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01-Dec-14 3:12 AM I recall this riddle from my high school days: What is 6 inches long, has a had and women love it?
01-Dec-14 3:06 AM Who makes up the questions for quiz programs?
01-Dec-14 2:38 AM Quiz: I am at 42nd Street and Broadway in New York City yet not in Times Square.
29-Nov-14 1:25 AM Quiz: Which is the only continent that does not have a subway?
29-Nov-14 12:25 AM Has anyone heard from dreamdancer lately? Has anyone heard from Randyl lately?
28-Nov-14 12:54 AM I have Webroot but no button to access it? How can I install the Webroot button?
27-Nov-14 11:49 PM Is CCLEANER+ safe to use?
27-Nov-14 3:49 PM If an AO member who has always been very nice in asking and answering questions often
27-Nov-14 3:40 PM Is your doggie going to have some of the Thanksgiving dinner?
25-Nov-14 10:52 PM Did anyone watch Final Jeopardy Monday? If so what was the question?
25-Nov-14 2:59 PM Ladies: What do you consider small? medium? large? I am referring to both length and girth.
24-Nov-14 5:56 PM People these days send messages with abbreviations. Does that hinder you?
24-Nov-14 5:48 PM Why do ladies use sex toys to pleasure themselves rather than their fingers?
24-Nov-14 4:20 PM Has the world become more mechanized
24-Nov-14 4:12 PM How can I install a Web Root button?
23-Nov-14 9:26 PM Have you ever
23-Nov-14 3:13 PM Is Wi Fi an addition for a computer?
23-Nov-14 2:35 AM When there is no itemizing of a bill for an oil and filter change at a service station
22-Nov-14 4:06 PM Does your cat get into fights with humans?
22-Nov-14 4:05 PM Does your dog get into fights with humans?

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