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A Trendsetter (Female, 36-45, Newark) asked:

my sister in law made an off hand comment about how my husband and I can't ever make a decision, but it was in regard to a memorial marker for my 14 year old son who passed away 5 years ago. We weren't ready to make a decision regarding it right away, but after a while we did and then we thought she might have forgotten about the offer to buy it for us so we didnt want to bring it up. I would think she would understand that people who are grief striken often can't make decisions, she never called to see how we were or anything like that and if she had she could have brought if up instead of waiting 5 years. My husband certainly could have used the support from his sister on his sons birthdays and the anniversary of his death. I am angry about the comment and feel like I can't let it go because she tends to say things like this.
thanks for your help,

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