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29-Aug-14 8:13 PM RE: Do you still trust the wisdom
29-Aug-14 8:12 PM RE: When someone calls you, instantly says
29-Aug-14 6:37 PM RE: If your teen had visual problems
29-Aug-14 6:35 PM RE: should i confront my boss?
29-Aug-14 6:21 PM RE: Things are not the same in the bedroom - Why?
29-Aug-14 6:19 PM RE: I had picked my spouse up and was driving home and got into the left lane remembering a construction
29-Aug-14 6:16 PM RE: Remember the AIDS scare ?
29-Aug-14 6:15 PM RE: Two adult, single family members are involved in a relationship that includes sexual intimacy.
29-Aug-14 6:13 PM RE: You receive an invitation to be on the
28-Aug-14 7:51 PM RE: How do you handle sexual rejection?
28-Aug-14 7:49 PM RE: Which is better as a forever friend for a newbie?
28-Aug-14 7:45 PM RE: Here's one for the parents out there (or those with this life experience)
28-Aug-14 7:44 PM RE: Were you a city kid...
28-Aug-14 7:40 PM RE: What kind of weather do you like to live in?
28-Aug-14 7:40 PM RE: So Brad and Angie finally married
28-Aug-14 7:39 PM RE: Anytime in your childhood, do you have a memory of seeing a woman taking money out of her bosom/bra?
28-Aug-14 7:37 PM RE: do you donate money to your alma Mata when they call looking for donations???
28-Aug-14 7:22 PM RE: Racial violence, when will it end, when are we going to say, its enough.
28-Aug-14 7:17 PM RE: necklace + shorts for the summer, is it OK ?
28-Aug-14 7:15 PM RE: Gifts at a funeral? Weird?

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