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07-Nov-14 3:02 AM What was the longest time you ever swam continuously?
07-Nov-14 2:51 AM Do people fly kites anymore? If so, where?
06-Nov-14 4:34 PM What has been the worst part of your day so far?
06-Nov-14 2:08 AM What does it mean when a dog wags his/her tail? Does it mean that the dog is happy?
06-Nov-14 1:48 AM Have you smoked an E-Cigarette? If so, how was it?
06-Nov-14 1:16 AM When I meet a dog wagging his/her tail, does that mean he/she is friendly and approachable?
06-Nov-14 12:10 AM Is it true that nowadays when you purchase a computer you don't receive instructions?
03-Nov-14 8:54 PM What does TMI
03-Nov-14 12:12 AM Do any of you have more than one middle name? If so, how many?
03-Nov-14 12:10 AM Were any of you in the New York City Marathon?
02-Nov-14 7:48 PM Years ago, my cars when serviced always included lubrication.
01-Nov-14 9:01 PM untitled
01-Nov-14 1:39 AM Is there any way to start up a computer without knowing the password?
31-Oct-14 12:20 AM A reminder for the US people: Don't forget to change your clocks and watches from Daylight Time to
28-Oct-14 1:51 AM Ever feel like you were right and everyone else was wrong?
28-Oct-14 1:41 AM What was your longest commute ever to work?
27-Oct-14 1:11 AM Are you disappointed that you were born a human? Would you rather have been born an animal?
27-Oct-14 12:59 AM Are you disappointed that you were born a human? Would you rather have been born an animal?
27-Oct-14 12:46 AM Years ago, you could tell if it was a person or dog by the name. For example, Fido would be a dog
26-Oct-14 11:51 PM Let's have a vote. What desktop computer in your opinion is the worst? Give reasons for your reply.

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