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Date Title
05-Jan-12 4:02 PM I REALLY Like it when...
04-Jan-12 3:17 PM If you got a brain transplant ~
03-Jan-12 2:05 PM Are you more (positively) interested in someone that you know MORE about or LESS about...
01-Jan-12 11:59 AM So, I've never met a guy who actually 'wants' marriage...
26-Dec-11 2:18 PM So... My grandmother said that 'Online Friendships'
26-Dec-11 1:35 PM If I am only 5' tall...
26-Dec-11 12:43 PM Why are there so many killings in the name of Religious Beliefs?
05-Dec-11 10:07 AM How long do you think it 'too' long to...
05-Dec-11 9:44 AM So, there was a gentleman who decided to be a sperm donator but didn't have his own family...
02-Dec-11 3:29 PM Alright now. This file protection business on my phone is driving me batty.
01-Dec-11 9:58 AM I think that one of the best things in life is seeing a strong, excellent family...
29-Nov-11 12:13 PM When dating after children and divorce, would you be happier to hear a potential partner say...
29-Nov-11 11:16 AM About 2 years ago I had a father and 2 teen daughters come in to our doctor's office to be seen...
28-Nov-11 11:50 AM Gentlemen and Ladies: IF you were having a wedding of YOUR choice...
21-Nov-11 10:19 PM Ladies and Gentlemen: How many whacks across the head from your s/o would it take...
21-Nov-11 5:49 PM Do you think that it's better that we have to have insurance...
21-Nov-11 12:21 PM What are some of the silliest questions you've seen posted somewhere?
21-Nov-11 8:15 AM Why do you think that so many people enjoy indulging in bitterness?
20-Nov-11 6:02 PM Go ahead, tell me something that I want to hear...
19-Nov-11 9:07 AM Knowing everything doesn't automatically give you power... but knowing the 'RIGHT' things can!

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