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30-Oct-14 8:32 PM RE: Have you ever wanted to know what your guy wants in bed? Here are 6 things:
30-Oct-14 5:11 PM RE: Should I set the record straight?
30-Oct-14 5:09 PM RE: I grew up in an emotionally and physically abusive household.
30-Oct-14 2:19 PM RE: one of the greatest love stories ever...
30-Oct-14 2:17 PM RE: Should I take back my girlfriend.
30-Oct-14 2:13 PM RE: I am in a relationship with two men. What should I do?
30-Oct-14 2:12 PM RE: Orson Welles broadcast "War of the Worlds" on this date in 1938.
30-Oct-14 2:11 PM RE: What punishment should that Ebola Maine nurse, who is now being quarantine, if she violates
30-Oct-14 2:09 PM RE: Did your parents treat you and your siblings equally?
30-Oct-14 2:02 PM RE: What is your favorite dessert?
30-Oct-14 2:00 PM RE: New neighbor's kids are out of control - breaking into cars, etc.
30-Oct-14 1:58 PM RE: How does it all fit in,was God around during the pre-historic erra.
30-Oct-14 1:48 PM RE: ...please, somebody 'splain to me, HOW a person can be "Anti-Gay"?? WTF is that supposed to mean?..
29-Oct-14 8:15 PM RE: Why is my female friend always broke?
29-Oct-14 8:14 PM RE: Tell me your favorite Chinese dish?
29-Oct-14 8:10 PM RE: Devastated. I would say rock bottom, but projections don't look so good.
28-Oct-14 6:23 PM RE: Why can't my mom accept I am not smart and I won't get a good career?
28-Oct-14 5:57 PM RE: What was your longest commute ever to work?
28-Oct-14 5:55 PM RE: How often do you sit in total silence?
28-Oct-14 5:50 PM RE: Job interview attire.

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