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01-Oct-14 8:51 PM RE: What is the bravest thing
01-Oct-14 8:47 PM RE: What is the craziest thing...
01-Oct-14 8:46 PM RE: Which is your favorite food joint?
01-Oct-14 5:20 PM RE: Has anyone any experience in training dogs?
01-Oct-14 5:11 PM RE: When you see a hot girl in public
01-Oct-14 1:28 PM RE: My dog is a Shiba Inu breed and she thinks she is a cat!
01-Oct-14 1:22 PM RE: My husband has been using what he calls "tough love" with me, but it really hasn't helped me any.
01-Oct-14 1:12 PM RE: Is it ok to lie a little about my final grades while applying for my internship?
01-Oct-14 1:06 PM RE: There is an Ocean question in the top 10
01-Oct-14 1:04 PM RE: There is an Ocean question in the top 10
01-Oct-14 1:03 PM RE: Hey you gals with an education...
01-Oct-14 1:01 PM RE: Well. I find myself with nothing to do.
01-Oct-14 1:00 PM RE: I went through my entire library this morning and am donating 9 boxes of books to the library for
01-Oct-14 12:49 PM RE: Obama's Center for Disease Control says "Americans have nothing to fear" from ebola. Do you believe?
30-Sep-14 7:34 PM RE: What Would You Do .......?
30-Sep-14 4:39 PM RE: get back with ex or start dating a very sexy new hook up?
30-Sep-14 4:38 PM RE: What are your thoughts on zinc?
30-Sep-14 4:35 PM RE: What chapter of your life
30-Sep-14 2:35 PM RE: Pop'd questions ... Do u remember.
30-Sep-14 2:34 PM RE: Economically don't fit in with my extended family anymore, what to do?

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