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Date Title
27-Dec-09 9:18 PM
27-Dec-09 9:11 PM According to this aol story, a resistant TB strain could bave been caused by free health care, or;
24-Dec-09 2:34 AM I don't know if this is copywrited or not, but if it gets posted and you don't laugh, fuck you.
24-Dec-09 1:58 AM I am trying to wish all a Merry Christmas, but they will not post this.
22-Dec-09 3:28 AM I have a question that no one can anwer so farl
22-Dec-09 2:41 AM When I was in the military, I was rated with a high IQ
22-Dec-09 2:14 AM I don't believe in war, but if a country insists on war then:
22-Dec-09 2:08 AM For those of you that disagree with me that you are mentally ill, check the federal medical
22-Dec-09 1:36 AM Sugar and Mental Health:
22-Dec-09 12:58 AM This is probably not a cure all, but it is a start and I bet most pharmaceuticals will disagree:
21-Dec-09 4:25 AM I received answers to my posts, but not one answer I was looking for:
20-Dec-09 12:12 AM This post has no right or wrong answer, so stars to those that I can and 2's to all others:
19-Dec-09 2:15 AM Polygraph Machines/Lie Detectors:
17-Dec-09 4:19 AM I am not a doctor nor a scientist, but from what I can tell they know less than I do:
16-Dec-09 4:24 AM Well, it is Christmas time folks.
13-Dec-09 8:52 PM I have a simple question, that may not be so simple:
12-Dec-09 5:21 AM Jesus' was born in the spring or summer, maybe early fall:
12-Dec-09 4:34 AM I don't really have a question, but just want to say:
11-Dec-09 9:53 PM I will ask a question, but first I can only ask if one of you give me the right answer.
11-Dec-09 3:57 AM Without make fun of Alzheimer disease.

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