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23-Mar-15 2:52 AM Men: Have any of you ever been a bouncer? If so, what was your toughest incident?
23-Mar-15 2:50 AM Have any of you ever won a dance contest? If so, what was the dance?
23-Mar-15 12:07 AM Ladies have you ever won a beauty contest?
23-Mar-15 12:05 AM Have you ever been a contestant on a quiz show? If so, what was the show and what was the outcome?
23-Mar-15 12:01 AM Ladies: You are walking on a street during daytime because you have no car or public transportation
22-Mar-15 11:51 PM Who or what makes you happy?
18-Mar-15 1:47 AM Why do the authorities except a driver's license as proof that a person is not a terrorist?
18-Mar-15 1:02 AM When I discussed how some women have a bad odor down below with a friend a long time ago,
17-Mar-15 1:51 AM Are there any nymphomaniacs on AO? If so, who are they?
16-Mar-15 2:59 AM What is new with you?
15-Mar-15 10:54 PM When you drive someplace do you always take the most direct route?
13-Mar-15 2:41 AM It happened last night on Final Jeopardy there was only one person remaining.
13-Mar-15 2:38 AM Can weather effect a person's looks? For example, would the same person look the same
13-Mar-15 1:04 AM Would you want to be a dog for just one day? Never mind about overhearing anyone, I just want
10-Mar-15 12:59 AM How can you prolong an orgasm?
09-Mar-15 11:58 PM How can orgasms be extended?
08-Mar-15 4:33 PM Have any of you received the IRS 1040 instruction booklet yet?
07-Mar-15 3:27 AM Correction: Father and son have a car accident and are both badly hurt. They are both taken to
07-Mar-15 2:34 AM Is it possible to receive a voice message from a phone in text and in real time?
07-Mar-15 2:16 AM A doctor and lawyer are walking down a street one night when they see a car accident ahead.

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