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Member Since: Mar 2006

Gender: Female

Age Range: 36-45

City: Atlanta

Commitment: Married

Questions Received: 4151

Questions Responded To: 8305

Responses Left Unrated: 0

Overall Rating: 21762

Average Rating: 2.34

Level: 7





My Groups:

  • The Hippie Chick
  • The Creative
  • The Cool Mom



Work Type:
Home Maker

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My Questions:
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Wed 10/15/08 ~Wild Monkey Sex~
Fri 10/03/08 Sci fi show....
Sat 09/20/08 Scary!
Tue 07/29/08 Sleepy.....
Thu 07/24/08 That sucks!
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My Responses:
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Thu 02/06/14 Anonymous RE: Husband wants a dog, but I'm not so sure. 2
Thu 02/06/14 sambotch RE: Do you remember your math? 2
Thu 02/06/14 Anonymous RE: Around Christmas my boyfriend starting pulling away 3
Thu 02/06/14 Anonymous RE: what can i or my partner do so that i can finally come? 2
Thu 02/06/14 Anonymous RE: When in an argument with your bf/gf/fiance/husband/wife 2
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Hobbies and Interests:

Museums / Theater, Computer Games, Food / Cooking / Wine, Movies, Music, Personal Finance / Investing, Travel, Home Renovations, Watching TV, Fashion, Books, Pets, Family Activities, Gardening, Real Estate, Photography, Kid's Stuff

About Me Essay:

I enjoy an ecclectic assortment of activities that fill my life with adventure & pleasure. I am interested in a lot of things... but only wish to share that with one man...the right one for me. I have found him & I married him. I have no time for games or game players. I will try not to insult, Honesty is very important to me. Mind-games suck! I live in Middle Georgia. I love to go to the mountains as well as vacations on the beach. Spend my time with family and friends. Some of the things I enjoy that they didnt give me room to mention above, thinking, chocolate,
movies, going to my sons ball-games, poems,
bowling, aquairiams, a great personality,
twinkling eyes, a great smile, shopping,
pool, silliness, the stars,
books, music, shoes,
gardening, animals, a good neck rub,
writing, hugs, photography,
philosophy, painting, art work,
crafts, darts, happiness, playing with my baby,
museums, laughter, walking on the beach,
travel, blue jeans, just a lot of romance, candels,
flowers, romantic dinners, serenity,
people with interests, eating out, and nature at its finest.

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