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22-Jun-15 5:36 PM How many acquaintances do you have?
22-Jun-15 3:07 PM Have you ever done DNA testing on yourself?
21-Jun-15 5:27 PM Ladies Of the men that ask you for dates what percentage do you accept?
21-Jun-15 12:37 AM Today (Sunday) being the official start of summer, I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy summer!
21-Jun-15 12:29 AM The short income tax form:
21-Jun-15 12:22 AM Have you ever wrongfully accused someone? Describe.
21-Jun-15 12:21 AM Have you ever been made a fool? If so, describe.
21-Jun-15 12:20 AM When in high school gym, could you climb all the way to the top?
21-Jun-15 12:16 AM What jobs are off limits for women?
21-Jun-15 12:15 AM What jobs are off limits for men?
21-Jun-15 12:13 AM Would you want to become a pharmacist? After all, the pay is very high.
20-Jun-15 10:18 PM Have you ever cheated on your income tax returns?
20-Jun-15 10:13 PM Summer starts tomorrow (Sunday) at 12:38PM EST.
20-Jun-15 10:09 PM Does going around in loops while dancing, ever make you dizzy?
20-Jun-15 10:07 PM Does discipline make for a better person?
20-Jun-15 10:04 PM Does your cat enjoy music?
20-Jun-15 10:03 PM Does your dog enjoy music?
20-Jun-15 10:03 PM If you are in bad mood, will music cheer you up?
20-Jun-15 10:02 PM If you are in bad mood, would sexual intercourse cheer you up?
20-Jun-15 10:01 PM If you are in bad mood, would dancing cheer you up?

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