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A Sweet Sarah (Female, 36-45) asked:

Over the past three years... I called noise complaint on new neighbor. Two days later my house was broken into and everything smashed to bits. Nothing taken. Cash, credit cards and checks left on floor. Glarring from neighbor, "watching" friends come and go, followed by him screaming "fuck you b**tch, fuck you c*nt" at my house, followed by calling the police saying my care was illegally parked when it wasn't, followed by threats made after I walked by, followed by concert level music including words like "b**ch, c**t, Nig**r, F**k the police. Many, many compplaints have been made to the police by myself and others. Sometimes it will stop for a few months but always start again. It is to the point that I want to stay in a hotel on my days off. I own my house and pay property taxes.

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