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How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet?

myself, last count is 74 (my WIC has space for 100)

- Asked by wetwired, A Sweet Sarah, Female, 29-35, Vancouver, Who Cares?
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What was the last polaroid of you that was taken? Who took it?

I still have a polaroid camera in my closet, but--can't buy film for it any more......actually for quite some time now.....

- Asked by bobbysg1rl, A Cool Mom, Female, 36-45
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Why do people insist on giving their children TERRIBLE NAMES?!?

Apple, North, Hashtag? Do you want your kid to be teased? Just saw someone post one that says she's is mad that her family hates it. So'pretty. I thought she was going to have a name that was going to be so pretty, but no, that's the name. What are some bad ones you know of?

- Asked by Pearl72594, A Thinker, Female, 18-21
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Giving stupid answers

when a question is asked doesn't help anyone. I asked a question and one of the answers was from a rumour-mill. The person obviously didn't even start to check their facts before they answered the question. For this reason I gave them a -2. How do you feel about people who pass rumours and have not checked their facts?

- Asked by bigdog52, A Father Figure, Male, 56-65, Oklahoma City, Science / Engineering
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Why is my female friend always broke?

Shes contanstly asking me for money even though were just friends. I have a good job, make good money, and Im a good guy. Ive helped her out a lot in the past, but now I cant do it anymore. Yet, she keeps trying to guilt me into helping her. He father took her car away from her yesterday becuase she didint make any payments on it. She works 2 jobs, so where is the money going? She does like her weed. She smokes weed 3 times a week, and her boyfriend has no job and also loves weed. She called me crying yesterday to ask me for money becuase her dad took her car away and turned in her lease , so she has no car. Shes having to borrow a car from her boyfriend to go back and forth to work since he doesnt work.

Shes been evicted from her apartment, got her car taken away from her. Shes lost jobs due to testing positiove for weed. Supposed she landed a great job with a fortune 500 company even though she tested for weed, but she said theyre letting her take the job anyways. Is she lying to me about that. But the bottom line is , she works 2 jobs, makes decent money but yet is always broke. Why does she never have any money? Shes not paying rent or paying for her car, where the heck is it going?

- Asked by A Career Man, Male, 36-45
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Your opinion on the nurse that treated patients in W. Africa and is fighting her isolation?

A nurse who treated Ebola patients in West Africa said Wednesday that she plans to end her voluntary isolation in Maine, leading to a potential showdown with state officials who have vowed to enforce a mandatory quarantine.

There are police officers in front of her home to keep her from going out to protect the community. They should charge her for this.

"I don't plan on sticking to the guidelines," Hickox said on "Today." ''I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me even though I am in perfectly good health."

This nurse should know better! She should know how dangerous this disease is and should understand why the precaution. Instead she is suing!

She should be fired and put in jail for disobeying protocol. Even if she is not sick and hopefully will not be, she, as a nurse,should understand why the precaution. instead she is fighting it.

- Asked by An Alternative Girl, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?
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At what age do you think the elderly should lose their drivers license?

These folks should not be driving. They are a hazard to other drivers!

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?
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This is from FORBES; the graphic in the original article is the table directly from the BLS

from which the author does his math.

Just some food for thought about the rosy employment situation using the government's own numbers...

Tackling The Real Unemployment Rate: 12.6%

Imagine being served your poolside drinks by a lawyer, or getting your chicken sandwich delivered by an experienced marketing professional. The first is a friend of mine, the second my waitress a few weeks ago. Both lost jobs due to economic downturns at their organizations. Both took available work to pay the bills while looking for new positions in their chosen professions.

My friend and the waitress are victims of a massive but hidden problem called underemployment. Watching falling unemployment numbers being reported at 6.2%, down from nearly 10% four years earlier, is simply misleading.

Despite the significant decrease in the official U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) unemployment rate, the real unemployment rate is over double that at 12.6%. This number reflects the government's "U-6" report, which accounts for the full unemployment picture including those "marginally attached to the labor force," plus those "employed part time for economic reasons."
"Marginally attached" describes individuals not currently in the labor force who wanted and were available for work. The official unemployment numbers exclude them, because they did not look for work in the 4 weeks preceding the unemployment survey. In July, this marginally attached group accounted for 2.2 million people. To put that in perspective, there are currently 16 states in the U.S. with populations smaller than 2.2 million.

741,000 discouraged workers - workers not currently looking for work because they believe no jobs are available for them - are included within the list of marginally attached people. Another 7.5 million were not considered unemployed because they were employed part-time for economic reasons. Those people are also called involuntary part-time workers - working part-time because their hours were cut back or because they were unable to secure a full-time job.

When you look at state populations - using the 7.5 million - the number represents more than the population of Washington, Massachusetts, or Arizona.

These numbers mean the U.S. has nearly 10 million workers only marginally engaged in their work situation. They don't contribute their full potential to their households, the economy or society in general. While reporting a low, declining unemployment number may comfort people, we can't ignore the millions of workers feeling the pain of the real unemployment number rising from 12.4% to 12.6% last month.

Dan Diamond's Forbes article, Why The 'Real' Unemployment Rate Is Higher Than You Think highlights another disturbing fact that compounds the challenge: The longer you're without a job, the less likely you'll get called back for an interview. By the eighth month of unemployment the callback rate falls by about 45%. The article concludes "many employers see these would-be workers as damaged goods." These same people could be contributing greatly to the economy. Instead, they are spending their days trying to secure employment or working in unfulfilling and part-time jobs while depleting their savings and 401K's to supplement their income. Or worse yet, living off their credit cards just to survive.

I didn't paste the entire body of the article, but you get the idea...

Update: October 29, 2014.
More government statistics at work... Americans Living Below Poverty Line Hits Record Under Obama Despite years of railing about income inequality, the poor are no better off today than they were when President Obama took office in 2008. About 50 million Americans live below the poverty line and a record 47 million of them - 13 million more than when the president assumed office - receive food stamps, The Washington Times reports. The federal government defines the poverty line as a family of four earning $23,550. "President Obama's anti-poverty efforts are basically to give more people more free stuff," Robert Rector, a specialist on welfare and poverty at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told The Washington Times. Obama has lobbied for "states to expand their Medicaid programs to poor, childless adults, and is pushing for an increase in the minimum wage and funding for early-childhood programs," according to The New York Times. " . In any given month, 1.7 million households were living on cash income of less than $2 a person a day, with the prevalence of the kind of deep poverty commonly associated with developing nations..." When Obama took office, the Poverty Rate was 12.7%; it has now been hovering around 15%.

- Asked by stillagoodguy1, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 46-55, Celebrity
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Should I take back my girlfriend.

Well we break up and get back to gether it only last for like a month each time and it like the fifth time should I take her back next time.

- Asked by Male, 22-25
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would you find it disrespectful if you husband treats you this way?

When your spouse cuts you off with the comment: "you are wasting your time" -after you said two words in the conversation and after you heard him talk forever, would you find it hurtful? Am i exaggerating? I felt like slap in the face, got very angry and hung up on him, texting him later why. He talks to me like that all the time. I am coming from a dysfunctional family where husband was a very dominant person, and I truly dont know what is wrong and what is right in the relationships, I just know that it hurts sometimes the way he talks to me. Am I being too sensitive? I feel like whatever I say doesnt matter. I am so tired of this marriage, I am sitting here and crying not from being physically abused, or having financial issues, etc. I am crying from being emotionally brought down on a daily basis. Is there some line between what you can take or what you cant emotionally? Should I even pay attention to things like this? My husband is a provider, I dont need to work if I dont want to, he got me an expensive car, a beautiful house, I can spend time on myself that most of my married girlfriends cant, but I am so drained from his narcissistic behavior. It is all about him, him, him. Any advice is helpful.

- Asked by Female, 29-35