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Date Title
27-Mar-10 3:20 PM My neighbor was involved in a major crash in his auto in 2004, he was hit from the back by a car:
26-Mar-10 1:41 AM This is going to be a difficult question, because I don't have all the infomation:
18-Mar-10 6:18 PM Since I joined A/O, I have always said that I don't care about the rating, but:
13-Mar-10 1:51 AM Pain medication versus Suicide.
08-Mar-10 7:59 PM I have a question, but I also have dementia, so
08-Mar-10 1:14 AM Can you guys play golf? Go for it.
08-Mar-10 12:28 AM I don't care what you say, the world will exploded tomorrow at noon.
05-Mar-10 9:10 PM The Thinker, a statue.
28-Feb-10 1:51 PM In Kobi, Japan they have used stem cells to create a cell that divides and can "think".
27-Feb-10 2:47 PM I like Starbucks Coffee and have not see the movie "The Bucket List" But I have heard ofthe coffee.
22-Feb-10 10:13 PM Becuase it is a learning curve. Just like you don't give your chrildren every thing they want just
21-Feb-10 3:28 PM Does anyone believe that you can draw a line from a spot of disater:
21-Feb-10 10:48 AM I read an article that the Federal Government is goiong to make some new laws:
20-Feb-10 1:51 AM I am going on vacation, so for those of you that believe that the Mayan Calendar is correct:
19-Feb-10 5:12 PM Ok, for those of you that believe that the Mayan Calendar is real:
19-Feb-10 2:24 AM Still, kill, do whatever you want to do. We have an absolutely warning that the earth will in in
16-Feb-10 3:48 AM Would some pleae tell me why after I spending all that money,
06-Feb-10 3:14 AM I am not paying anymore of my credit cards. I have closed all of them and stopped making payments:
29-Jan-10 2:39 AM There is a company based in Califorina called Apria Health care. They take care of all you bill for
28-Jan-10 8:27 PM Circular argument never works.

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