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28-Jul-14 7:51 PM RE: Do you correct other people?
28-Jul-14 7:47 PM RE: My husband has complimented me in front of others with,
28-Jul-14 7:45 PM RE: Do you think the police
28-Jul-14 7:44 PM RE: Would you like to go up in an ultra-light airplane?
28-Jul-14 7:44 PM RE: Who do you know that is successful besides
28-Jul-14 7:42 PM RE: How much $ is enough "for you" to feel comfortable enough to retire?
28-Jul-14 7:40 PM RE: Would you ever give up all hedonism?
28-Jul-14 7:35 PM RE: What comic book vigilante ...
28-Jul-14 7:34 PM RE: How do you fight
28-Jul-14 7:32 PM RE: Should I keep fighting for my relationship?
28-Jul-14 7:31 PM RE: Did you go to summer camp when you were a kid?
28-Jul-14 7:26 PM RE: Have you seen the new movie Lucy? Starring Scarlett Johannson
28-Jul-14 7:21 PM RE: What was the last movie you saw at the Movie Theater?
28-Jul-14 7:20 PM RE: Think about the last person you had sex with --were you able to smile and think, "They got the job
28-Jul-14 7:20 PM RE: What would you name the autobiography of your life?
28-Jul-14 7:18 PM RE: Does the Death Penalty bother you ...
28-Jul-14 7:15 PM RE: Would it be weird to go back to a restraunt to ask a girl for her number?
25-Jul-14 7:56 PM RE: Do you have a workout buddy to either compete with or keep you motivated?
25-Jul-14 7:54 PM RE: Up for a challenge?
25-Jul-14 7:53 PM RE: What do you think-just a towel.

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