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19-Dec-14 4:41 PM RE: What do I do? What do I do?
19-Dec-14 4:41 PM RE: What are three bands or singers
19-Dec-14 4:34 PM RE: Who will you be smooching
19-Dec-14 4:32 PM RE: So what are the chances...
18-Dec-14 7:55 PM RE: Should parents bring small children to restaurants?
18-Dec-14 7:54 PM RE: Why would a woman dress like she is going to a celebration?
18-Dec-14 7:53 PM RE: I am all alone with my SO this year during the holidays
18-Dec-14 7:51 PM RE: My fiance has sleep issues&works alot and is becoming more withdrawn.dont share bed. Dont have sex
18-Dec-14 7:31 PM RE: A question about porn
18-Dec-14 7:28 PM RE: Blazing The Trend.....
18-Dec-14 7:26 PM RE: Why do people judge men who don't have a job and other unfortunate circumstances?
18-Dec-14 7:25 PM RE: What are three singers or
18-Dec-14 4:48 PM RE: Who here believes this whole Sony movie hacking scandal is a bunch of hype to sell tickets?
18-Dec-14 4:47 PM RE: Today on Dr. Oz it was revealed that people who are paralyzed and have been unable to walk
18-Dec-14 4:37 PM RE: guys - does it bother you if your date
18-Dec-14 4:35 PM RE: So what do you think about the US normalizing relations with Cuba?
16-Dec-14 7:28 PM RE: Do you have strange feelings?
16-Dec-14 7:25 PM RE: What weird assed adventures
16-Dec-14 7:23 PM RE: What is the American problem with social programs
16-Dec-14 2:49 PM RE: I always initiate sex

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