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(Female, 29-35) asked:

Communication seems to be getting difficult even when we are together, and when we aren't it is all too easy for me to defeat the loneliness of a long distance relationship by going out and getting drunk lately, which could be annoying him, but how do I know what is bothering him if he won't talk to me?

I need to resolve practical issues with him about moving there. I am desperately in love with him, and he says he loves me, but sometimes I find that difficult to believe when almost every time I ask him to help me think of a solution to the logistics, the answer is "I dunno". (With the exception of helping me get my stuff there, he did suggest a way of helping with that.)
We have both had our doubts whether this can work recently. I said some stupid stuff because I was annoyed about the lack of contact, which made him feel like I don't trust him.
How can I fix this problem? Or is it unfixable?

Update: August 09, 2012.
Actually there was nothing to worry about after all, I just wanted a little reassurance that all this hasn't been for nothing, and now he has given me that.

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