 PM RE: So, England is officially hotter than Miami!
01-Jul-15 1:23 PM RE: What do you think of the woman asking for a million dollars to save her baby from abortion?
01-Jul-15 1:19 PM RE: some people have a one-sided "my view or the highway." view on life and politics...
01-Jul-15 1:17 PM RE: Sharing phone line: should I block this number?
01-Jul-15 1:13 PM RE: Want to date my neighbor
01-Jul-15 1:10 PM RE: What are your plans

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