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(Female, 46-55) asked:

I have been ridiculed for it my whole life. I am just now beginning to accept it. My mom named me after my father, and I have despised her for it my whole life. I just really don't understand why people feel the need to make fun of other people for things that are entirely out of control. I have 3 very serious questions, and I was hoping some of you could answer them for me...

First question, if you were meeting me in person and I introduced myself as David, how would you react? (keep in mind, I have a very womanly appearance)

Second question, would you make fun of me?

Final question, would you ever give your female child a male's name?

All of your opinions would be greatly appreciated...

Update: June 29, 2012.
I know most of you are just trying to help, but I don't want advice in how to deal with it. After this many years, I've basically learned to live with it. Not being rude, but I really just want you to answer my 3 questions. Also, i know most of you are suggesting that I just change my name. I was going to do that when I turned 18, but my father was really upset. After all, I am named after him. I have enough respect for him, to try and meet his wishes. Therefore, I am not going to change my name. Those of you suggesting nicknames, mine is Daisy derived from David. It was given to me by a boyfriend many years ago who didn't feel comfortable referring to his significant other as "David"... Alot of people now call me that.

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