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Married Life / 22 hours ago Back To Top

Husband had a fit because I threw away a ratty pair of oven mitts from his daughter!!

Another idiotic move on my part apparently! I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got some new houseware stuff. Included in that were some new oven mitts. The ones we currently have are stained and torn in several places. I had mentioned to H before that we need some new oven mitts and he said "Well then get some". So I get some and text H that I got some. I got no response from him at work. He gets home at 11PM on Friday night when I'm in bed and I say "Did you notice the new house stuff"? He goes "Yeah it looks nice". I assumed he had seen the oven mitts as well as the other stuff. Last night, almost 24 hours later, he reaches for the oven mitts and goes "What did you do with the old mitts?" I say that I put them in the trash. He rolls his eyes and huffily says to me "Those were from my daughter!" Goes and digs them out of the trash and says "There's nothing wrong with them." I say "Okay fine I'll put them in the wash!" Really? Even when oven mitts are torn and stained we can't throw them out because they are from your daughter, who wants nothing to do with you anymore? If I remember correctly, I was the one who took her to the mall the day before Christmas because she hadn't gotten you anything and she basically just came across these and thought those would be good and I'm the one who had to pay for them anyways! There is not an iota of sentimentality in those!

Anytime anything of his that means something to him gets ruined it's the end of the world. I shrunk a shirt that his ex girlfriend's dad gave to him 15 years ago and holy crap did he go off on me about it! He really loved that shirt and it meant something to him that he thought enough to give it to him. He made such a fuss about it that I had to buy him another one just like it to get him to shut up. It cost me over $100! Yet when we moved we ended up getting a huge gouge in a coffee table that I found by the side of the road and refinished twice. I was really upset about it and he goes "Oh it was just something you picked up for free by the side of the road". Then he ended up breaking a tea light holder that a friend gave me and thought nothing of it because it was just a small thing. All of his things are the most priceless things in the world but my stuff is just silly stuff that we don't need anyways.

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Married Life / 1 day ago Back To Top

Do you compliment your partner's naked body?

I was with my ex for 15 years and after our divorce I started dating again and last week, I slept with a new guy after having been with the same one for 15 years. Yes, petrified didn't even begin to cover what I was feeling! lol But anyway, I got through it.

I'm 35, not thin or fat, (5'5" and 130pounds, 32D). I felt VERY insecure being naked and to make it worse he didn't say anything to put me at ease when he saw me naked that I'm paranoid that he didn't really find me attractive naked. I know confidence is sexy so I acted as if I was proud of my body, so maybe that's why. But I mean my ex used to compliment on my boobs and my body in general all the time saying how sexy I am and how my body is great, etc, but nothing with this guy. Well, he did say I'm beautiful after sex but nothing about my naked body especially after I complimented on his body so much. But nothing from him?

Am I thinking too much? Am I just paranoid? I'm so out of touch with the dating thing that I don't know what to do/think! help! lol

- Asked by A Hippie Chick, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?
Married Life / 2 days ago Back To Top

I'm definitely not the June Cleaver type...

And my husband knew this when he met me. I've been a career woman all my life, but due to health problems, had to quit my job a few months ago. Although I'm not feeling all that great, I do keep the house clean and make sure the laundry and ironing are done, bills paid, run errands, etc. The problem is the cooking. Back when I was working, he did most of that due to my long hours (he's an excellent cook) but now that I'm off, he feels I should assume this responsibility. I try to make good meals, but they are never up to his high standards. Last night he put his dinner plate on the floor for the dog to eat, which was highly insulting, and told me I need to spend all this time that I now have learning how to cook. Why does he suddenly expects me to turn into Martha Stewart when he knew from the beginning that I'm not the domestic type? I think he resents the fact that I'm not working while he is still employed, and now expects to be waited on hand and foot when he gets home. I told him I'll try some new recipes this week, but he'll have something to say about them, I'm sure. The dog incident last night was the last straw. Are any of you ladies dealing with this type of situation?

- Asked by Female, 56-65
Married Life / 3 days ago Back To Top

Pretty lady? Appropriate?

Recently, my fiancée do I have had issues with a woman he befriended and changed numbers with. I noticed 2-3 hour phone calls on our bill and that's how I discovered the "friendship". He told me she was interested in a job and he was helping her out. Job search is over and u continued to notice frequent calls. He says it was professional, she looked to him as a mentor..and he would handle things. I just saw a message to her yesterday wishing her a "happy Friday" and him calling her "pretty lady. He's asking her what's going on in the city his weekend. " Im floored. This isn't professional and very inappropriate from a man to be married in 3 months. Am I over reacting?

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Married Life / 3 days ago Back To Top

Spouse is very angry at me and is not speaking to me...

I texted him that he owed me money since I cashed a lottery ticket for him and he promised me a cut, he had assumed there would be no tax withholding. I gave him a check less my cut bcuz he needed the money right away. Come to find out that the amount I gave him and the amount I will get from the ticket turned out to be the same. He was so pissed off that I said he owed me money. He said were husband and wife why would I say that. I said he made a deal with me and all of a sudden I need to forget about it. In the end I told him to forget about anything he owed me, but he's still pissed off at me. He also hurt my feelings by saying "you are not who I thought you are bcuz of this and this is not what I want." Wtf? Now I'm pissed too. We haven't spoken for 3 days. Am I wrong to say he owed me money? Is he being too critical??

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Los Angeles