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20-Oct-14 7:55 PM RE: What kind of store would you not shop at?
20-Oct-14 7:53 PM RE: What to Make of Interview Response
20-Oct-14 6:54 PM RE: Back to 70's 80's in So Calif.
20-Oct-14 6:53 PM RE: What are one's obligation to a spouse's parents/family?
20-Oct-14 6:13 PM RE: Parenting Styles Really Do Vary...
20-Oct-14 6:11 PM RE: Stepdaughter angry at her dad and won't respond to his texts,
20-Oct-14 6:09 PM RE: Can you remember back what got you into trouble?
17-Oct-14 8:12 PM RE: My sister in law passes our mother's things on to my great neices.
17-Oct-14 8:07 PM RE: Thank goodness we all aren't in Bermuda right now. Category 4 Gonzales. WOW.
17-Oct-14 8:04 PM RE: Oh Gosh You Weirdo!
17-Oct-14 8:01 PM RE: Going to a benefit for stray cats
17-Oct-14 8:00 PM RE: Having difficulty with friend choosing assisted suicide.
17-Oct-14 7:56 PM RE: Studying a 2nd career
17-Oct-14 7:51 PM RE: Can you support an artist who has committed crime?
17-Oct-14 7:48 PM RE: I Hope the evil mods will take pity and let this post pass, thank you ...
17-Oct-14 7:39 PM RE: Should I take her back after she had an affair with her boss?
16-Oct-14 8:45 PM RE: Does exercise increase
16-Oct-14 8:44 PM RE: What was the most powerful alcoholic drink you have ever indulged in?
16-Oct-14 8:43 PM RE: I need help making my 22 year old become responsible
16-Oct-14 8:40 PM RE: It surprises me sometimes

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