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Jokes, Polls & Anything Else
A*O 101 - - Start here........
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:152 Last updated 06/19/2015, and started on 11/19/2007
Wanna' learn the inside dope on Answerology? - - Find your answers HERE!!!!

Current Events
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:141 Last updated 09/25/2009, and started on 09/10/2007
By~Tor speaks, on the issues of the day (non-politics)

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Married Life
Marital Confusion Pt.1
Recommendation Leader: green1775
Number of Subscribers:16 Last updated 05/31/2006, and started on 05/31/2006
I don’t know how to put this, question: You love your spouse more than any other person out there, but your spouse doesn’t quite keep up with your pace in handling business; is this what they call irreconcilable differences?

Recommendation Leader: mohinimalhotra
Number of Subscribers:8 Last updated 07/22/2006, and started on 06/02/2006
its abt married life probs

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Diet & Health
"Is It Big Enough"???
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:90 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 08/29/2007
Just how many ways CAN one ask, if it's big enough?...... The world may never know, but I do!!!!!

Depression Posts
Recommendation Leader: gigi66
Number of Subscribers:24 Last updated 04/20/2006, and started on 04/20/2006
Depression Posts

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Style & Beauty
Recommendation Leader: acnegirl
Number of Subscribers:1 Last updated 08/29/2010, and started on 08/29/2010
Acne Treatment: Niapads - Simple for Pimple(C)

Hair trim
Recommendation Leader: friend1nice
Number of Subscribers:1 Last updated 01/08/2009, and started on 01/08/2009
Get your hair cut slight long tapers, styled close to your face , make it a little shorter, to take off those deadends.

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Treating People Properly
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:11 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 05/27/2009
Questions about whether or not they're treating someone "right". Sometimes, these are inane and silly, and other times, they actually hit on a legitimate grey area....

My personal blog on being a better you
Recommendation Leader: marcias
Number of Subscribers:3 Last updated 09/12/2009, and started on 10/10/2007
daily life explored

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Race, Religion & Politics
Politics and Religion
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:137 Last updated 03/10/2010, and started on 09/10/2007
All the GREAT Political debates I've been involved in.

Government, or the Lack Thereof.......
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:42 Last updated 10/15/2009, and started on 01/08/2009
Selected posts and/or replies about government bungling, plans, or interference in personal lives. Definitely selected to showcase a Libertarian, Pro-individual Rights viewpoint.

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Dogs, especially Miniature Pinschers
Recommendation Leader: LemonZest5399
Number of Subscribers:1 Last updated 04/23/2011, and started on 04/23/2011
Why does humans abuse Miniature Pinschers? I am a mini pin rescuer, and only small ones who have been abused or starved, and I get them healthy, but cannot seem to let them go to another home. Does anyone else feel this way, I would love to chat with you...or answer any questions.

Recommendation Leader: jillscleanhouse
Number of Subscribers:0 Last updated 09/12/2010, and started on 09/12/2010
best with cat questions

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House & Home
Housing and Economy
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:92 Last updated 09/25/2009, and started on 12/23/2008
Posts and replies related to the housing and economic woes Americans are facing from 4Q 2008 onward....

Cool kitchen knife storage gadget discovery
Recommendation Leader: savvy40
Number of Subscribers:2 Last updated 01/09/2009, and started on 01/09/2009
Ever heard of "KNIFAWAY"? It's a knife holder which fits inside a cupboard door and replaces space-hogging knife blocks! It holds lots and is so much safer; "out of sight,out of mind" is a good thing for knives! I gave them out as Xmas stocking stuffers (so cheap!)Such a hit!

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Family & Parenting
Whats life?
Recommendation Leader: krissyboo
Number of Subscribers:13 Last updated 04/28/2006, and started on 04/28/2006
Askes question about life.

Recommendation Leader: lovestream
Number of Subscribers:10 Last updated 06/08/2008, and started on 05/02/2006
Things that have been relevant to my life with my family (mostly myself, my with and my daughter... but sometimes having to do with in-laws, birth family, adopted family and my being an adoptee)

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Bizarre Career Questions
Recommendation Leader: mannlanders
Number of Subscribers:20 Last updated 04/21/2006, and started on 04/21/2006
These questions will make you wonder how these people could find the way to their place of work!

And don't forget to look at my cheeky comments to everyone's responses!

Romance at job
Recommendation Leader: lauryna
Number of Subscribers:19 Last updated 05/14/2006, and started on 05/14/2006
For those who're working with ex. Is there a chance to make relations more serious or to get it worse?

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Recipes & Entertaining
Food, Recipes, and "Foodistry" of all Forms!!!
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:105 Last updated 09/02/2009, and started on 12/17/2008
By~Tor's collection of posts regarding food, including recipes, cooking tips, and general blah-blah....

Mostly food
Recommendation Leader: barbb
Number of Subscribers:6 Last updated 02/26/2009, and started on 02/26/2009
It is about food and recipes.

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Sex & Intimacy
Love, Life and the Great Pumpkin...
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:134 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 04/22/2006
Here you can ask anything about anything, and get open and honest answers to your queries, by an objective and unorthodox thinker. Just call me By-Tor.....

Sex Talk
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:130 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 09/04/2008
Questions and Answers about sex... some serious; some funny as hell....

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In The News
September Birthdays 9/1 to 9/15
Recommendation Leader: hulagirl55
Number of Subscribers:0 Last updated 08/22/2015, and started on 08/22/2015
9/1 - don07 9/2 screenname256/kizzy75/nicolegillenwater/kiokogirl 9/5 kdtxchic30 9/6 dolphace 9/7 alysya216/jenny12 9/8 shanegalang 9/9 vabyss 9/10 trueseeker82/breezyblue 9/11 pinkpanther/hedo2nj 9/15 cini

Recommendation Leader: simply20
Number of Subscribers:0 Last updated 11/25/2008, and started on 11/25/2008
Just dress up and be confident with your outside.

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"How Do I Know"????
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:88 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 04/03/2008
Apparently, we're all mindreaders on here, and there is a finite answer for everything..... :-S Yeah. . . . . . .

What Does It Mean?......
Recommendation Leader: bytor
Number of Subscribers:85 Last updated 09/15/2010, and started on 10/04/2007
All those wonderfully silly questions, asking you to mind read.....

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