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10-Jul-15 12:29 AM Have you ever dated someone famous? If so, who? Was there a second date with that person?
10-Jul-15 12:25 AM Do you like your nickname? Why or why not?
09-Jul-15 9:20 PM What do you recommend for a great sex book?
09-Jul-15 4:28 PM Men: How much do you pay for a haircut?
09-Jul-15 4:26 PM Do you have any recommendations on great books on sex?
09-Jul-15 4:21 PM Who taught you how to operate a vehicle?
09-Jul-15 4:19 PM Any of you ever been to Plato's Retreat?
09-Jul-15 4:10 PM What sex book teaches people to become excellent lovers?
09-Jul-15 2:57 AM What is the most you ever paid to buy a cat?
09-Jul-15 2:56 AM What is the most you ever paid to buy a dog?
09-Jul-15 2:55 AM What is the most you ever paid for a vacation and where was it?
09-Jul-15 2:54 AM What is the most you ever paid for a car repair and what was it?
09-Jul-15 2:52 AM Men: What is the most you ever paid for sex with a lady of the evening?
09-Jul-15 2:44 AM Men: Unless you've lived the life of an ostrich there must have been at least one time
09-Jul-15 2:36 AM Men: What is the most money you ever spent on a one night date with a woman? Was it worth it?
09-Jul-15 2:26 AM Are there any AO angels? If so, whom?
09-Jul-15 2:08 AM Men: How much do you pay for a haircut only?
08-Jul-15 3:39 AM Are sex courses taught in colleges and universities these days? If so, which ones?
08-Jul-15 1:15 AM I once read that for best attraction between a man and a woman, they should resemble each other.
03-Jul-15 12:57 AM Will the sharks keep you out of the ocean this weekend?

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