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hsfbfan's Questions

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Date Title
04-Nov-12 11:15 PM Just saw the Denzel Washington movie "FLIGHT" - WoW!
04-Nov-12 3:02 PM Regardless of how you are voting WHO do you THINK is going to win?
04-Nov-12 2:58 PM How are you doing saving for your retirement?
23-Oct-12 12:13 PM Do you simply split bills in restaurants with friends or ask for separate?
23-Oct-12 12:06 AM Does swearing make a person appear different to you or bother you?
14-Oct-12 10:57 PM Have you ever been to Paris. London or Rome?
14-Oct-12 10:49 PM Are any of your kids considering law school?
14-Oct-12 10:41 PM What causes more personal problems, weed or alcohol?
09-Oct-12 12:51 PM Unless you're wealthy why would you buy an electric car?
09-Oct-12 1:12 AM Have you cut back on your driving due to price of gas?
09-Oct-12 1:07 AM Worst financial decision you ever made?
09-Oct-12 1:01 AM Have you ever lived The Good Life?
04-Oct-12 8:33 PM Does it ever bother you when someone starts calling the candidate THEY are not voting for names?
04-Oct-12 8:26 PM Are you ever disappointed with the way your life has turned out?
29-Sep-12 9:15 PM Who waxes or shaves down there?
29-Sep-12 8:15 PM What are your favorite web sites when bored other than AO?
27-Sep-12 7:53 PM What is really important in your life?
27-Sep-12 7:46 PM If you died today who would miss you tomorrow?
27-Sep-12 7:41 PM Have you accomplished anything significant with your life so far?
27-Sep-12 7:38 PM Would you consider yourself successful at this point in your life?

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