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Member Since: Nov 2004

Gender: Male

Age Range: 56-65


Commitment: Married

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Fri 02/21/14 Hey young people, how do you feel about being "knuckeheads?"
Sat 02/08/14 Elementary particles and forces. We didn't need the new one.
Mon 01/27/14 Is Hillary Clinton a soulless serial liar?
Sat 05/25/13 Murdered and beheaded. Think it can only happen overseas? IT HAS HAPPENED IN THE USA.
Wed 05/22/13 "Complete" vs. "Finished"
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Sun 05/10/15 Anonymous RE: He gives his mom money whenever she drinks all her money away. Is it fair to be upset about it? 2
Fri 12/05/14 flwoodpecker RE: Since some people do not trust the justice system, I suggest that we abolish it and try something 2
Sun 11/16/14 flwoodpecker RE: How do you define spirituality?............ 2
Thu 10/09/14 Anonymous RE: i hate my wifes tattoos she wont get them removed i respect they stand for but there a big turn off 2
Wed 09/10/14 Anonymous RE: How is your relationship with your in-laws? 2
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Fri 09/30/05 Anonymous RE: Bi-Curious 2
Fri 09/30/05 Anonymous RE: Roll the Dice?? 3
Fri 11/18/05 Anonymous RE: Big Steps
Sun 01/15/06 Anonymous RE: Born again Christian, what to do 3
Sat 08/26/06 Anonymous RE: untitled 2

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Hobbies and Interests:

Cars / Motorcycles, Working Out, Movies, Music, Drinking Beer, Family Activities, Books, Religion

About Me Essay:

I like mountaineering, motorcycles, target shooting (Bambi's got nothing to worry about from me!), guitar, and any kind of creativity under the sun.

I'm a Bible reading Christian because I love God.

A few favorite quotations:

"We cannot be filled with God until we are not so full of ourselves. Our hearts and minds, wonderful as they are, are simply too small. We cannot give our hearts to God, or anyone else for that matter, as long as they are too heavy for us to lift." Robert Benson in "Living Prayer"

"We must somehow stop offering ourselves IN prayer and begin offering ourselves AS prayer." Robert Benson in "Living Prayer"

"If the truth is worth telling, it is worth making a fool of yourself to tell." Frederick Buechner in "Telling the Truth"

"Arrogance and stupididty are completely different things, but they often produce identical results." David Drake, veteran and author

"Time is nature's way of preventing everything from happenning all at once." Brian Greene quoting John Wheeler in "The Fabric of the Universe"

"Be sure you're right, then go ahead." Attributed to Daniel Boone

"Shame on the soul, to falter on the road of life while the body still perseveres." Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and the last of the great Stoic philosophers

"How ridiculous not to flee from one's own wickedness, which is possible, yet endeavour to flee from another's, which is not." Marcus Aurelius

"To refrain from imitation is the best revenge." Marcus Aurelius

"These Americans are a curious, original people; they know how to govern themselves, but nobody else can govern them." A British officer observing as Loyalist emigrants were departing New York for England in 1783

"Holiness may in fact be the deepest achievement of what is authentically human." Donald Spoto from the introduction of his biography of Saint Francis of Assisi, "Reluctant Saint"

"It takes half a lifetime to reach the spot where eternity is always visible." Ellis Peters

"Parables are stories that start out showing us someone else through a lens, and end up showing us ourselves in a mirror." From a sermon by Susan Sloan, Episcopal Priest

"Abandon all hope only when you have concluded that you will do nothing." Me

"Great kings build ruins." Me

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