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12-Jul-13 3:13 AM How many of you know an unsung hero?
23-Mar-13 4:44 AM I'm the sole caretender for my 85 year old disabled mother.
25-Oct-12 5:51 PM Are you as sick and disgusted with politics as I am?
12-Aug-12 7:40 PM Do you know an unsung hero?
12-Aug-12 5:04 AM Ladies. Why run a guy ragged when you knew what he was when you met him?
16-Mar-12 3:57 AM Ever used one of those online dating sites?
06-Feb-12 4:54 AM Ladies, when was the last time you dressed up for your man before sex?
04-Jul-11 12:30 AM How long do you like/think intercourse should last?
29-Jun-11 4:47 AM Is it OK for modern advertisements to lie to you or exaggerate the truth?
29-Jun-11 4:26 AM LADIES! What part of you that your boyfriend/husband admires/likes most?
04-Apr-11 10:43 PM Is there such a thing as 'TRUE LOVE'?
03-Apr-11 5:03 AM Is there any particular reason why this forum has to fill up with krap jokes and idiot poems?
24-Feb-11 4:27 AM How would YOU react?
14-Feb-11 5:12 AM Ladies, would you date a socially awkward, but very intelligent nice guy?
27-Sep-10 5:10 AM Solitary caregiver for 83 year old Mother -- and I'm wearing out.
28-Aug-10 11:03 PM Girls, how much about you do you think your man notices? Aside from sexual stuff?
19-Aug-10 12:39 AM What about a 'damaged goods' relationship? Run or stay?
08-Jul-10 1:20 AM Are you tired of INFOMERCIALS lying to you?
07-Jul-10 12:31 AM Would you ladies agree to a Friends With benefites type of relationship?
05-Jan-10 3:53 AM Are you tired of being taken advantage of by big business?
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