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Date Title
05-Aug-14 9:28 PM Lack of confidence or lack of interest?
01-Jun-14 9:28 PM If a girl mentions "sugar daddy" is she proposition or flirting?
01-Jun-14 8:52 PM I'm back working out and harder than ever but so far the results are slow...
20-May-14 11:03 PM Busy or not interested?
30-Apr-14 9:44 PM I got the friend zone talk but...
30-Apr-14 9:05 PM Just friendly or is she trying to get to know me?
16-Apr-14 9:28 PM How do you deal with someone who says they want to be with you but is still hurt from an ex bf?
16-Apr-14 8:36 PM Should I be concerned about her male friend?
06-Apr-14 10:39 PM When is the right time to have the dating to relationship progress report.
31-Mar-14 9:05 PM This is going to be tough keeping my guards up while enjoying the ride...
25-Mar-14 5:15 PM Girl picks other guy over me but now seems to be coming back...
22-Mar-14 10:11 PM Any recommendations on a credit card?
07-Mar-14 7:51 PM Teenagers and weed: Just say no vs being real?
05-Mar-14 9:01 PM She picks another guy over me and now months later calls me and shows up...
01-Feb-14 2:58 PM Any of you quit smoking by using e-cigarettes?
01-Feb-14 2:46 PM Any finance/accounting ppl out there? How marketable am I now that I have some experience?
23-Oct-13 8:43 PM This is why you don't keep friends of the opposite sex!
05-Sep-13 10:35 PM Friend is getting a divorce move on or be patient...
29-Jul-13 9:25 PM How do you react when someone reveals they are gay at work?
28-Jul-13 6:07 PM One year plus of accounting experience, how marketable will be?

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