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A Career Woman (Female, 29-35, Phoenix) asked:

Ever since we been together (5yrs) he's suspected & accused me of "messing around", HAVING SEX w/another guy. i NEVER cheated on him. out of nowhere he'll get mad & silent for days & tell me its "something I DID or SAID". he digs up old crap for his reason for accusing me, thinking negative & for whats done & said TODAY. i got off at a bus stop right before our house one day & he got suspect about THAT. anotha time a guy was running down the stairs in my bldg, buttoning his wintercoat or shirt, the guy got startled when he saw my bf coming up the stairs so my bf asked me if the guy was in my house. he thought me & the guy were having sex & i made the guy leave before my bf gets home, WHICH IS INSANE!!!! i felt insulted & wouldnt dignify it with an answer & to him that meant i was guilty. the following year i was diagnosed with herpes. he acted shocked, told me he had no clue where i got it from & stood me up @ the dr's ofc, didnt call me for days & it was my birthday. he denied giving me herpes & said i gave it to HIM, but admitted having sex with a girl when we broke up for 3 months. i stopped having sex with him altogether bcz i dont trust him. he wanted sex & i tell him "not til things are right" bcz he wanted to get married but "all of a sudden" he doesnt wanna get married "til things are right" - so i said the same thing about sex. I KNOW he gave me herpes, i dont trust him & its unfortunate i cant prove he gave me herpes. today he broke up with me by text & called me a snake, & accused me of playing games & sleeping around. so after all i put up with & trying to give my relationship CHANCES REGARDLESS, herpes & all, THIS is what i get?? everytime i try to work things out he starts arguments & we break up. he also looks like he lost weight. i dont know .... just dont look right .... he asked for money (he never does that) .... just $20. he's in rehab supposedly getting his life together but he told me the residents get high & sell drugs there. i couldnt believe it!! so i wondered if he's getting high again .... the weight loss, asking for $20, i dont know ... a little flag went up. i'm thinking he got a new girlfriend & is gonna be very happy with HER. maybe thats why he broke up with me. i didnt answer his text msgs i played like i never got them. i dont know whether to leave him a nasty voice msg, ignore the text msgs, or just dont contact him & leave him alone altogether. Geezus .... WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM???????

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