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A Rebel (Male, 29-35) asked:

So I decided to ask girl 2... And she flatly said "no", I said "no?", she said "no. Maybe?" but I stayed the course my friends and asked "are you free this weekend?" she said "working". We then quickly talked to avoid leaving the Convo super awkward. Lol. I don't have anything to feel bad about right? I mean I tried and you never know until you find out. Funny thing, I thought girl 2 had more interest than girl 1 and now I'm thinking WTF? Ok...there's a twist... Girl 2 is a co-worker. Anyways, I felt vulnerable because I'm just getting back into the dating game after several years and today I went 1 for 2 when I could have played what if and gone 0 for 0. Did I do the right thing asking girl 2 out when girl 1 already said yes? I feel a little stung. Lol

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