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24-Oct-14 2:21 PM RE: My Sister is coming into town and taking me out for a spa day...
24-Oct-14 2:10 PM RE: Whats something dumb you have done while cooking?
24-Oct-14 2:09 PM RE: Would like peoples' opinions about something that happened at work
24-Oct-14 2:06 PM RE: What do you think your pets are saying to you?
24-Oct-14 2:03 PM RE: whats your biggest
24-Oct-14 2:02 PM RE: Dealing with coworker who likes you?
24-Oct-14 2:00 PM RE: Do you know any exercises for arms and legs.
24-Oct-14 1:58 PM RE: What do you do when you have seen your future....
24-Oct-14 1:55 PM RE: Dwelling on the past can create depression especially focusing on regrets. Conversely shifting your
24-Oct-14 1:51 PM RE: Suggestions appreciated. I just learned that the guy that I have been going out with for about six
24-Oct-14 1:49 PM RE: Aloha Friends, it's birthday time again and let's wish our old friend Kanaka a very Happy Birthday!
24-Oct-14 1:48 PM RE: Men..would you say this to a coworker?
24-Oct-14 1:12 PM RE: Halloween season..Are you going to be Sexy/slutty or Spooky/scary?
24-Oct-14 12:59 PM RE: Could a psychopath have and love a pet?
24-Oct-14 12:50 PM RE: What's going on for the weekend?
22-Oct-14 7:02 PM RE: What is your relationship
22-Oct-14 6:59 PM RE: For those of you who regularly watch tv news...
22-Oct-14 6:59 PM RE: My boyfriend's ex calls and texts him frequently
22-Oct-14 6:56 PM RE: Can't deal with my lazy husband
22-Oct-14 6:55 PM RE: Wow; we just got the Kmart Christmas TOY ad in the mail...

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