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26-Aug-15 9:52 AM Does sex make you sleepy?
26-Aug-15 8:47 AM Have any of you seen the movie, "Manpower"? If so, why was Marlene Dietrich's character in prison?
26-Aug-15 3:29 AM Has anyone seen the movie, "Manpower" with Marlene Dietrich?
26-Aug-15 2:31 AM Have you ever slept with someone and I mean that literally. In other words, without engaging in sex.
26-Aug-15 2:02 AM Have you ever been on a helicopter trip?
24-Aug-15 1:10 AM What is the cutest line you have ever used to start a conversation with a girl?
23-Aug-15 8:12 PM Would you want to be a hero?
23-Aug-15 8:00 PM Do any of you have a rabbit or bunny as a pet?
23-Aug-15 7:49 PM What is the longest continuous distance you ever drove a car?
23-Aug-15 7:41 PM What was the longest distance you ever rode your bike on a single trip and how long did it take?
23-Aug-15 7:39 PM What was the most continuous number of push ups you have ever done?
23-Aug-15 7:36 PM What is the most times you saw a movie and what was it?
23-Aug-15 7:35 PM How many organizations do you belong to and what are they?
23-Aug-15 4:09 AM Would it be better to measure a man's manhood along the side rather than along the top
22-Aug-15 9:56 PM Have you ever experienced something
22-Aug-15 9:52 PM No matter how much you enjoyed your vacation
22-Aug-15 9:46 PM Does the end justify the means
22-Aug-15 4:19 PM I take issue in having the length of a penis measured along the top.
21-Aug-15 2:48 AM Do you have a curfew time?
20-Aug-15 2:25 AM Have you ever lighted flares at highway accidents before the police arrived?

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