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Thu 11/08/07 smoker?
Thu 11/08/07 webcams
Thu 11/08/07 hero
Mon 11/05/07 untitled
Sun 11/04/07 untitled
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Thu 11/08/07 rwriterjm RE: Yummmmmmyyyyyy!!! 2
Thu 11/08/07 Anonymous RE: does he want me to notice I'm getting him hard? 2
Thu 11/08/07 Anonymous RE: how long 3
Thu 11/08/07 dolphace RE: muahz...hint...muahz...hint...muahz...hint 3
Thu 11/08/07 Anonymous RE: When I think about you I touch myself 3
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Food / Cooking / Wine, Movies, Music, Travel, Fashion, Books, Pets, Family Activities, Religion

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Well, let's see...I guess you could say I'm a pretty happy person. I feel I've really been lucky in life so far. Few things deeply, truly matter to me, and I feel very fortunate to have everyone and everything that does. I also feel very grateful to have made this realization. I have a wonderful family that I'm very close to, and they're all happy and healthy. I have a wonderful boyfriend of over three years who is so much more than just a "boyfriend", and I really feel that neither of us would ever want it any other way. I have a couple of great friends, and lots of good ones, which is how I like it. I live more than comfortably and I get to come home every day to my adorable little dog, Abby. I'm finally completely satisfied with my appearance after years of caring way too much. What else could I ask for, really? Some random bits of info.... I really love rainy days and thunderstorms. I'm not so big on sunshine, really. Babies and animals always make me smile. I love flowers, old country roads, and small towns. I believe in giving "peace" a chance, and really wish the rest of the world thought the same way, though that's impossible. My favorite type of music is reggae. I believe that marijuana should be legal. Hmm..what else? I believe that money is the root of many evils. I wouldn't ever want to be really rich, and if I was, I'd spend it on the right things and people. I dislike a lot of things having to do with politics, the government, law enforcement, and large corporations. I'm also against a lot of technological advancement. In others words, I'm a bit old-fashioned in my beliefs. Well, I guess that's a start for ya...

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