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Date Title
31-Oct-13 3:23 PM Have you ever done something
26-Feb-12 10:13 PM Like Parent, like Child
05-Oct-11 8:08 PM It's not a job, it's a calling!
19-Aug-11 12:33 PM Intimacy in regards to sex
16-Aug-11 1:05 AM A guy sees a woman crying and says, "Hey, are you okay?"
18-Jul-11 11:57 PM The tragedy in life is not failing, it's not having dreams to follow
17-Jun-11 1:38 AM A question that I've got for teachers, especially college level.
26-Mar-11 11:52 PM Thanks...but no thanks. I'll figure it out myself.
28-Feb-11 11:16 AM I only want what's best for you...
13-Feb-11 4:48 PM "God love 'em, nobody tries harder but they're just not cut out for this job."
24-Jan-11 6:41 PM ...These things happen for the best.
27-Nov-10 12:39 AM This question is for the ladies who have been the "other woman."
23-Sep-10 5:28 PM When it comes to naming your son...
31-Aug-10 5:29 PM "Nerds, quiet guys, etc. make great husbands."
22-Jun-10 10:36 AM I don't know if my husband is the father of my child
14-May-10 9:39 PM The harder you're looking for an answer, the harder you're avoiding the obvious
25-Mar-10 2:07 PM "Oh by the way, my friend has a really huge crush on you."
25-Mar-10 1:53 PM Why should we hire you?
26-Jan-10 11:53 AM Ladies & The Bottom Line.
02-Jan-10 1:42 AM I think it's time we see other people, look you're a great guy, etc.
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