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18-May-15 3:24 PM If a woman is a prostitute do you think she has the right to claim 'rape'?
26-Jan-15 6:59 PM Should a 51 year old woman date a 33 year old guy???
22-Jan-15 8:00 AM Do you think it's easier for men to find a good woman, then a woman to find a good man?
14-Oct-14 9:26 AM Do you still enjoy kissing even if it doesn't lead to sex?
07-Jul-14 1:21 PM You get a text from a guy you like and it says you've left your red nighty thing on his dresser....
08-Apr-14 12:50 PM Women, how do you feel about being the "pursuer?"
16-Jan-14 1:42 PM Boyfriends mother died yesterday and just trying to give him space...
20-Dec-13 1:49 PM If you received this from your bf/gf just out of the blue how would you interpret this?
12-Dec-13 11:32 AM I said some things to my boyfriend while we were still friends and he can't seem to get past it.
18-Apr-13 4:12 PM How the hell do I inspire my 14 year old to actually do some work???? OMG I'm going to scream!
17-Apr-13 5:49 PM No question. Just bummed.
16-Feb-13 3:21 PM If you met someone for the first time and felt an instant connection with them what would you do?
09-Feb-13 10:51 AM How do you handle it if you're not sure who someone is?
24-Oct-12 9:33 AM How do you "date" more than one person at a time?
31-Jul-12 11:56 AM If you got hurt, what would be realistic expectations of how you'd like your s/o to treat you?
25-Jul-12 11:29 PM What's your definition of a nice piece of ass?
22-Apr-12 8:29 PM Would you go out with a guy who has the okay to go out and have fun as long as he was discreet?
07-Mar-12 9:41 AM How do you feel about asking for help?
04-Mar-12 7:00 PM What's your experience with Viagra?
04-Mar-12 11:58 AM Okay, ladies, George Clooney or Brad Pitt?
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