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Race, Religion & Politics / 17 minutes ago Back To Top

When you fake something then actually start to believe it

I've done something horrible and pretended to be of a religion that I'm not. I'm very ashamed of it because honestly that's a ridiculous thing to do. But now it almost seems real to me, and I cant pinpoint when/where it became real and I was no longer just going through the motions. I'm still not SURE, but definitely questioning it as a possibility. Its been about four months since this crap started. Any opinions (good or bad), advice, thoughts.. I just had to get this off my chest

- Asked by Female, 22-25
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 46 minutes ago Back To Top

Why will have multiple fb accounts get you suspended?

- Asked by u2joshuadesireu, A Thinker, Female, 46-55, Medical / Dental
Dating / 1 hour ago Back To Top

How do I cope with a abortion and break up!?

I'm in a inconsistent where my partner verbally abuses me and blames me for our relationship not working I gave this man 3yrs of my life and yet I was never good enough for him. I got pregnant in jan and he told me that if I kept it I wud ruin his life plans and he wouldn't know how to deal so he pressured me into a aborting and I regret it he said it was for our future so we can be better. But he broke up with me 2 weeks ago saying that the love wasn't there anymore now I only didn't lose a relationship I lost my baby too. I'm full of regret an I miss him to how do I move on?! I don't know how this man claims to love me he even said that he doesn't care of my emotions that y do I still dwell on a baby that isn't here any longer like it didn't affect him at all he said that's my problem to deal with not his. He said I'm just done with and hope u hate me so u can leave me alone after 3 yrs and most importantly giving up my baby. I should've never told him and maybe I wud of still had my baby on my own. Help any advice no rude comments please. Mentally I feel like I'm losing it.

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 29-35, Chicago
Pets / 1 hour ago Back To Top

Is it possible to love your pet more than you do humans? I do.

In some instances.

- Asked by shanegalang, A Rebel, Male, 46-55, Transportation
Dating / 4 hours ago Back To Top

is he just being nice to me because I paid him a compliment?!

I have noticed that a guy I work with has been very very nice to me lately - he has offered to come and sat down and talked to me about my assignments, even though he isn't even on my team. He has been there longer than me however. The other day he spent almost an hour talking to me. He also has offered to do little things - for example, i mentioned I was going to go to this one store, and he's like, do you want me to check their hours for you. LOL. I am not complaining but it just seems like, VERY nice.

I recalled that I paid him a simple innocuous compliment before this all started. I think it was something like how he looks nice with his new haircut or something to that effect. could this be why he's suddenly being super nice? it's just strange! Thoughts? (not sure what category this belongs in)

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 4 hours ago Back To Top

Is it ever old fashioned to expect a young man to come

to the door when taking out your daughter?
Any personal experiences of him just sitting in his car waiting for your daughter to go to him?

- Asked by Female, Who Cares?
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 5 hours ago Back To Top

How do you deal with a stranger who asks you for food?

I bought a packet of peanuts from a convenience store and while I was walking back home, this stranger asked me for some peanuts.

I found it to be very weird, as I did not know him personally and if he had really wanted to eat some peanuts, he should have bought some peanuts himself, rather than ask someone else that he did not know to give him some peanuts instead.

- Asked by Male, 29-35
House & Home / 7 hours ago Back To Top

Should we sell our house on our own or get a realtor?

My husband and I bought a fixer-upper years ago to try to flip and make a profit, but the market tanked. We've been living in it in the meantime, but are ready to move out and try to sell it with the more promising market. We need to make as much as we can just to break even, so we're not sure a realtor's 6% commission or more is worth it. We have a real estate attorney, so we're not sure if that's all we need if we decided to go this route. Has anyone tried selling their house on their own or is it wiser to just get a realtor?

- Asked by A Career Woman, Female, 26-28, Boston, Hospitality
Jokes, Polls & Anything Else / 10 hours ago Back To Top

Have you ever heard of spoiled birds? I bought some Wagner's wild bird food for my feeders and

talk about turning your beak in the air! These birds won't go near it! This is fresh seed... I JUST bought it two weeks ago.

- Asked by wakeforester, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45
Dating / 11 hours ago Back To Top

When you propose someone you love ...

Did you fear that your proposal might get rejected? What did you do to overcome it?

- Asked by Male, 29-35

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