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The Company's Origins

A few years ago, Matthew Milner left Wall Street and wrote a romantic comedy called Guy Critical. To help spread the word about his novel, he launched a website: " (Where Women Can Ask Guys Anything!"). As the site grew, it became a hopeful, helpful & fun place for women and men to get answers. Matt renamed the site "Answerology" and gave it a new goal: to put an end to miscommunication between the sexes.

The Company Today

In 2006, we reorganized Answerology and expanded our staff. Leveraging its proprietary Q&A platform, the Company began to help people improve all their relationships -- with their romantic partners, and with their family, friends and colleagues. It's all about having a better life through shared experience.

In 2008, Hearst acquired Answerology and Matt joined Hearst's team.

Thanks for visiting our community, getting involved, and sharing your experiences! If you'd like to contact us to learn more, please email us at

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