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13-Jun-14 2:58 AM Does Friday the 13th have a special meaning for you? If so, what?
12-Jun-14 3:42 AM Of those members who watched Final Jeopardy Wednesday, did you get the correct answer? None of the
10-Jun-14 1:07 AM I frequently am asked if I want to continue running in script.I don't know what it is. Should I
05-Jun-14 2:21 AM Who of you have ever lived or visited Atlanta?
03-Jun-14 2:19 AM Does your nickname represent your personality?
03-Jun-14 2:07 AM Where have all the good girls gone?
03-Jun-14 12:36 AM Guys: I am well aware of you engaging in sexual intercourse with one woman twice in one night.
01-Jun-14 3:16 AM When I switched from IE8 to Firefox, my Favorites bar along with over a listing of 100 have
01-Jun-14 12:02 AM Congratulations to Myndseye for ranking #1 for the month of May.
30-May-14 8:51 PM On Final Jeopardy tonight, the answer to the following question in regard to 19th Century Politics
28-May-14 2:10 AM In recent times my system restore has not worked. How can I make it work?
28-May-14 12:04 AM Next month I will be off to Atlanta again and am wondering if I can receive a less expensive
26-May-14 2:59 AM Sometimes when I want to insert a letter, I hold down the insert key while at the same time type in
25-May-14 9:10 PM How step by step can I forward
25-May-14 2:06 AM Is it possible to perform mathematical computations on an Ipad?
12-May-14 1:00 AM Whose on first? .......
10-May-14 4:21 AM How can a guy engage in sexual intercourse with a mermaid? LOL.
30-Apr-14 2:49 AM What does SAGG stand for?
29-Apr-14 2:48 AM Anyone seen the picture on the cover of The New York Times Magazine of April 27, 2014?
22-Apr-14 1:27 AM There is a way to store web addresses in the address box so that you don't have to retype them

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