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Sex & Intimacy / 14 minutes ago Back To Top

What reasons make a person think too deep posite sex?

or over analyze a conversation with the op

- Asked by A Trendsetter, Female, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 1 hour ago Back To Top

Left side of face way different then the right side

I know that one side of the face is not that attractive as the other one, but I really think that the left side of my face is very different looking than my right side.
I have heard that one side of the face naturally doesn't have that much dept and things like that, but this worries me. Is sagging a possibility? What doctor could I see to ask these questions?

- Asked by lauracable15, A Thinker, Female, 18-21
Sex & Intimacy / 1 hour ago Back To Top

A question for the men.

Do you feel you get complimented enough for any aspect of your life, body etc?

Do you feel being complimented more would have saved a relationship? Are compliments important to you?

- Asked by A Trendsetter, Female, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 7 hours ago Back To Top

10 years ago i had a relationship end bad. She ended up pregnant and had an abortion.

She was 21 years old and I was 26. She said that the pregnancy was my fault and that she didn't want to sleep with me. (Even though she was showing up at my house all hours of the night) Yesterday I ran into her, I did not say hi to here and i'm nor sure she saw me. She is now married, has a kid and seems happy. I want to know how I should feel about it. I either wanted to say hi and tell her I hope she is doing well, or i wanted to ask her husband if he knows about the other kid she almost had.

- Asked by Male, 36-45
Sex & Intimacy / 7 hours ago Back To Top

Does an escort service pretend to meet with you even when they really haven't?

I recently discovered that my husband had been contacting escort services to set up "meetings." I found a number of emails and texts. However, he claims he never went through with it. In some cases, I clearly see that they never met as the escort will respond with "let's try to make it work next time -- I'll give you a discount" after they were not able to connect. In some cases, I see "it was nice to meet you" -- however, my husband claims he never met any of these women but they just say that when he contacts them again. He also says he gives them references that are just names he pulls off the site -- even though he never connected with them. He says he just likes the thrill of setting it up. These escorts are very expensive and I know he can't afford it -- I have a pretty tight reign on the finances. So, is this possible -- all this "fakeness" about actually meeting? I realize he has some serious issues -- I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this.

- Asked by A Thinker, Female, 56-65, Seattle
Sex & Intimacy / 7 hours ago Back To Top

When you have serious problems

Are you open to seeking guidance from an experienced therapist or psychologist or to get into a support group of your peers? Or do you question therapists' abilities or feel it isn't anyone's business?

What if your spouse or significant other said we get counseling or I am leaving?

- POP'd by lasuz, A Thinker, Female, Who Cares?, Who Cares?

What are you more likely to do to solve a problem:

use common sense, ask someone you trust, walk away from it and don't look back, look to your faith for answers, draw from experience and do the best you can or all of the above Or none of the above

- Asked by karenrecess70, A Trendsetter, Female, 56-65, Los Angeles
Sex & Intimacy / 9 hours ago Back To Top

Everyone seems to have a "cause" these days, what's yours?

Any time I'm on social media, I seem to be bombarded with someone's new "cause".

So the cause celebre right now seems to be protecting lions in the wild. Or Planned Parenthood's barbaric sale of aborted baby parts. Or domestic violence, alcoholism, date rape, autism, global warming propaganda, Amber Alerts, lost pets, police brutality, human trafficking, and a million other different matters that get people going.

So what gets you worked up? Did I name it, that one issue that no one seems to know enough about and desperately needs public attention? What's your "cause"?

- Asked by quikslvr, A Career Man, Male, 36-45, Washington, DC, Farming
Sex & Intimacy / 13 hours ago Back To Top

Have you ever had a traffic ticket? I got a speeding ticket two years in a row. Ouch!

- Asked by karenrecess70, A Trendsetter, Female, 56-65, Los Angeles
Sex & Intimacy / 14 hours ago Back To Top

Sending Speedy Recovery and Get Well wishes to Oldman ! JOIN ME ?

- Asked by travelchic, A Creative, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?
Sex & Intimacy / 14 hours ago Back To Top

What is your favorite speech or dialogue in a movie? I loved these two scenes of dialogue/speech.

Film :The Devil's Advocate
Role :John Milton
Actor :Al Pacino

Who are you carrying all those bricks for anyway? God? Is that it? God? Well, I tell ya, let me give you a little inside information about God. God likes to watch. He's a prankster. Think about it. He gives man instincts. He gives you this extraordinary gift and then what does He do? I swear, for His own amusement, His own private cosmic gag reel, He sets the rules in opposition. It's the goof of all time. Look, but don't touch. Touch, but don't taste. Taste, don't swallow. And while you're jumpin' from one foot to the next, what is He doin'? He's laughin' His sick, fuckin' ass off. He's a tight-ass. He's a sadist. He's an absentee landlord. Worship that? Never! . Why not? I'm here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began! I've nurtured every sensation man has been inspired to have! I cared about what he wanted and I never judged him. Why? Because I never rejected him, in spite of all his imperfections! I'm a fan of man! I'm a humanist. Maybe the last humanist. Who, in their right mind, Kevin, could possibly deny the 20th century was entirely mine? All of it, Kevin! All of it! Mine! I'm peaking, Kevin. It's my time now. It's our time.
Fikm :A Time to Kill
Role :Jake Tyler Brigance
Actor: Matthew McConaughey

I had a great summation all worked out, full of some sharp lawyering, but I'm not going to read it. I'm here to apologize. I am young, and I am inexperienced. But you cannot hold Carl Lee Hailey responsible for my shortcomings. Do you see, in all this legal maneuvering, something has gotten lost. That something is the truth. Now, it is incumbent upon us lawyers not to just talk about the truth but to actually seek it, to find it, to live it. My teacher taught me that. Let's take Dr. Bass, for example. Now obviously, I would have never knowingly put a convicted felon on the stand. I hope you can believe that. But what is the truth? That, that he's a disgraced liar? What if I told you that the woman he was accused of raping was 17, he was 23, that she later became his wife, bore his child and is still married to the man today? Does that make his testimony more or less true? What is it in us that seeks the truth? Is it our minds, or is it our hearts?

I set out to prove a black man could receive a fair trial in the South, that we are all equal in the eyes of the law. That's not the truth 'cause the eyes of the law are humanized, yours and mine, and until we can see each other as equals, justice is never going to be even-handed. It will remain nothing more than a reflection of our own prejudices. So until that day, we have a duty under God to seek the truth - not with our eyes, and not with our minds where fear and hate turn commonality into prejudice, but with our hearts - but we don't know better.

I want to tell you a story. I'm going to ask you all to close your eyes while I tell you the story. I want you to listen to me. I want you to listen to yourselves. Go ahead. Close your eyes, please. This is a story about a little girl walking home from the grocery store one sunny afternoon. I want you to picture this little girl. Suddenly a truck races up. Two men jump out and grab her. They drag her into a nearby field and they tie her up and they rip her clothes from her body. Now they climb on. First one, then the other, raping her, shattering everything innocent and pure with a vicious thrust in a fog of drunken breath and sweat. And when they're done, after they've killed her tiny womb, murdered any chance for her to bear children, to have life beyond her own, they decided to use her for target practice. They start throwin' full beer cans at her. They throw them so hard that it tears the flesh all the way to her bones. Then they urinate on her. Now comes the hanging. They have a rope. They tie a noose. Imagine the noose going tight around her neck and with a sudden blinding jerk, she's pulled into the air and her feet and legs go kicking. They don't find the ground. The hanging branch isn't strong enough. It snaps and she falls back to the earth. So they pick her up, throw her in the back of the truck and drive out to Foggy Creek Bridge. Pitch her over the edge. And she drops some thirty feet down to the creek bottom below. Can you see her? Her raped, beaten, broken body soaked in their urine, soaked in their semen, soaked in her blood, left to die. Can you see her? I want you to picture that little girl.

Now imagine she's white.

- Asked by travelchic, A Creative, Female, 29-35, Who Cares?

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