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Sex & Intimacy / 4 hours ago Back To Top

Pics won't load in my profile!

Hey! Can someone help me? Why can't I get pics to upload in my profile?

- Asked by bigdog52, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Oklahoma City, Science / Engineering
Sex & Intimacy / 5 hours ago Back To Top

Is the bracelet and ring for men and women? please reply!? photos/87678714@N07/

There is a band and a few rings in this picture.
I know the quality is not very good but can you make out if the ring is or male or female?
and the band? is it for male & female?

http://therubymichaels 00721307382

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Sex & Intimacy / 6 hours ago Back To Top

Why is it a "bad" thing that I'm making a life change and going back to school at my age?

So I'm not an underprivileged professional victim liberal; but I've got my own problems and I do have a heart. I never claimed to be perfect and I don't come on here and complain about "my life" constantly, as one halfwit, who slings false accusations about people everyday, claims. I'd expect a more accurate psychoanalysis from someone claiming to be "educated" -but I guess that's asking too much.

That said - Not everybody was raised *perfectly* with tons of guidance and advice from their elders while they were growing up; leaving SOME of us to figure shit out ourselves later on. Hell, RAISE ourselves and teach ourselves how to do EVERYTHING -even riding a goddamn bike. And no, I'm NOT bitching -that's just what it is. I picked myself up and I'm moving forward- GET OVER IT, liberals.

Not everybody had their paths laid out for them by their rich liberal parents on Snob Hill.

Also - If you're going to shove your "education" in my face like I'm some inferior pile of garbage, we're going to have a problem. I don't have anything against educated people -I have a thing against educated idiots who just skid by and somehow believe that everyone who disagrees with them is just a "neanderthal mouth breather" and not with the times. Huge difference.

Why is it some people are happy for me to go back to school..while others (usually those who disagree with me politically) rip & tear me apart for trying to hone my skills and compete in other arenas? I mean, REALLY? That's ALL you've got on me?

(Moderator - please let this through...we hardly get any good discussions on here. I want to know why some people are celebrated for going back to school while others are ripped and torn apart over it.)

- Asked by jillopo, An Alternative Girl, Female, 29-35, Dusseldorf, Other Profession
Sex & Intimacy / 6 hours ago Back To Top

Men are horny .........

I always assume men have alterior motives. They're pervy horn dogs!

- POP'd by baybreeze69, A Career Woman, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?

Why do most attractive younger girls assume guys want to sleep with them?

To be honest I haven't seen this happen very often with the normal, average looking girls.
i feel like the attractive girls think that when a guy approaches them or talks to them or helps them out or is nice even if he is just trying to be nice/friendly with no ulterior motives, they will be suspicious and think that the guy is trying to get them in bed.

- Asked by A Creative, Female, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 9 hours ago Back To Top

Is lying the same as cheating in a long distance relationship?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 years and are very serious. when he moved away for school we both 100% agreed we could make it work. We figured we can manage 2 years apart because after I graduate we plan on living together. even though he is far away i have always trusted him 100%. he goes out with his friends on weekends and i trust him fully. after not seeing him for 5 months i am finally able to visit him. i found out from his roommate that they all go to the strip club very often. he NEVER told me he has ever been to a strip club before. when i first asked him about it he told me that he had been once just because everyone else was going but a few days later it slipped out that he had been going very often. i am so mad and sad at him for lying to me. and i'm also scared he cheated on me with a stripper. am i overreacting? is this worth breaking up with him over? should i forgive him? but how will i ever be able to trust him again? we still have a year and a half apart from each other. what should i do?

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 22-25, San Francisco
Sex & Intimacy / 12 hours ago Back To Top

October 22, 1962... President Kennedy blockades Cuba

to force Russian missiles off the island.

- Asked by chesterdad, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 56-65, San Francisco
Sex & Intimacy / 12 hours ago Back To Top

Where does all the false information come from?

Why do so many people think Canadians can't own guns? I can walk into Cabelas, or MilArm and buy whatever I want. Sure, I have to have a license but I can buy them. The real question is, why didn't the soldier who was killed have bullets in his rifle? I know it's a ceremonial duty but come on.

- POP'd by hnimsoc, A Creative, Male, 56-65, Edmonton, Retired

So...crazy, multiple Canadian shooters are on a rampage

Evidently this isn't just an American problem. Seems Canadian officials are seeking help from the FBI. Terrorists or just a lunatic or 2 or 3? NORAD is on increased alert.

- Asked by mistyjean, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Self-Employed
Sex & Intimacy / 13 hours ago Back To Top

A person can have a husband, an ex husband, a lover,

and others they just date all at the same time.

Although it would be more common to hear of people who have a husband and a lover/bf. That happens with some level of frequency these days. And are those people "crazy" or making up "fiction" or are they just talking about a more complex lifestyle than 30 years of monogamy?

- POP'd by joybird, A Hippie Chick, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

How does a person have a husband

in one post, but a boyfriend in another? In one post the husband is a lazy slob. In another the boyfriend is cheating. Same poster. Does this site allow crazy people to make up fiction and post constantly then ban those who point it out?

Update: October 22, 2014.
I think some of you are missing the point. When a poster is a full time student, an office worker, a medical professional, single and alone, single and dating, married, living with a boyfriend, divorced with kids, divorced with no kids, all on the same day, would you consider they may need to take their meds?

- Asked by Male, 56-65
Sex & Intimacy / 13 hours ago Back To Top

Can we just prove our professional victim wrong on this subject...

Men, she says I just call women cupcake to be sexist. The fact is I call everyone cupcake, male and female.

It is just sad that's someone who likes to go around talking down her nose to everyone else might get the least bit upset when someone gives her a dose of her own medicine with a condescending attitude. Then she has to get all butt hurt and whine about how it is sexist. All the time ignoring her own sexist views of the world.

Update: October 22, 2014.
I'll admit that I picked it up in the 90's driving in DC. I used it because I was trying to make an effort not to curse. it was a losing effort after I started reading Irvine Welsh.

Update: October 22, 2014.
No, she is saying I only call women cupcake to be sexist. Being butt hurt is the new slang for getting upset over something that really isn't that upsetting. You know blowing stuff out of proportion to try and vilify the other person.

- Asked by juandontbeg, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Self-Employed
Sex & Intimacy / 14 hours ago Back To Top

How are cats euthanized?

Its been 4 months since I put my cat down. I think its the weather getting cold when my cat used to snuggled in bed with me that I find myself waking up in the middle of the night calling him and crying. I have to get up and walk around while calling his name. I get up with swollen eyes.

So, i ran into an article about how cats are euthanized. Its done by injecting the needle into its paws. I also remember a time when my sister picked up a stray kitten and it fell 5 stories out the window. My sister didn't know about cats although I told her to keep the windows closed. I winded up taking the kitten to the vet and he had to be put down cause his legs/spine were broken. They put a needle in its paws and he went to sleep.

However,when my cat was put to sleep the vet shaved a little off his neck and put the needle in his neck. Now I am wondering if he was euthanized or just sedated.

Im worried.

- Asked by cinderella2006, An Alternative Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

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