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Attracting Women
Recommendation Leader: aon007
Description: These are recommendations for men on how to attract, pick-up, and act with women.


Men, are you the type of guy women avoid and you don't know why? / Dating / 4:53 PM - Monday January 19, 2009 Back To Top

Men, are you confused as to why men who aren't as rich, attractive, and funny as you are get dates, but you don't? Are you like the women who complain about being "used" all the time? Do you view every potential relationship partner as someone who is only after what she can get from you rather than what you can have together?

Guess what, if you're one of those men, women can tell. You probably have that same bitter, angry, chip on your shoulder attitude that some women have. Women can sense it. The GOOD ones seek relationships with men who value them as they do us. They don't want to be the whipping post for all of your anger about how horrible women are, and they won't waste their time trying to prove you wrong.

It isn't about how attractive you are or how much money you make. Your personality is a big red flag. Millions of women have already tolerated abusive fathers, spouses, and boyfriends before they ever met you. The last thing they want is ANOTHER abusive relationship.

Focus on being the kind of man that women will like, and you'll be surprised how much luck you have in getting dates AND friends. Plus, even if you don't succeed right away, you can at least be the kind of person YOU want to be around.

- Asked by chessplayer, An Intellectual Guy, Male, 36-45, Administrative