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Recommendation Leader: rdusty
Description: A creative..he was cheating on his wife and trying to date you will he cheat on you? From my experience...yes he will. Move on!! Don't accept less and don't let him tell you I was miserable in my marrriage...not a satisfactory answer!! Good luck!


What do you think about a guys motives o... / 11:27 AM - Friday May 21, 2004 Back To Top

What do you think about a guys motives of contacting a woman after he gets a divorce?
He decieved me before his divorce about being single, when I found out he was married, I immediately broke it off. I told him to get a divorce, then if he really wanted me, to contact me.

Now he has contacted me and has a divorce (I checked county records to make sure).
What do you think? Should I give him a chance or move on?

- Asked by A Creative, Female