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30-Aug-14 1:08 AM Do you ever talk to yourself? (also known as thinking out loud.) If so, what do you talk about?
30-Aug-14 1:03 AM Do you have any hobbies?If so, what are they?
30-Aug-14 12:59 AM Have you ever fallen asleep when driving? If so, what happened?
30-Aug-14 12:50 AM Are you a predictable person?
29-Aug-14 1:33 AM What will be next?: Minimum age of 8 to enage in sex, minimum age of 8 to watch or purchase
29-Aug-14 1:13 AM If someone has banned you, if you email them, will they receive it even though there is no
28-Aug-14 7:50 PM I feel great. None of the contestants had
27-Aug-14 2:06 AM Everyone is equal. However some are less equal than others; some are more equal than others.
27-Aug-14 2:00 AM In reference to the Revolutionary War,what is August 27 famous for? Hint: It is known by 2 names.
26-Aug-14 5:00 PM Do you buy by brand, generic or both and why?
26-Aug-14 4:06 PM untitled
26-Aug-14 1:40 AM Planes, trains, automobiles, and other ways, what's your most favorite mode of transportation?
25-Aug-14 2:33 AM Can dogs cry?.......
24-Aug-14 4:45 AM Which is your favorite skyscraper and why?
24-Aug-14 4:43 AM Which is your favorite river and why?
24-Aug-14 4:02 AM Men: How often do you shine your shoes?
23-Aug-14 3:24 AM How can I copy everthing from my present computer onto discs and later
21-Aug-14 1:15 AM Were there ever any US presidents who were impeached? If so, who?
20-Aug-14 2:46 PM Why do doctors no longer
20-Aug-14 3:28 AM Quiz: In regard to a corporation, who is of higher rank? The president or the board chairman?

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