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Wed 08/31/11 Easier or harder to date a best friend?
Wed 05/26/10 What are reasonable expectations for communication in a long distance relationship?
Tue 02/09/10 How soon is too soon?
Tue 02/02/10 After a really successful date....
Tue 12/15/09 Am I just too rigid?
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Sat 04/07/12 Anonymous RE: Erotica books and porn collection question. 3
Sun 03/04/12 Anonymous RE: How many 2+ year relationships have you had that ended? And what were the reasons? 3
Tue 02/28/12 Anonymous RE: Should I confess my feelings? 2
Tue 02/28/12 morals RE: Do you hate where you live? Where would you rather be? 2
Tue 02/28/12 ilom RE: Just for my own future reference 3
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I am a walking contradiction. I am a hypocrite. I am a liar. I am selfish. I am everything you hate but you still love me. I am a sinner yet pretend to be an angel. I hide behind who you think I am. I am so simple yet so complex. I am so deep you usually just ignore me. I am consistent but only if you need me. I cry but no one ever sees it. I love but not very often. I am sarcastic and cynical. I am a Christ follower. I hate to fail. I like bands who scream. Football is my love. I wear pink more than I like to admit. I love how my hair flips out all the wrong ways. I can read people too well. I am more sensitive than I let on. I hate people seeing me cry. I hate feeling fragile and vulnerable. I love Blindside. I whistle randomly all the time. I love to be outside. I love stars. I have too many close friends. I open up way to fast. I am very trusting. I hate living at home. I hate being bored and lazy. I am addicted to the computer. I was told I would be the next president even though I am Canadian. I am scared that I am falling in love. I love compliments yet I never take them. I love it when my boyfriend pays for things. I like being treated like a lady. I write random poetry. I love to share my opionons. I thrive off of deep conversations. I hate shallow people. I like emo music. I am modest. I like being imodest. I was 17 and never kissed. I have never had sex. I am poor. I am insecure. I hate the way I look. My hair is incredibly frizzy. I hate moshing. I like Starbucks. I have a Queen size bed. My favorite color is black. I used to be short. I am a clutz. I hate the idea of marriage, yet I cant wait to get married. The future scares me. I have chiken pox scars. My favroite number is 7 and 11. I like root beer. I love salad. Pasta is amazing. I like to cuddle. I like being lazy with someone. I hate being alone. I love being the center of attention. I laugh alot. I hate my teeth. I miss high school. I live in the past. I am scared to do my best and then fail. I hold back. I am blunt. I am scared to talk about feelings. I am selfish. I am far from humble. I am sarcastic yet funny. I eat with my mouth open. I eat KD with a fork. I miss Mexico. I love spanish kids. I am random and crazy, yet serious and compassionate. I am...just me. Thats all you get. I am who I am.

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