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05-Mar-15 5:12 PM Men: What is the most you ever paid for sex?
05-Mar-15 4:20 PM Men: Have any of you ever been a sugar daddy?
03-Mar-15 10:46 PM Why have there been no questions
03-Mar-15 2:26 PM Could you live without
03-Mar-15 2:53 AM A bookie was at the races playing the ponies and
03-Mar-15 1:59 AM Until a short time ago, I had many Favorite Responders. When I now checked, many of them have
03-Mar-15 1:53 AM If you had your choice to be born or not to be born which option would you have taken and why?
03-Mar-15 1:47 AM Have you ever marched in the St. Patrick's Day Parade?
03-Mar-15 1:44 AM Why do dogs sometimes shake their bodies along a longitudinal axis?
03-Mar-15 1:40 AM What are some of your not so favorable sex positions and why?
01-Mar-15 5:56 PM Ladies and Gentlemen: What if anything, has been your worst experience during sexual intercourse?
01-Mar-15 4:38 PM Have you ever noticed that the people in movies and TV
01-Mar-15 1:16 AM Do some songs turn you wild?
27-Feb-15 3:50 PM When I check my answering machine,
27-Feb-15 12:41 AM When you are on a train that has an upper and lower level which level do you prefer
27-Feb-15 12:39 AM When you cross a bridge that has an upper and lower level, which level do you prefer or does it
27-Feb-15 12:36 AM Are you a member of the AAA? If so, are you satisfied with them?
26-Feb-15 1:43 PM What is your lucky number and why?
20-Feb-15 1:33 AM Have you ever invented anything? If so, what was it?
16-Feb-15 5:30 PM Can you name any honest politicians? If so, who are they?

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