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hsfbfan's Questions

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Date Title
27-Sep-12 7:38 PM Would you consider yourself successful at this point in your life?
19-Sep-12 5:32 PM Are things looking up for you these days or stuck in the same rut?
19-Sep-12 5:28 PM Can you discuss any subject intelligently without name calling or getting upset?
19-Sep-12 5:17 PM Are there any good frozen pizza's out there?
19-Sep-12 3:40 PM Why are so many Muslims unhappy? [agree OR disagree with below?]
11-Sep-12 12:27 PM Are Indian casino's really run by Indians?
11-Sep-12 12:05 PM Do you ever visit cemeteries?
08-Sep-12 3:20 PM What is THE worst - a jealous SO or smothering & clingy SO?
08-Sep-12 2:58 PM Do you give to charities/fundraisers outside stores?
07-Sep-12 12:01 AM Any movie you'd like to see a sequel to?
06-Sep-12 11:36 PM Who out there takes Xanax,Zoloft,Ativan or Klonopin?
06-Sep-12 11:32 PM Do you see a 3rd political party emerging any time soon to compete w/Dems & Repub's?
06-Sep-12 11:26 PM Would you read & respond to any question more than 2 paragraphs on AO?
05-Sep-12 3:59 PM Why wasn't George W., Cheney or Rumsfeld or Palin invited to the Republican National Convention?
05-Sep-12 3:34 PM Favorite breed of dog that makes a good pet and low maintenance? Thinking about..
05-Sep-12 3:30 PM What's your favorite soda/soft drink and how much of it do you drink?
05-Sep-12 3:25 PM Do you eat certain foods as an adult because of your Mom?
04-Sep-12 12:50 AM Are you happy with your religion and if you switched which one would it be?
04-Sep-12 12:46 AM Would you ever travel to the middle-east to any country there?
04-Sep-12 12:44 AM What is your overall impression of Wal-Mart?

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