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How do I show I'm interested in him/her?
Recommendation Leader: ellie2day
Description: A non-threatening way to show someone you're interested without appearing as though you're chasing or pushing.


calling / Dating / 12:51 PM - Saturday April 21, 2007 Back To Top

If he doesn't call me back in 4 days should i call him?

Update: April 21, 2007.
Thanks for all the responses...Well I didnt call and was pretty sure I shouldn't. But low and behold he just knocked on my door, and left a note saying he had been working a lot and he will be back by this afternoon. He also left roses saying he apologized for the non-communication..than ks again. I didn't answer the door because I wanted him to have to wait a little..I know that's bad but I had too. have a great weekend all..

- Asked by snglefmlntx, A Thinker, Female, 36-45