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Anything goes
Recommendation Leader: methebe
Description: Any and all questions about sex--however no penis size questions!!!

Sex & Intimacy

Don't be shy--LADIES ONLY! / Sex & Intimacy / 10:01 AM - Monday April 24, 2006 Back To Top

Have you ever masturbated in public, or where you might get caught? The thrill is a huge turn on for me. I actually got caught one day on the T to Logan. Where have you done it?

- Asked by bella24, A Creative, Female, 22-25, Boston, Student

Possible Three Way? / Sex & Intimacy / 3:30 PM - Friday April 21, 2006 Back To Top

Hippie Chicks question got me to thinking about the time I brought up the threesome issue with my S/O, it went something like this....

ME - Could you pass the ketchup?

HER - here! (handing the bottle of ketchup to me)

ME - So, how was work today?

HER - Why?

ME - I was just wondering. Can you pass the pepper?

HER - HERE! (handing me the pepper.)

ME - So, you wanna watch Joannie and Chachie reruns tonight?

HER - Not really. ER is coming on.

ME - Okay, that's cool. You want a beer? I'm getting a beer?

HER - Nope.

ME - Hey, I was wondering if you ever thought about having a threesome with that hot chick who works on your floor?

MOM - What's a threesome?

ME - MOM!!! Jeez!

HER - Don't you dare yell at your mother!

ME - What Ever!

MOM - Is Barnaby Jones coming on tonight?

ME - I don't know, Mom, doesn't it come on every night?

HER - Yes, Helen, it comes on at eight-thirty.

ME - So, anyways....

HER - Gawd!

ME - What?

HER - You are such a perverted bastard!

ME - What do you mean?

HER - You know damn well what I mean! And, did you take them squirrels off the clothes line like I asked?

MOM - I wish I had some squirrel stew.

HER - Okay Helen, we'll fix some up tomorrow.

ME - God!

HER - You're an asshole you know that! Did you pay the taxidermist bill yet?

ME - Yep. Hey, did you think about.....

HER - The answer is no!

ME - What? You didn't even hear what I was gonna ask!

HER - No. NO NO NO!!! I will not have a threesome with Loraine!

ME - bitch.

HER - What did you say?!

ME - nothin'.

HER - Oh no you dih - int!!! Did you just call me a bitch?!

ME - No?!

MOM - I like ham hocks.

HER - No. I think you did!

ME - What Ever!

HER - Don't you dare what ever me, and you can just sleep on the sofa tonight!


MOM - I like cabbage soup.

ME - I'd rather sleep on the couch anyways!

HER - Helen, you eat all your vegetables now, m'kay.

ME - I hate my life.

What do you think?

- Asked by coolstud, A Life of the Party, Male, Who Cares?, Portland, Self-Employed
Comment from methebe, Recommendation Leader:
I think she is playing hard to get--keep it up I think you are breaking her down!!

untitled / Sex & Intimacy / 8:26 AM - Friday April 21, 2006 Back To Top

When do prefer sex in the morning or night?

- Asked by A Rebel, Male, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

as of now / Sex & Intimacy / 3:36 PM - Thursday April 20, 2006 Back To Top

as of now, are you happy with your sex life?

- Asked by A Career Woman, Female, 22-25, Sacramento, Student

easy way to get off / Sex & Intimacy / 12:36 PM - Thursday April 20, 2006 Back To Top

Can any girls on here masturbate by crossing their legs?

If so is it hard for you to climax with a guy now? How have you overcome it?

- Asked by A Hip Hop Girl, Female, 18-21, Student
Comment from methebe, Recommendation Leader:

different orgasm / Sex & Intimacy / 10:13 AM - Thursday April 20, 2006 Back To Top

Do you experience different orgasms from intercourse & clitoral stimulation?

I almost feel obligated to mention anal, too since it's one of those daily questions?

In short, is the orgasm different based on where it comes from?

- Asked by thelabboss, A Jock, Male, 36-45, Atlanta, Science / Engineering