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Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

Why does he jump between me he been w for 15yrs and a girl he known short time

He lies and says he has nothing to do w her i check his vm she calls him constantly talkin about me like she got reason or room too being the other chic how can i get him to stop seeing her how can i get him to be honest w me abouther he denys even wproofi wont keep letting him do this its gross and id never do something so wrong to him and he blames me for everything

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

I think my (temporary) boss is on drugs...

Because my actual boss put his two weeks in a couple months ago, a director is now the acting manager of my department. This director and I have had many clashes and do not work well together-- no matter how i approach him, he dismisses me and my ideas in any way possible (even if it means more work for EVERYONE). I've gotten to the point of just avoiding any interaction with him because at any moment I feel like I'm walking on eggshells and could be fired just because doesn't like me.

Recently, his behavior has become so erratic/strange/etc. that every coworker of mine has expressed concern for not only his health, but also the company. As bad as it is to talk about it at work, we think he may be on drugs. We don't have any examples for outside of work, but here is our compiled list....

- Purple bags under eyes, talking about his sleep deprivation.
- During conversation his eyes roll into the back of his head. In addition to this, sometimes he starts PASSING OUT in the middle of meetings (you know, like sleeping puppy that occasionally realizes it, and then finally gives in). Some coworkers just make a noise so he snaps out of it. Now-- I can slightly understand with the sleep deprivation sitting in comfortable chairs listening to monotone conversation... BUT THIS EVEN HAPPENS WHEN STANDING.
-His face, neck, back of head (shaved head), arms, and hands are covered in scabs that he scratches and picks until they bleed. Unable to see track marks on arms because of attire (and tattoos).
-Deciding not to come to work for the day (and "work from home," although the servers are only accessible on premise), or showing up for half day and missing all meeting scheduled with him. Or leaving for a few hours during the day.
-Easily aggravated, irritated, has intense outbursts.
- Constricted, pinpointed pupils (I have not seen this myself because of me avoiding confrontation with him).
- Pushing blame on anyone around him. He will tell someone to do something, they will do it (everyone will double check others work), and when it doesn't work he will claim he never said it.
- It has also been said that the owner of the company has bailed him out of jail. Last week, the owner witness the nodding out while standing in front of perspective clients and looked embarrassed when the client noticed.

Now, you'd expect to be able to talk to someone about this, HR for example, however in this small start up company the HR person is very close with the person of concern.

There is so much more backstory for this company and I AM actively searching for a new job, but for the time being I do not know how to handle this hostile working environment.

If you have experienced this and have pointers on what to do while still employed here, would like more information about the situation, or have any idea what kind of drugs he is on-- PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
Thanks for listening :]

- Asked by Female, 22-25
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

I have done a mistake. How do I improve it. .Help me

I dated this guy for three years .He brokeup with me few months back. .I stil don't know why. .but after one month of breaking up he started liking someone. .They got close he proposed her ..She said no. .so he came to me realising his mistake. I forgave him. Helped him through his tough time. .but I realised that this guy has played with my feelings and now that he got rejected he came back to wipe his tears like I'm some tissue so I blocked him. .broke contact. .then again he tried contacting me. .sayin that the girl he likes is already datin so he felt bad and wanted my support. I again supported him .But then he asked me if we can have phone sex. .and I allowed. .then again I realised that us getting attached is wrong. .Coz he did wrong to me ..I blocked him again. .so again he contacted me aftr a few days sayin I miss you .I told him that it's not right for us to talk coz we get attached. .but he emotionally blackmailed me saying there is no one for me. You are the best person I have ever met. Yet again I fell for it. .then we flirted a lot. And had phone sex and all. .Coz he is a very horny man. .today suddenly the girl whom he likes texted him sayin sorry. .so suddenly he is telling me that we shouldn't get attached and all. I need some alone time coz I feel that we will fall for each other again.I told him that what had happened to you when I told you the same things few days back. .that time why did you please me to stay. .now that the girl you like texted suddenly yiu realising it. .I told him goodbye and that he shouldn't have played with my feelings ..soo he went like no I'm not but I am just thinking about you that you will be stuck with me if we keep talking. .so I blocked his no. .is he playing with me? What should I do I'm confused

Update: August 31, 2014.
Thanks for the support :)

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

Any girls who have had a FFM threesome with a friend ?

Did the friendship survive?

Do you think it is a good idea to have a FFM threesome with a girl friend?

- Asked by stilllovely, A Thinker, Female, 26-28
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

I'm feeling frustrated by my vulnerability to beautiful women.

I'm absolutely helpless to them.

I'm not so much looking for advice as I am venting my frustration.

When I'm not in her presence, I can begin to make some sense of the situation. My gut tells me that I'm being manipulated, but I can't figure out how, and more importantly, why. I have some theories, but she's the only one who knows for sure, and obviously I can't depend on her for a completely truthful answer.

It doesn't help that, all of that aside, I really do enjoy her company. If she were a guy, we'd be close friends.

I don't have an acute sense of who to trust. It's a skill that I've never been able to develop with any acumen. That's why I'm venting here on an anonymous forum; no one here can really hurt me.

I'm going to start seeing a therapist soon; hopefully, I can find some answers there. I'm certain that my low self-esteem and clinical depression precipitate this particular issue. Hopefully, getting that under control will help.

I should point out that she's made it clear that she doesn't want to be more than friends. That would be fine, except for the fact that she is only the second woman I've met with the perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, and personality.

The first woman I met with these traits, I met 20 years ago. We are still friends--very close friends, in fact. But it took me 5 years to get over my desire to be "more than friends" with her.

It was a heart-rending experience: having a wonderful friend, wanting her love, and having those feelings unrequited. In retrospect, I have to say it's worth it, because we've seen each other through a lot of tough times. She's proven her worth as a friend a hundred times over.

I don't want to go through that again, but because of my vulnerability, I may not have a choice. It's so frustrating, feeling helpless to avoid repeating history.

Anyway, if you made it this far, thanks for listening.

- Asked by scott0001, A Guy Critical, Male, 36-45, Artist / Musician / Writer
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

So are you stressed out today?

Having my morning cup of Joe

My coffee mug reads: Stress:The confusion created when one's mind overrides the body's basic desire to choke the hell out of someone who desperately needs it!

are you stressed out today?

- Asked by jamiesangel777, A Cool Mom, Female, 46-55, Miami
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

recently i met a girl while playing tennis. we talked about things and eventually sex came up.

we talked about sex and our likes etc. I do know a lot about sex and different fetishes and alt styles. She had some things she said that she would never allow to happen or partake . I told her, " in a few weeks we will both be laughing about those remarks" Of course it came true . i told her" id never force or hurt her. now she loves sexual things shed never dream of doing. Do many of you have handed down moral issues about alt sex etc?

- Asked by niceguy0680, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Los Angeles, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

Is it normal for a woman to get out of a long relationship and become very promiscuous?


- Asked by j3s5e, A Rebel, Male, 29-35, Los Angeles, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 1 day ago Back To Top

How to relieve headaches due to common cold?

Been having a cold for a couple of days now and apart from the sneezing and coughing it is mainly the headache that annoys me. When I have a cold I always have a terrible pressing, sometimes stabbing, ache behind my eyes. What can I do to relieve this? I have two days off now and it's only a little past 9 in the morning, so I've got all day ;)

Update: August 30, 2014.
Yes for hard drugs we do, but for soft drugs there is a special policy of condonance. Officially all drugs are illegal but for soft drugs you are allowed to posess a certain amount for your own consumption. Selling is only allowed in so called 'coffee shops'... Yeah Dutch coffee shops do not sell coffee :-p. Several people have been arrested for having a so called hemp plantage on their stitches and stuff like that. That is illegal. But having a tiny little plant for own use is no problem.

- Asked by koekje, A Thinker, Female, 22-25, Student
Sex & Intimacy / 2 days ago Back To Top

I want to kiss my best friend... We are both girls and she is bisexual... How to go about this?

I have gotten close with my friend who is a girl and now I want to kiss her. I don't know how to do this. Around the time this urge came up I didnt know if she even liked me like that. But about a year ago she came out and told me that she is bisexual. Now I sorta have a chance at kissing her... But how do I do this? Any advice would be helpful... and I don't know what this means for me.

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 18-21