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Career / 1 day ago Back To Top

Should I stay or should I go?

I was out of work for 2yrs before finding something so unbelievably close to home, along with being an office job (no more being on my feet, wahoo!). Anyway, the downside is that it's only 29hrs with no benefits. I like the job, along with my coworkers, except for one situation.

There's one person in the office whom I am often working late with, per our schedule, but he cuts out early A LOT. I've spoken to our manager about this & she tells ME I'm being too nice for allowing him to leave?!?!? Since when did I become HIS supervisor?!?!? It happens a lot & it can be quite frustrating, especially when I get busy & have to man the phones alone.

My question is, would you stay or would you go if you were putting up with this BS on a regular basis?

- Asked by irshprnc3ss, A Creative, Female, 29-35, Philadelphia, Administrative
Career / 1 day ago Back To Top

Is there a standard percent raise i ask for if i'm moving from an assistant manager to a manager?

I make approximately 75000 as an assistant operations manager in a data center. I have 14 years with the company and 7 years in the department, a bachelors degree, I'm obtaining my mba, I speak spanish and french, and I have no disciplinary history. Also I have a high security clearance. I'm the front runner for the new manager position. When it comes time to discuss salary bump, I want to get the maximum and fair raise. I know of people in the company that are making 120,000 and I think I should make something similar, however, I'm currently at 75000 and 120000 is a big jump. The previous manager made 80000 but he wasn't with the company as long as I have been and he didn't have the college degree. Talking to him now, he knows he should have been making more. I'd love to hear people's thoughts.

- Asked by Female, 29-35
Career / 2 days ago Back To Top

I dont know what to do!!!!!!healp please

I want to tell u my situation which is on wednsday i have an exam in which i should memorize 40 drugs including their (brand and generic names. Indication. Contra-indication. Side effecta. Dosage forms)) and the only time i have is monday s afternoon and the whole tuesday and that is because i have exams on sunday and monday. I have thought about making cards but it is not useful it take alot of time. What is your advise? How can i memorize and learn all of them in that short time? If u have no idea please just tell me what would u do if u were in the same situation?

- Asked by Female, 18-21
Career / 2 days ago Back To Top

I work in a huge facility . About ten years ago I worked with a wonderful kind woman in a department

She taught me a lot and I always remembered her. We bumped into each other through the years here and there but we were not "friends". Well when they came around to collect $ for her party I wanted to go.
I pai up for the dinner. Last night I went and another woman at the table starting saying - why did you come? You don't really know her. Why are you here?
Omg - it was so uncomfortable. Why should I have to explain why I went to a party?
Are retirement parties only for people you are best friends with?
Generally I don't go to work events and this is one of the reasons why!!!!!!!
How do you handle work politics ? I'm trying to get better at them!

- Asked by carrie1anne1, A Thinker, Female, 36-45, Who Cares?
Career / 3 days ago Back To Top

What is considered a good raise?

Would a $60.00 a week raise be considered average or above average?

- Asked by Female, 46-55