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Sex & Intimacy / 13 minutes ago Back To Top

If love didn't exist and you were making

all the effort in a marriage would you continue?If your spouse moved out of the house (their decision) and never contacted you would you make an effort to contact them? When they did visit and you asked them to stay they left anyway, would you beg them to stay? If they showed zero interest in intimacy would you beg them for sex? If you fought a good majority of the time and didn't have a connection that made you feel close to them would you push for that connection with them?

This is just a small sample of what is going on...Would you move on?

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 1 hour ago Back To Top

Am I only paranoid about cheating because she's transgender?

My fiancée of a year and I live together. We trust each other. Or do we?so in a nutshell she used to take racy pics(bra and panties) online(still has her admirable butt out a lot) and I assume that's why she always has a lot of Flirty/sexual messages. There was a time she admitted to returning affection or sexual flirting but under the defense that she thought I was cheating. Fast forward months.

We try not to look in each other's messages but she does it a lot to me. I do every so often. After I said it bothered me and after catching her the messages stopped. Completely. From dozens of messages a day to none. She has to be deleting them right? They openly compliment her body and she thinks its nothing. She has made no attempt to delete said pictures. And a few days ago a message online from a Guy saying he was around our hone came up and she froze as I saw it but I played dumb and she became calm again. Is this right? What's not making sense to me? Is it me?

Majority of the guys don't know she's trans. She had a few altered pics in her phone of her genitals. As well as penis pictures. But those stopped once I knew.

- Asked by Male, 18-21
Sex & Intimacy / 2 hours ago Back To Top

Why does my gf have naked photos?

Why does she have naked pictures of herself? I've been dating this girl for a while I will call her "Stephani" . It is a very strong relationship we have been through so much so many fights so many arguments and so many disagreements but every time we disagree it makes us stronger. Current issue with us is trust sometimes I would use my phone around her and she would always look through it. So a couple of days ago when I saw her on her phone no I was not paying attention she was in her gallery and I saw several nude pictures of her.her butt in the mirror and the other one showed her genitals. My question is why would you think this is a picture we have is so ugly to be intimate because of our schedules we spend all of our time together but I do work a lot of morning shifts so I'm never around till the afternoon. We live together so I really I'm sure unless she goes when I'm at work she's not cheating but I do feel as though she is hiding something when I asked her about the book pictures she said that she doesn't worth looking at her but I can understand because it is big but I cannot understand the other thing. Does it sound like normal behavior? In the past she has admitted to sending pictures and receive text messages to other people but that was when we were having one of our arguments and she felt as though I was cheating. I wanted to work but I cannot understand why I keep having the good feeling that there is something I am missing. Am I missing something is this normal behavior.

She also has a history of enjoying/encouraging attention via Facebook even after I told her I didn't approve.

- Asked by A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 18-21
Sex & Intimacy / 2 hours ago Back To Top

What's your last awkward moment!? ...I'm that guy who calls them out and laughs until it subsides

Myself and friends were at dinner last night, we conversing about Halloween. At which point my mate's girlfriend mentions you didn't invite our other female Freind (who is sat beside us).

The 3 of us just looked at each other and I left my mate hanging lol then laughed me arse off. He tried to dig himself out of a hole but I thought awkward for us all, why mention that.

- Asked by lld0ntlllhat3ell, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 26-28, Celebrity
Sex & Intimacy / 3 hours ago Back To Top

Who actually picks up casual

sex partners from the Internet... tinder?

- Asked by lld0ntlllhat3ell, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 26-28, Celebrity
Sex & Intimacy / 3 hours ago Back To Top

How important is public signs

of affection or intimacy for you?

- Asked by lld0ntlllhat3ell, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 26-28, Celebrity
Sex & Intimacy / 3 hours ago Back To Top

If life is like a box of chocolates...

What particular brand / box would you choose and why?

- Asked by lld0ntlllhat3ell, A Mr. Nice Guy, Male, 26-28, Celebrity
Sex & Intimacy / 3 hours ago Back To Top

Serious leagal advice please!!!!

OK to start. I was on the way to my friends apartment for some reason they went downtown usually they never do. I called them they said they wouldn't be to long so I waited in front of there door I was charging my phone then suddenly two cops showed up started questioning me as to why I was there I told them I was waiting for my friends they then asked me who let me in and told me i was trespassing then asked me my name I complyed then they told me I was on a fail to appear which I don't have any other charges I'm on bail for another charge now they took me to a devision which was not even around my vicinity. Once I told them I know my rights they were more happy to arrest me I was waiting in the car and when an officer came out he said they didn't proceed with the arrest because he couldn't find information we sat there about an hour they entered my info three times the first time it said no additional charges then the third time they added mischief which I never was charged for they said. I didn't show up for a charge that was existing from September I was never arrested I wasn't verbally told I had a court date and when I brought that up they held me In. The interview room all night I ate once waited 4 hours to give me a call to my law firm they wait till it was eight because they didn't want to release me then called my lawyer and scheduled a court date for the following morning. Now I asked my lawyer if in fact I had a warrant why didn't I p.o officer arrest me because I got arrest on Friday and on Wednesday I signed in they said this warrant was from sept they could if showed up to my surety's apt to get me I am now in another bail for this personally the whole situation us fishy my lawyer said they breached NY right s and are trying to hold me to place a charge because they couldn't find any paper work about my case finally the division sent it justbefore court was finished I believe something is very wrong no officers would give me there badge number s or names no matter how much I ask what can be done I feel like there trying to charge me for nothing who can I report this to

- Asked by A Hip Hop Girl, Female, 22-25, Toronto
Sex & Intimacy / 4 hours ago Back To Top

UPDATE TO: Am I crazy, or is this too many cats?

So just what I suspected would happen happened. First off, having the mother in law here for just two days like he promised me didn't happen and she was here for a week annoying the crap out of both of us. Nor did she take the other 3 kittens back with her because H says that we'll find homes with others here who are interested. Well now H can't part with another of the kittens so I begrudgingly agreed to 3 kittens (on top of 2 adult cats). We had someone come by yesterday to meet the other two kittens and are waiting to hear if they will take them. Of course now H doesn't want to give up one of those either and would like to keep 4 of the 5, but doesn't want the other one to go alone so says we should just keep all 5! I am livid! I agreed to ONE kitten when this all started and then agreed to two because they do better with a playmate. Then he made me feel bad about not wanting a third so I said okay. It is to the point now where he is making me feel bad by saying to the kittens "Oh your new mom doesn't want you. She is so mean" and also telling others that "Mapper is so mean not to want the kittens". I have had it! City code is for 4 pets max and we are breaking that by 1 kitten and now you want to add another 2? Do you know how embarrassing it is to tell others that we have 5 cats not to mention 7??And how the hell are we ever going to go anywhere for more than a day with 5 cats much less 7?
Automatic feeders that we have for 2 cats aren't going to last a weekend with 7 cats and are you going to pay a kennel to keep them all? How the hell are we going ot keep track of all of them when they end up going outside? How about vet bills and food bills and general cleaning up after them? Oh he paraphrases it all down into his usual phrase of "Oh chillax it will be fine. They will stop eating so much in a few months and if they are healthy we don't have to take them to the vet often and you just need to vacuum a few days a week." He totally ignores my opinion even though I've already given into 3 cats.If one of us says no to something then that should be a n, not trying to change the other person's mind.

ORIGINAL POST: We currently have 2 adult cats and my husband has been wanting to get a kitten. I am more than happy with 2 cats but finally gave into a kitten. Then his mom tells us she's got a bunch of feral cats on their farm and 5 kittens. My husband then tells me we should get 2 kittens to help her out. I VERY reluctantly agree to 2 kittens. She is driving out to Washington from Iowa to bring them to us. We specifically told her TWO kittens and we picked out the ones we wanted. I just found out that she plans on driving out here with all 5 of the kittens because she is giving them extra milk and that way her husband won't have to worry about doing it and this way we can pick the 2 we want and she can take the rest back with her.

Am I crazy for asking her to JUST bring the 2 we picked? I do not need 5 kittens in addition to our 2 adult cats roaming around our 1000 square foot house for the weekend! I even told my husband a few days ago "Watch, she will probably bring more than 2 cats" and sure enough! She says not to worry as they will be in a cage the whole time. I don't want them to sit in a cage the whole time either!

This is our house and if I don't want 7 cats in it I should be listened to but even my husband is saying "Well if we have that many for just a few days it will be fine". No! They will be pooping and peeing and needing to be fed and meowing all night long. We are not a rescue or a farm!

- Asked by Female, 36-45
Sex & Intimacy / 5 hours ago Back To Top

How do I go on???? I have nothing

Lost all my family in a very tragic circumstance. How do I go on? It affects everything I do. You cant just move on from not having a family. It literally affects me everyday. Not just the holidays as you can imagin how lonely they are and filled with grief and sorrow. But everything like realizing I have no one who is excited to spend time with me, or no one is in my best interests. And also I have no direction because I have no roots. I am just a nobody. It is the most horrible feeling in the world. Went to a public christmas thing yesteraday thinking it would be nice, but all I saw were families...

- Asked by Female, 29-35

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