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14-May-15 4:04 PM RE: Have you ever waved at strangers saying hi as you passed
14-May-15 2:41 PM RE: Have you ever wanted to buy a used Pope mobile,
14-May-15 2:40 PM RE: Could you be apart from your spouse/significant other for a year?
14-May-15 2:39 PM RE: Be honest...........
14-May-15 2:38 PM RE: Is freedom of speech still a reality or is it becoming a myth?
13-May-15 9:02 PM RE: I need to know how to keep my husband interested in me while I'm away at work
13-May-15 9:00 PM RE: I had a poker party for the guys and two of them brought their wives with my permission.
13-May-15 8:58 PM RE: I Lost My Voice After My Sore Throat Went Away.:c
13-May-15 8:57 PM RE: Is it foolish to lead a bohemian life?
13-May-15 8:49 PM RE: Signs Husband is on the DownLow
13-May-15 8:45 PM RE: What do you think the signs would be if a man was a virgin over the age of 30?
13-May-15 8:43 PM RE: On same sex marriage???
13-May-15 8:36 PM RE: Could you live in a microhome?
13-May-15 8:34 PM RE: May I use the term "the straights"
13-May-15 8:32 PM RE: I have had this question in the back of my mind for some time.
13-May-15 2:31 PM RE: Who here believes that the way you treat your pets
13-May-15 1:12 PM RE: Today's Random Fact: nuclear waste
13-May-15 1:07 PM RE: PhD program I want asks for honours degree (gpa of 3.5 -4.0), which I don't have...
12-May-15 9:30 PM RE: My bf never initiates sex!
12-May-15 9:18 PM RE: Would your spouse rescue u frm shark infested water?

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