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25-Jan-14 7:20 PM Are more women looking for rich men?
23-Jan-14 4:40 PM Define boxers, briefs, commandos.
21-Jan-14 4:15 AM You Northeasterners, are you ready for the big snowfall today?
21-Jan-14 4:14 AM What are the locations of the servers that serve computers?
21-Jan-14 3:33 AM I have received the following message on my computer:
16-Jan-14 2:07 AM Whose the King of Answerology?
07-Jan-14 12:25 AM Men; Do you keep your manhood close at hand?
04-Jan-14 4:22 AM For those of you who are divorced,why are you divorced?
03-Jan-14 2:45 PM Is there censorship in regard to sex questions and answers on AO?
01-Jan-14 9:02 PM Is it possible for someone living
01-Jan-14 8:57 PM Were any of you in Times Square
01-Jan-14 2:19 AM Ladies: What is the longest period you dated a man and NEVER engaged in sex?
01-Jan-14 2:17 AM Men: What is the longest period you ever dated a woman and NEVER engaged in sex?
31-Dec-13 12:10 AM Ladies: What is the longest time you ever dated a man without ever engaging in sexual intercourse
31-Dec-13 12:07 AM Men: What is the longest time you ever dated a lady without ever engaging in sexual intercourse
30-Dec-13 1:16 AM Have you ever been on a commercial?
30-Dec-13 12:45 AM Except for those AO members ages 66 and above who don't find it necessary, why do the rest never
23-Dec-13 1:56 AM Have you ever felt nauseous froma car ride?
23-Dec-13 1:55 AM Some kids needed pushes to induce motion on the swings. Others could induce motion by themselves.
18-Dec-13 2:34 PM A joke I recall from high school:

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