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12-May-15 10:08 PM Ladies and gentlemen:
12-May-15 1:06 AM What happened to the puppet shows you used to see on TV many decades ago? They have disappeared.
12-May-15 12:29 AM What is the maximum age that a woman is capable, interested in and has the physical desire to
11-May-15 12:35 AM What is your shoe size?
11-May-15 12:26 AM What was the most difficult question to answer on Answerology and what were the replies --- if any?
11-May-15 12:22 AM What was the most explicit sexual question on Answerology and what were the replies?
11-May-15 12:19 AM What was the most stupid question on Answerology and what were the replies --- if any?
11-May-15 12:17 AM What was the most intelligent question you ever noticed on Answerology and what were the replies?
10-May-15 1:32 AM Have you ever gotten into a dispute over a parking space? If so, what happened?
08-May-15 5:47 PM Men when was the last time you bowed?
08-May-15 5:46 PM Ladies when was the last time you curtsied?
08-May-15 1:24 AM Is AO malfunctioning again? I am asking this because the latest question is 14 hours old.
07-May-15 1:39 PM Please those of you who are in touch with AO members who haven't returned thinking that the site
03-May-15 4:04 AM Who are the AO members on Facebook?
03-May-15 2:18 AM I just noticed a picture of Smokey Bear on the right of my questions.
03-May-15 1:48 AM I have noticed that a number of you have advanced degrees.
02-May-15 4:37 PM I have been told to go to Best of Answerology to locate AO people on Facebook but that does not
02-May-15 1:10 AM Which do you prefer: A job with a private company or a job with the government?
01-May-15 3:49 AM How can I contact AO members through Facebook if I do not know their last names which Facebook
01-May-15 1:02 AM When did Answerology restart?

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