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Career / 12 hours ago Back To Top

what can i do to say thank you to her

theres this lady whos been really nice to me and i want to do something nice for her, since she is leaving the office and transfering. i dont have alot of money.....should i just write out a card saying thanks for being there and best of luck on your new position? any ideas thanks

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Career / 18 hours ago Back To Top

Too scared to talk to people

I would like to know how I can become better at talking to people. I am quite shy. I always freeze up when I have to talk to someone. I have to get this sorted by the time December comes so I can get my job back. Please help me I am sick of being like this.

- Asked by A Sweet Sarah, Female, 18-21, London
Career / 20 hours ago Back To Top

When I go to fill out job applications via a company/careers website is it important if you

select the avenue you used to apply for the position? Example: Selecting 'Internet Job Board' vs. the company/careers website itself? Or are they just using this to gauge how many job applicants use a particular avenue of applying? Thanks!

- Asked by Male, 46-55
Career / 20 hours ago Back To Top

Do you think I will get the job? What is the longest you have ever waited to get a job offer?

I had an interview on Friday, April 11th (phone interview as this is in another state)

The assistant at the company sent me an email to request an interview as urgent and when we scheduled it she told me how her boss is really looking forward in speaking with me. (Sign 1 of interest)
They told me how impressed they were with my experience even before we started the interview ( I have 10 years' worth of experience in two different companies similar to this company) and they feel I can bring a lot to their company. (Sign 2 of interest) The whole conversation throughout the interview went really well as I was able to address all of their questions based upon my experiences.
I sent an email thanking both interviewers and stating again how interested I was in this position and relocating and this is their response:
Thank you for your follow up. We enjoyed our conversation with you very much. We look forward to speaking again next week. Cheers.
So next week has passed and I have not received calls. Do you think they are checking references before they make offer? Or could it be they found someone stronger? They mentioned my resume was real strong. As for salary I don't mind getting the same as I have now I just want to relocate. I am happy with my salary (of course I would take more if offered and I will not tell them that)
Do you think I will get the job? What is the longest you have ever waited to get a job offer?

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Career / 1 day ago Back To Top

Applied for a a call back for a meeting that's not an interview?

So I applied to a job in my hometown. I graduated in December and have been working many part-time cashier jobs since I was 16. This job is the first "real" job I'll be considered for and have gotten a call back from. By real job I mean it's a full-time salary position.

I applied less than a week ago and got a call today. The woman on the other end asked if I was still interested and of course I said I was. She told me that from looking at my resume it was going to be a big change from what I've been doing but that they will provide training for the position. She asked if I wanted to come in for a meeting with her manager to discuss the job further, again to which I said yes.

I got an email about it from them to confirm and it said this was the first step in the selection process. I'm of course going to dress as if it were an interview. But does anyone know what I should expect? What exactly is the different between a meeting and an interview in this type of job setting? Should I ask questions about the job hours/benefits/and salary or should I wait?

Lastly, the job description sounded like a position for an office job. I'm doing more research currently on the company and am finding that a lot of the sales positions are on the phone, which I am not interested in at all (Yes I read the description thoroughly before I applied and no where in it did it mention selling the service over the phone). If this happens to be the case, how do I professionally let them know that said position is not for me?

Advice greatly appriciated

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Career / 1 day ago Back To Top

Trying to figure out

Someone is friendly to you, shares things about expanding their business, but doesn't want you to contact them on their cell?

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Career / 1 day ago Back To Top

so ... what do you do when

all your work is done? and I do mean "all."

its a slow monday at work. its just me and the paralegal today.

I finished my stack of work this morning.
the boss texted to say shes stuck in court all day.
she didnt give any other instructions.

phones are slow and theres a service we can forward to.

I have been through the messages and mail.
I responded or drafted responses for the boss.
I updated the calendar.
I prepped her files for the rest of the week.
I pulled files for next week.
I rechecked status and due dates.
I completed some research assignments and gave her a memo.
I drafted a couple nastygrams to opposing counsel.

I have already billed my full time today.
I have literally nothing else to do.

I feel kind of guilty doing nothing.

I am now goofing off.
(I edited this question 4 different times)

the paralegal is at lunch and I go at 1:00.
I feel like I should take a long lunch just so she doesnt have to pay me to sit around.

is it normal to feel guilty about not working?

I just cleaned my keyboard and monitor and blew the dust bunnies out of my computer. I bundled the cables under my desk and am now looking at the rest of the office. Im thinking about vacuuming and dusting. Im also wondering about redoing some of the old labels on files.

Im kinda going nuts.
no I havent had any caffeine or other stimulants.

so what do you do?

Update: April 22, 2014.
okay. so I took a 1/2 hour longer lunch and when I got back to the office the paralegal said she was going home. and then it was just me. I took a nap for a bit until the phone rang. I took another 3 phone calls. nothing dramatic. the boss got back just before 4:30. she told me to go ahead and leave half hour early she would pick up my time for holding down the fort. yay! but boring as h3ll.

- Asked by A Rebel, Male, 26-28, Los Angeles
Career / 2 days ago Back To Top

I did not take the Job Offer...

I was offered a freelance fashion director for a new production company and was feeling unsure about it the past couple of days. Last week I got a call from the owner after 10 pm and the styling manager at midnight along with a text asking if I recieved the documents in the email....midnight?
The owner was so impressed and so far everything seemed to go well but there were a couple of red flags. We made an appointment for a phone interview at 2 pm and he says he will be calling me at 2-4 pm. I got a missed call from him around 11 am. I returned his call right away and he seemed slightly annoyed that I wasn't available. He said,"You being the fashion director and not being available is not acceptable." I politely pointed out that he said 2 pm which I put down on my calendar. To me was a red flag but at the time we all sometimes get times mixed up.
I was also overwhelmed with all of the information that he was giving me and we discussed the venue that the event will be held. He wanted to discuss pay and I wanted to wait till the final interview. He says he wouldn't pay me as much because i lack experience which is correct because this woul dbe my first time directing a fashion show.
He has called me about a few times today talking a long time about his ideas, plans and even had a phone interview on a three way conversation if this makes sense. We talked one last time and the next thing I know he calls me 20 minutes later asking if i have checked the venue yet? In my mind we already discussed this an hour ago...his speech kind of sounded a little blurred and was stuttering slightly. Another red flag.
He doesn't have great communication skills. I know I would have been a great director but to be honest I will not work with people who can not keep their heads on their shoulders. He was stressing me out in one day when I haven't even accepted the job!
I politely let them know that I have made my final decision which was not to accept this position and that they will find someone who is passionate and ready to direct! Too many red flags and made a good decision.

- Asked by A Trendsetter, Female, 29-35, New York, Fashion
Career / 3 days ago Back To Top

Have anyone of you been in a phone interview and

you could have done better? I would really like to be part of the in person interview process but I get a feeling that the hiring manager is not going to be calling me. How would you rectify this situation if it were you? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Asked by Male, 46-55
Career / 3 days ago Back To Top

Should I leave my job?

As of this week, I have been at my current job for two years.

The atmosphere is good and the people are friendly. However the payment isn't great as it's a small start-up company.

I have a good sum of money saved up from previous jobs. However I only just barely break-even with amount that I spend and the amount I make each month.

As well as that, I feel like my job is a bit simple and can be do by a college under-graduate.

When I took the job, I mainly took it for the sake of having a job and the unemployment where I live is quite high.

I was hoping that things in the company would pick up and that payment would increase and I'd gain more skills. However things are slow and the tasks that I do are quite repetitive.

At least with some of my previous jobs, even for short-terms I was gaining new skills and learning new things. So right now I feel like I might be pushing myself into a dead end.

I have a signed contract that I'll be there until January of next year.

So I am considering leaving and looking for jobs elsewhere. Although the economy (I don't live in America) is picking up and I'm getting a good few calls form recruitment-agents, my biggest fear is that I may end up just unemployed again.

Another option is to return to College part-time or full-time and up-skill myself with my latest technologies to better employment.

What should I do?

Update: April 19, 2014.
The company I work for is a start-up company and can only pay me minimum wage. I would make the same working somewhere simple like a fast-food place. Although that would be less dignifying, at least I would have more stable and have to work less hours. I would stick with this job if I felt that I really learning something. If it was as good as attending school but it is not.

- Asked by Male, 29-35