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Age Range: 36-45

City: Cincinnati

Commitment: Who Cares?

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Thu 07/15/10 How do you cope when you tell a man that you're seeing, how you feel about him and he giggles ?
Wed 11/14/07 adult prank turns to suicide
Fri 11/09/07 Tears for publicity?
Tue 11/06/07 games for sex
Thu 10/18/07 wishy washy
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Tue 06/21/11 debski RE: Why are some guys afraid of saying I love you? 3
Tue 09/22/09 Anonymous RE: Is there grounds for a lawsuit? 1
Tue 06/16/09 Anonymous RE: My Best Friend and I... 2
Fri 03/13/09 lyllib RE: Should I go and see him? 2
Fri 03/06/09 choozywife RE: Dyed my hair, whats the problem with that.... 2
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Museums / Theater, Working Out, Food / Cooking / Wine, Movies, Music, Home Renovations, Watching TV, Books, Men, Business, Religion, Kid's Stuff

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As a mother of 3 teenagers, I try to be progressive and "cool" and not forget what it was like to be that age, that confused, and that in love, but also that emotional. Things are so different now, and I hate to sound like a parent, but it's true. I am back in school for my Masters and will graduate sometime late this year (god willing). I have a significant other that I adore and I have been through everything literally. I have had multiple deaths in my family...about 15 in the course of 12 years involving siblings and their children and a parent. I have been pushed into compromising my morals for a man that didn't love me, and had to learn the hard way. I have been verbally, mentally and physically abused and I was date raped at the hands of a boyfriend. I have been ignored, pushed aside, treated like common labor and then cheated on. I have literally been through the fire and back and still I am here and I am whole and that only makes me stronger. I decided to join this group because I thought that maybe, just maybe, I could help someone else out here not make the mistakes that I have and have to live with the aftermath.

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