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(Female, 29-35) asked:

We were watching TV this morning about couples having alone time. We have a toddler and don't go anywhere by ourselves, so I asked him when were we going to have alone time. He told me that he needs alone time for him only that he is tired of me being around. I did not say anything back since we were not fighting or anything. But his comment got me thinking if he has stopped loving me already. I don't know what to think.
What do you think he meant by telling me that? should I just ignore him?
I am not clingy or want to be with him all the time I don't know why he would tell me that. Please Help.

Update: July 04, 2012.
Thank you all for your help. I met my husband for lunch and I asked him about him wanting alone time and he did not even remembered he told me that. He said he did not meant it and was very affectionate after I mentioned how I felt. Thank you all again. Have a nice day :)

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