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23-Jul-14 1:09 PM RE: If you only had Time --What is something you would love to spend more of it on, but aren't allotted
23-Jul-14 1:03 PM RE: Would you go on a naked date with a stranger.
23-Jul-14 1:02 PM RE: What kind of cat food and or dog food do you use?
23-Jul-14 12:58 PM RE: is it wierd to want to stay a virgin?
23-Jul-14 12:55 PM RE: The Loss Of Another Great One --19July2014 -James Garner actor in Rockford Files and The Notebook.
23-Jul-14 12:53 PM RE: My boyfriend wants me to join on a business trip but...
23-Jul-14 12:51 PM RE: Would you rather live in a large city,
23-Jul-14 12:49 PM RE: Should tabacco companies be sued by cancer patients?
23-Jul-14 12:47 PM RE: What words come to mind when you think of recliners ( the chair) ?
23-Jul-14 12:47 PM RE: Would you take a job that offered
22-Jul-14 8:06 PM RE: What is the first tv show you remember watching?
22-Jul-14 8:04 PM RE: Any good romance action amines??
22-Jul-14 7:58 PM RE: Guilt with moving away from family
22-Jul-14 7:57 PM RE: My Son's Fiance keeps cheating and is very abusive physically verbally and emotionally
22-Jul-14 7:53 PM RE: It seems I'm the only one who doesn't have an iphone or smartphone. Here is a poll
22-Jul-14 7:53 PM RE: How great is your belief in the *mind-boggling* theory centered around intense exposure
22-Jul-14 7:44 PM RE: Stomach Virus ---Have you ever
22-Jul-14 7:43 PM RE: If you get a 2 on a question you answered...
22-Jul-14 7:42 PM RE: You're going to the doctor's office
22-Jul-14 7:39 PM RE: Men wearing lightweight scarves in the summer....yeah or nay?

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