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Member Since: Apr 2006

Gender: Female

Age Range: 29-35

City: London

Commitment: Single

Questions Received: 3061

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Overall Rating: 89883

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  • The Thinker
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Work Type:
Internet / New Media

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Who Cares?

College Degree

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Who Cares?


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Fri 05/15/15 What's some good news you've had today?
Wed 04/29/15 untitled
Sun 02/22/15 Does anyone know where there is a weighing machine in London?
Tue 03/27/12 A smart Londoner never pays full price for the theatre ...
Thu 12/25/08 Hopefully I'm not the only Brit online at this time ...
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Sun 04/30/06 Anonymous RE: Sophistication 3
Sun 05/14/06 Anonymous RE: Need to numb myself 3
Thu 03/01/07 Anonymous RE: Abortion... 2

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Hobbies and Interests:

Museums / Theater, Movies, Music, Travel, Books

About Me Essay:

"The Chinese can tell the time in cats' eyes.

"One day a missionary noticed as he was walking in the suburbs of Nanking that he had forgotten his watch, and asked a little boy what time it was.

"The son of the Celestial Empire hesitated first of all, then, thinking it over, he replied: 'I'll tell you'. A few minutes later he came back with a very large cat in his arms; he looked in what is said to be the white of the cat's eyes and immediately affirmed: 'It is not yet midday'. This proved to be true.

"As for me, if I lean towards my feline beauty, so aptly named, who is at once the glory of her sex, the pride of my heart and the fragrance of my mind, whether by night or day, in broad daylight or in opaque darkness, I can always see the time distinctly marked in her adorable eyes, always the same, a vast, solemn hour, as large as outer space, without division into minutes or seconds - an immobile hour not marked on any clock, and yet light as a sigh, rapid as a glance.

"And if some interfering person came to disturb me while my gaze rested on this delicious sundial, if some dishonest and intolerant Genie or Demon of bad timing came to ask me: 'What are you looking at so closely? What are you looking for in the eyes of this being? Can you tell the time there, wasteful and idle mortal?', I would reply without hesitation: 'Yes, I can tell the time: it is Eternity!'

"Is this not a truly worthy madrigal, Madame, and as emphatic as yourself? To tell the truth, I have so enjoyed embroidering this pretentious compliment that I shall ask nothing of you in return."

Original in French by Charles Baudelaire; my translation.

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